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Post Sun Apr 01, 2007 11:16 am


A piece of a new story I'm trying out.

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Post Sun Apr 01, 2007 11:17 am

“Sara, can we go home now?”

“Sure Nikki, lets get dad to take us home, I’m tired.”

Dad’s Volvo was reflecting the sun in my eyes as I walked toward it. It put me back at the beginning of all adventure and what started it......

“Sara, there’s a package here for you!” Nikki shouted from the other side of the house. Sara was just putting a CD in the computer to record onto here iPod. She wanted this new group’s music for when she went on vacation this year.

“What is it Nikki?” Sara looked at the manilla package. It had several airmail stamps on the front, close to twenty of them.

“ Its from Aunt Emma in London, what would she be sending here?”

I had no idea, but what ever it was, it was heavy. The package must have had half a ream of paper in it. It was strange to hear from Aunt Emma after all these years. It must have been two years ago that she and the family had the big blow up and the fallout that followed. She took off to see the world and never looked back.

It fed the rumor mill for months afterward, but Mom and Dad never talked about it to us. I was always curious, but Dad would always say It’s no concern. Can I help it I’m always curious?

I opened the package on the dinning room table. It was three sets of paper clipped papers. When I shook the envelope, a small piece of paper slid out. I flipped it over, revealing it was a check. A cashiers check. In the amount of $100,000 and it was made out to me, Sara Whitaker.

I was in shock. Nikki looked at me then laughed, “You better breath sometime or you’ll turn blue Sara.”

The next one I saw had the heading for a law firm. It was addressed to me.

Dear Sara Whitaker:

My name is Nathaniel Thompson and I am the legal counsel of your late Aunt, Emma Whitaker. She had me arrange her will prior to her death, and to set things in order. Her wishes are expressed in the accompanying documents and have been certified by this firm as sound and legal in all aspects. The additional documents inclosed, spell out all provisions and include a question and answer page as well. If however you need further clarification, please fill free to contact this firm at the inclosed address.


Nathaniel Thompson PC.

I’ve got to wake up, this has to be a dream. This never happens to anyone I know, so it can’t be happening to me. I’m rich!!

Dad came in about this time and took a double look at the contents on the table.

“What is all this Sara?” He looked at the envelope and then frowned. I held up the cover page and he took it to read. After reading, his frown deepened. “Terry, are you home?” Dad called out heading towards their bedroom. Mom was due in from work anytime.

“What was that all about?” Nikki asked staring after Dad.

“Something to do with Aunt Emma and that fight the family had when she took off I guess.”

Later in the evening Mom and Dad came into my room. I knew there was something up even before I saw the serious look on their faces. This wouldn’t be good.

“Sara, we need to talk about a few things, and about the money you have received.”

Dad looked more nervous than upset. It left me confused as to what was wrong.

“Sara, there has been some difficult times between the family and Aunt Emma, most of it over the money she had and what she wanted to do with it.” Mom added, sensing my discomfort.

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Post Sun Apr 01, 2007 11:39 am

Now I'm curious.
Sounds good.
Just check the last sentence of the fourth pparagraph...theres somethign wrong there

Post Sun Apr 01, 2007 12:18 pm

Sounds.... very conspiracy theory..

Nice FD. Keep it going

Agreed.. 4th Paragraph last sentence not good.

Post Sun Apr 01, 2007 12:38 pm

Corrected. Its getting interesting now, and I hope it takes off.

Post Sun Apr 08, 2007 5:57 am

“But that’s a discussion for another time. What your Mom and I want to talk about now, is the money and what you should do with it.” Dad’s concern was stronger than I had ever seen.

I had made my mind up the moment I knew the money was mine, I wanted to travel, to see the world before going to college. I had already taken off two years as it was to work, but this changed things for me.

“Dad, I want to travel for a month, to see things before I go back to school.” My wants in this case may have over rode my judgement, but I wouldn’t back down.

“Sara, your twenty and we aren’t trying to tell you how to live your life, but we are trying to protect you. Both of us feel you should save the money for a while, be frugal. Things can change and you might feel different about the money in time.”

“Sara” Mom was disappointed too, “If you choose to travel, we just want you to use good judgement and be careful. It’s not all that safe out in the world.”

“Where are you wanting to go on this trip?”

“I want to see Australia Dad, to visit Sydney and the outback, just a couple weeks there, is all I want to do. I will be careful, I promise.”

“I’m not in favor of this Sara, but, I will be praying for you and for a good trip” Dad began, “And for you to find what your looking for.”

He looked at me as I realized what he was saying. It seemed strange at the time, but maybe I was looking for something. In the mean time, I wanted to go shopping. I needed something to wear on the trip after all.

Since the weather there was the opposite of ours, I took along some cold weather clothing as well as my swim suit. A girls got to look good you know.

My flight was on Qantas Airlines flight 1122 and will be leaving in four hours. My excitement level was at an all time high. The only regret, was that the flight there would take eleven hours. I may try to sleep some, though a seat is not my first choice to sleep on. The first class ticket though, got me a more comfortable one, and a window seat at that.

“Take care pumpkin, and have a safe trip” Dad spoke softly, a glistening in his eyes.

My family watched from the gate windows until we headed for the taxi way. I saw them waving and waved back as the plane began it’s line up on the runway, my big adventure, beginning.

Post Wed Apr 11, 2007 10:52 am


You're outdoing yourselve now bro. Very nice. Keep it up

Post Sun Apr 15, 2007 10:12 am

What Sara missed seeing was a shadow of a man also waving at the plane, one who had made sure he saw the plane off. He looked down at the carry on bag at his feet, lighter than the one he had brought on his flight, the name on the tag read, Sara Whitaker. His wicked grin stretched as he reached for the bag and carried it out of the terminal and handed it to a cab diver waiting at the curb, “The Hilton please.”

The lumbering 747 lifted off into a cloudless day, like an over fed carrion bird. The flight included two movies and two meals to take up the eleven hours the passengers would endure. Sara had her laptop and some DVD’s to watch, and had her time planned out in advance. She would not be bored.

“Miss, would you like something to drink?” the flight attendant asked.

Sara looked up from the screen aware that she was getting thirsty, “Yes, something without caffeine please.”

“How about a 7up, would that be alright?”

“That would be fine.”

Sara reached into her carry on bag for some tissue. Her hand brushed the name tag with her name hand printed on it. She found the cellophane rapped package and zipped the bag back up.

When the drink arrived, Sara set it on the arm rest and brought up the satellite internet program and logged in to her e-mail server. There were two waiting her. One was the confirmation of the hotel and tour arrangements, and the other looked like junk mail at first glance.

Post Tue Apr 17, 2007 12:34 am

yes .. and???? ...

Post Mon Apr 23, 2007 3:56 pm

The red light slowly pulsed in the carry on bag. It timed perfectly on the second. Sara never saw it in the side, stitched in perfectly with the red sequins sew there in the pattern of roses.

The cab pulled up at the well manicured area of the Hilton Hotel. Sculptures adorned the main entrance to the lobby, carved out of a beautiful marble. The faces of the art were lost on the man with the graying hair as he entered the lobby and strode purposefully to the check in desk.

“I believe you have a reservation for me?”

The clerk looked up as the man approached his counter. “The name Sir?”

“Kavanagh, Eric Kavanagh. It was arranged a week ago.”

“Ah yes Mr. Kavanagh, we have your suite all set up. If I could see some identification first though?”

The man pulled his wallet out of his suit jacket and opened to his Illinois drivers licence. It was a spot on picture, better than most drivers license photos. Even if he had never been to the state. As he rode the elevator to the 11th floor, he used the time to get an overall view of the hotel. The glassed enclosed lift afforded him an expansive view, but it also removed a potential cover blind.

He put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door after the bell hop left. He had to insure people saw him here, but also didn’t get too good a look. The plan he had set in to motion at the airport, payed for by a middle eastern gentleman, was now irreversible. He didn’t care about politics, nor sides. Only the bottom line which would bring him the most wealth. The others, set in motion as well, would find exactly what they were looking for.

He opened up the bag he carried and removed the laptop he had added to it at the airport. Using the rooms internet connection, he hooked up the modem to dial up. It was slower than wireless, but would allow he a small measure of security with the Ghost program. He opened the custom e-mail program and began the messages that would alert the connection of the Gift being sent, and when it should be expected to be opened. He received an immediate reply and closed down his connection. He then opened another program that would scrub his computer of any messages sent or received in the last twenty four hours. It cost him a bit, but was worth it to cover his tracks. It was the reason he had survived so long in his line of work.

The two men in the cyber café looked at one another. They looked as any other patron of the place, which was well as they didn’t wish to draw any attention to themselves. The message was exactly what they hoped to hear. Now they could move on to the next target. This one would propel the world into more disarray and bring them much glory. It would also facilitate them leaving this country for seclusion for a month or so. They quickly gathered their things together and walked out of the Café as other foreign visitors arrived for their morning espressos.

Sara was relaxing now, finally getting comfortable in the seat. She wanted to get an hour or two of sleep before they landed. It was draining her having to stay seated for so long. She wanted a brisk walk, to get her motivated. Instead she had to settle for reading and the dinner movie they had shown, “Forest Gump”.

She grew more and more restless. Something inside of her stirring her, not letting her alone. She wondered of God was trying to tell her something. She took a moment to pray, to seek a little calm to the growing sense of dread she felt.

The plane began to descend, the Fasten Your Seatbelt sign lit up and then the Captain came in over the speaker system stating they were now descending for a landing in Sydney Australia.

For some strange reason, Sara felt she needed to use the restroom. She was fine earlier, but now need to go, badly. She unbuckled the seat belt and moved to the first class lavatory, but found it occupied, so she descended the spiral stairs to the lower level and found a lavatory available there.

“Lord, what is going on, I have this terrible sense of dread, of something bad about to happen. What is it, what are you trying to tell me.” Sara sat on the closed seat, praying harder than she had ever prayed before.

“Flight 1122, this is Sydney approach. We have you on scope and will me monitoring as you approach. A note for you though, please contact your company for a private message.”

“Roger Sydney approach, will contact them via cell phone” the Captain replied and reached for his flight case. His razar phone should still have a good signal at this altitude.

His face grew so pale the co-pilot thought he was going to pass out. He folded the phone and dropped it on the deck. “Oh my God in heaven!”

“Nick what is it, what’s going on that’s got you white as a sheet?”

“Tony, someone e-mailed a bomb threat for this flight, one that said it will be detonated before we land.”

“You got to be kidding me, who would do such a thing?”

“They said the message contained the line, Praise to Allah, Death to the infidels.”

“We have got to get this plane down, Now!” Tony growled as he increased thrust to get more speed. If it was on a timer, they could beat it, maybe.

Sara was still in the lavatory when the flight attendant came over the speaker asking that all passengers return to their seats and fasten their seat belts. Sara felt an even greater urgency to pray now.

“Approach checklist complete.”

“Roger Tony, leave the gear up until we get closer. Ditching at sea with the gear down would tear us apart.”

“You got that right, how much farther to the coast?”

Computer says fifteen miles, “Sydney approach control, this is flight 1122, we are declaring an emergency. “

“Flight 1122, what emergency are you declaring.”

“Sydney, a possible, I say again, possible bomb on aircraft.”

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Post Fri Apr 27, 2007 9:36 am

Now my hair are all standing up streight :O ......


Post Mon Jul 09, 2007 2:11 pm


what happened to this!


Post Wed Jul 25, 2007 6:25 am

too much conversation, reads more like ascript with directorial notes as text. where's your prose?

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