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question: "wormhole" system

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Post Sun Jul 22, 2007 6:28 pm

question: "wormhole" system

hey evryone
i was trolling through here and i found a very interesting topic about wormholes going places randomly.
my question focuses in this idea, some how.

i imagine it would involve several ideas lol

one thing i am in doubt. is this the right topic to post this in?

ok. onto the actual "question" in question. xD

what i want to do is, i want to create a new system. one with no stars or planets or suns or anything except a giant cloud covering the entire system (perhaps a mineable cloud?) - something small.
why the new system, you ask?
well, its simple.

inside this system, i want to place jump holes to basically all systems on freelancer, and in each system i want to add one jump hole leading BACK to this one system. somewhere "EASY" to access. (perhaps not so easy XD like near every sun for example lol - it could be a natural abnormality created by the suns' electromagnetic flares, which in turn would create these "wormholes" to this master system.. im thinking something near the sun because its both hard to see and hard to get to without getting considerate amount of damage to your ship)

inside this new system, i plan to somehow put some not-so-random encounters with an entirely new type of "race", like a nomads offbreed (basically, a new faction with nomad ships lol). one which, when the fighters are killed, it would make all other factions friendlier with you.
in order to make it worthwhile, however, these fighters would be extremely hard to kill, wielding new types of weapons that could easily destroy a battleship within only a few seconds - weapons that could wipe out an entire fleet of battleships within minutes.

edit: was also thinking of adding a small docking always-neutral base so players could save while in SP mode, or restock on nanobots and shield batteries...

if anyone could somehow show me to some tutorials where i can make each one of these things, or point out some ways and hints on doing these, i would be very appreciative of your actions...
please indicate the files that would require editing and where they are...

thank you all again for your time

~x marks the spot. step and burn!

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Post Sun Jul 22, 2007 6:34 pm

forgot to post.. this system could facilitate trading networks away from enemies (except that faction i told you about)... among other things.
imagine being able to travel from one side of the sirius system to another in 2 jumps....

however, i do have a separate question. is it possible to make any large object dockable?
i ask this because i was thinking of making the actual SUNS into a type of giant jumphole into this system.. the only ways to acces it.
if not, then can i make an "invisible" dock inside the suns with a safe-ish docking distance?

please do not answer this unless you are absolutely sure of the answer...
if you think you cant, then please specify why you believe it is not possible
i've seen people do things to this game that everyone said it would be impossible.

~x marks the spot. step and burn!

Edit: {some small mistakes}

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Post Wed Jul 25, 2007 10:44 am

Nope, as suns are no ".cmp" or ".3db" objects and so they cant have hardpoints they cant be made dockable


Post Wed Jul 25, 2007 1:23 pm

>if not, then can i make an "invisible" dock inside the suns with a safe-ish docking distance?
I guess so. Copy the entry for a jumphole and edit the "docking_sphere" to something large - large enough so that if you placed it at the center of the sun, you'd be able to dock before you entered the sun's death zone. So maybe change 150 to 5000. You can try making the solar radius larger too, maybe the same size.

nickname = jumphole_large ;<--name change
ids_name = 60211
ids_info = 66146
type = JUMP_HOLE
DA_archetype = solar\dockable\jump_hole.3db;<--when you edit this file for the hardpoints, be sure to rename it
material_library = solar\Solar_mat_misc02.mat
mass = 10000.000000
loadout = jumphole
jump_out_hp = Hporient
solar_radius = 5000 ;<---change from 600 to 5000
shape_name = NAV_jumphole
docking_sphere = jump, HpDockMountA, 5000 ;<---change from 150 to 5000
hit_pts = 999999961690316250000000000000000000.000000
phantom_physics = true

You'd probably have to place the Hporient hardpoint 5k away from where it is now using HardCMP (so you undock outside the sun and not in the middle where the jh is.

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Post Wed Jul 25, 2007 1:52 pm

place your two objects in the system. Planet and Star.
1. the planet where you want your docking ring.
2. the "sun" or star where ever...doesn't matter since you'll be manually moving this to replace the planet.
3. Set up your planet with it's base docking ring and mooring fixture in place.
4. Next.
5. Remove (delete) the planet and planet_death zone from the file.
6. Move the Star into the coordinates where the planet originally was.
7. Edit the Star "corona" and Death zone to match what the planetary zones were.

That should do the trick. You should now have a dockable Star with a docking ring and mooring fixture.
The planet is only an object just like the star is.
The actual "base" file is associated with the docking ring.
I think you could name the Star the same as the planet you just removed, so there would be continuity about what object you are docking with.

Now, about the only drawback I can tell with this set up is, you are very limited as to how many of these you can do in a single system.

Edited by - Rankor on 7/25/2007 3:12:12 PM

Post Wed Jul 25, 2007 4:48 pm

oku, thank u SO much! i was trying to do just that
but for some reason i kept exploding everytime i went back to the "sun"hole from the other system lol

i'll try and create this on a test system to see if it helps..

rankor, that should be an interesting idea.. i can even think of a story behind as to why there's a sun with a docking ring lol
and even new i can think of new goods to be sold from inside the sun things like magnetic rocks and super-cooled lava to be sold in some other places lol

oh i do have one question tho

is there a way to make it so u take just a LITTLE heat damage from the sun JUST before you jump?
perhaps creating a damage zone from just where the cutscene point begins, so it will continuously do damage for a short time before you jump or something.
i've no idea what im trying to get to lol

note that Freelancer Explorer (installed today) is making this a LOT easier for me lol tho there is still a lot i dont understand on that thing.

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Post Wed Jul 25, 2007 9:37 pm

interesting idea,but you can also try making a hypergate just like the one in the story...

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Post Thu Jul 26, 2007 3:11 am

You can always place a radiation zone around the sun that does some moderate hull damage.

Post Fri Jul 27, 2007 7:12 am

what do u mean by hypergate?
which part of the story is it? i cant remember it..... o_o;

tried that. didnt work too well ^^;; the "sun"hole didnt activate and my ship exploded...
i tried setting the damage to a minimum but it still wouldnt dock with the sun
then i removed the damage entirely.
guess what?
didnt dock......

i also tried using the OTHER end of the jumphole. a test one i added to li01 - THAT hole worked perfectly. i managed to get inside and all but it send me back to the same hole lol

... makes me wonder if it wasnt actually sending me to the sun........ o_o i put the exit to the sunhole pretty close to the test jumphole...

that would explain why it would take me awhile to find the jumphole after i jumped through it................

im gonna do some tests. i'll keep posted

question: how can i add that fee tag to a jumphole?
i saw someone adding a type of fee system that when u used a jumphole, jumpgate, docking ring, trading lane or anything you can DOCK with, it would automatically subtract the value on the code (say, -500, it would subtract 500 creds from your bank or something) from you.

i wanted to do the reverse.. i wanted to make the hole PAY you for using it

edit: i found the trigger
looks something like this:

nickname: start
Act_AdjAcct= 500

this should add 500 credits to your account
but WHERE do i put it?

~x marks the spot. step and burn!

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Post Fri Jul 27, 2007 8:39 am

You can't make a jh that takes money from you unless you go hacking the exe/dll's. Triggers can't be used in Multiplayer, but you can probably figure something out for single player.

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