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Post Thu Dec 30, 2004 11:39 am

Ok, I'm heading to work now, but that's great that we gettin real close. If you can get me the stuff by midnight tonight(central standard time) I Should have em ready by tomorrow(well actually by 4 am tonight, I hardly sleep normal hours)

Oh and ro9ue, I sent you an email

Goodluck Gents

Post Thu Dec 30, 2004 3:58 pm


*I have sent you an email regarding this but just so all know I will post here*

Sorry its taken me some time to get back to you but I needed to check with the other mod team members before I answered you.

You can use the ships and the weapons you requested, however there are a couple of conditions:

You cannot change the textures..
Where the models use invisible hardpoints i.e. Mantis, Hekkan, Cyclone, Tempest, and the pulse gun on the Scimitar, that these be retained, with weapons entries that are appropriate i.e. using the nomad .cmp, as these ships were designed this way and would look silly with conventional weapons mounted on them... I know you cant stop players from selling the weapons and placing their own choices (actually you can - by adding the weapons to goods and removing the mounts from shiparch)
Please keep us up to date with changes, and please don't uber them up too much.


Retreat[![! ---- I'm too badly messed up now[![!

Post Fri Dec 31, 2004 2:58 am

Ro9ue, looks like you are going great guns m8, alog with darq as well. hope the bug list on my site helps. Also have you any plans for makeing a data file for ioncross when the mod is done, as that will help me and other server admins when we are testing the add-on, also i think some of the probs with rb is that the game data files that MD done for ioncross was incomplete, so there may be issues there, unfortanatly i know sod all about modding or how the ioncross game data creater works to try and sort it out my self(i tried to figure it out once but got hopelessly lost :-P ).

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Post Sat Jan 01, 2005 4:34 am

Hello, guys. I want to thank Harrier and Nova Design for their agreeing to share their great work in Rebal. In light of things lately, I think that Rebal will benefit from having their stuff in it, and I am very glad that everything worked out so that this could be smoothed out without pulling some stunt like.. er, Starfyre Studios (not triyng to bash, just sometimes ... c'mon, it isn't armageddon, people! The crust of the planet is not about to split b/c of one little correlation b/t mods). Anyhow, thank you, ND, for you guys' willingness to share your hard work

I, too, have gotten my own schedule all out of whack, Chris - in fact, I've been so danged busy the last 36 hrs that I have not had time to edit (heh, or sleep) much .. But I'm trying to catch enough sleep that I can focus to finish the addon in the next few days. We're close ...

I would love to finsh the Ioncross files, but I'm actually as informed about them as you say you are, Sabbath I don't think I have even used Ioncross but maybe once before ... So, erm, yeah I don't know for sure on that one. If I can find out how to do that, I'd be glad to, but it probably won't be this weekend. Maybe over the next few weeks?

Ah, and I looked through the forum on your site, Sabb, and I fixed probably 90% of the probs listed there ;-) So that's a good thing, eh? I appreciate all the help that that forum provided in debugging

Ok, well I am not sleeping now .. stayed up through New Year's, had some nice chai and tea, and I'm ready to plow on through some modding now So, until later, peace.


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- Ishmael

Post Sat Jan 01, 2005 9:44 pm

Ello Peeps,

Just got word in from Ro9ue, and he has ran into a lil snag...But nothing major, so i'll post what he emailed to me

But, hey, I have a big-a@#$ mess here at home: stupid toilet overflowed big time, soaked half the carpet in the house. So we have to get new carpet. Heh, and that, of course, entails removing all funiture from the rooms. The water got underneath my comp and my plastic chair-mat-thing, so it's already beginning to stink with mold. Ahhhh, such is life }: (
Anyhow, I think I'll be able to hook my comp back up soon, but can you please tell the TLR guys / forum what's going on? I still need to add an encounter and complete a base in the Imbraani system (which, btw, is not a new system, per se, just the renamed and revamped Corsair Unknown system ;-) I didn't really think "Unknown" was very catchy or memorable) before it's ready. I think ... I think that once that stuff is done (and the trade routes), the addon should be ready :-D

Post Sun Jan 02, 2005 10:40 am

@harrier...did you make the Mantis? then thank you very much! excellent work! you finish your cockpits instead of leaving them a rough blue bubble or canopy.
just wondering if you would reskin the 'griffin' it's an older ship from about a year and a half ago. 4 fins, long, 8 guns/4 turrets. a fav ship, but could use your touch.

@ro9ue...any news on new commodities?

Post Sun Jan 02, 2005 10:44 am much longer?

Post Mon Jan 03, 2005 7:29 pm

Hey guys, my apologies for the delay. My friggin toilet overflowed as Darq mentioned, and we are having a real party ripping carpet up, moving junk .. ugh, no fun.
Anyway, the past few days have been quite busy and I have not had enough time to complete the addon (I know, I know - everyone load those rifles - "Ready! Aim! Fire!" at the slow guy :p What's his problem, anyway?). It is not too far from completion, but some things chaged today that alter teh situation. Here's the deal now:
Darq and I could go ahead and release a patch for the 3.5 beta, meaning that (provided it works of course :p ) players and server admins will need to get both Rebal 3.5 beta3 and the Patch/addon.
OR , I asked Michael Dan about this and he gave a green light: We go ahead and just make the final version of the mod - Rebal 3.50 (final). This way everyone will only need this one mod to play on any Rebal server (unlike 3.4, which was probalbly one of the best versions of the mod, just with 4 or 5 addons/patches to keep up with).

Now, I personally opt for the Final version. This will make things easy and simple when working with FLMM (for anyone). Not only that, when the bug reports (hopefully none, of course :p ), questions, comments, complaints, etc start toi come in, no one will have to specify which of 3 or 4 addons they're using or what version with what patch, yada yada yada. There will be 3.50 and that's it, so things'll be simple.

However, this also means that we'll need at least a week, probably two, to complete this version. BUT when it's done, it should be worth the wait ...

MD thinks it's a good idea, and I was hoping to get any feedback about it from your guys. I'm sorry that the previous estimate on release didn't come through :-/ but the way things went (for me, at least) over the break precluded that.
So we shoould be in business before the end of January. I know it's a wait, but hey, school's a be-otch, especially the first few weeks of the 2nd semester

As an update:
Darq is working on the spreading out the new commods (12 of them, about half of which are illegal ... ). The factions already carry them around some, so those are looking good.
A lot of ships have corrected .sur files now, so shooting them will be more realistic and less frustrating (try shooting a dang Ewing right now -- evil Jedi .sur )
The Imbraani system (Corsair Unknown) is quite a hub of activity now. Nebulae, planets, depot, bases, patrols, mineable fields, and cool ships/equip are all part of the package now

The Ragnarok Freighter/gunship is now a Harbinger gunboat, but I have to work out a little bug with that still (get a CTD when use that encounter .. gonna make it work).
The Order is also going to pilot the Osiris II Battleship, a revamped version of the Osiris . The idea came from Nightstalker's shippack, but I ended up making my own model and files to make it work. Right now, the Osiris II mounts some of the best equipemtn in the game, stuff only sold with it. It has a 5/12/3 config with 3 thrusters, 2 Mines, 2 CM, 2 Shield (1 Lvl10, 1 Lvl9) and 4 energy slots. It's a beast

Arg, there's more I think, but I can't remember all off the top of my head. And I have to run :-/
But I'll check in hopefully tomorrow after school.


"Do you see the slightest evidence anywhere out there that man was the climax towards which creation had been straining from the beginning? That creation came to a screeching halt with the birth of man?"
- Ishmael

Post Mon Jan 03, 2005 11:48 pm

Hello Pilots, Like Ro9ue said, I been workin on the commodities, and i'm happy to say that i sent the final cut, to Ro9ue bout 10 minutes ago. I went in and literally did houndreds of changes(roughly bout 10 hours worth of work) so I hope that you all like our ideas and our direction with this.
As most of you know I don't like "gravey" runs, going to the next system and making like 5k a profit per unit to me is just riduculous(IE Greenfield Iowa and Lux foods) But I also descided not to post the final cuts, you all have my previous posts so you know the direction we're heading in. But i will say that I totally reworked all the new commoditiy trade routes, and tweaked all the existing trade routes. All the commodities in the game now have at least a 500 cred profit potential, and some of em have over a grand profit potential, and i put in some more super trade routes(runs with 5k+ profit potential) but they ain't exactly "gravey".
Now I'm heading back in to take care of some things with who drops what when ya kill em , and then i'll be taking a peak at the freightors cargo capacities. And about whether we should do a patch or a new mod, I vote Mod.

Cya all soon with more updates.


I Protect The Helpless From The Heartless

Post Tue Jan 04, 2005 4:46 am

hi guys, i think that insteed of messing around with patch's and addons, you may as well finish the final version, and as ro9ue said it be easier for any problem solving(hopefully there be no probs).
So go ahead and finish it as the final version of rebal, im sure everyone will agree with me on that, also dont worry about time either and rushing it out, we've all waited this long, so im sure a bit longer wont hurt us.
Thanks for the hard work guys, cya on the flip side.

all of my questions are answers to my sins.and all of my endings are waiting to begin

Post Tue Jan 04, 2005 9:52 pm

i dont mean to interupt here. but i need to know if someone is planing on fixing the station in the corsairs home world so it is seeable and dockable. also the ships on it is buyable i.e. the raven claw is buyable along with the other two ships. i also am wondering weather or not the missions in the border worlds are going to be set to were we can fly them and get payed agian. thanks and sorry for the inconvinice but i am wanting to know.

Post Tue Jan 04, 2005 10:36 pm

Hiya Warrior17, could you please be more specific, if you can with the cosair's base(what is the base name, i think you mean crete, no?) also do you mean that the border worlds will have missions?, could you be a lil more specific?

Not being rude here, just with more info Ro9ue or I or any of the others on the mod team can better pinpoint the problem you are having.


Post Wed Jan 05, 2005 11:05 am

Hey guys,

Sorry for the extreme delay in checking in. Things have been somewhat difficult. Still no internet.

Good news, the Wrath, in all its "glory" is finished as far as design is concerned. I am still having texturing trouble, but I've decided to cut all the textures that I had in 3ds max, and reapply them in either milkshape (which I hate with a passion), or some other means that I have yet to invent... Hopefully, the ship will still look almost as good as it does in 3ds max (version 6 for those who are curious). I don't have any more screenshots available. So I guess the ones on my site ( will have to do for now, though I'll say that those are now obsolete, though they're not as far off as they might be.

I've made some additional changes to the tohoku system... I had to remove the base on Planet Atum due to stability issues that crept in after a while. But, I did create a new planet in the southeast corner of the map that mimics Planet Atum's former functionality. Also, there's a tradelane going from that planet (which I forgot the name to... silly me) (--UPDATE) It's Planet Amon-Ra (/UPDATE--), to Bastet Complex. I don't know why I added a tradelane, but it works, and there are no crashes, so I left it in.

Let's see... what else? Oh right, the NS2 (NightShade MKII) is officially upgraded, I just have to edit the info card for it to make the data match. This upgrade simply brings the ship up to the stats that I had originally intended for it. Due to a minor miscommunication, the ship in the Rebal 3.5 beta series was not quite up to par, but it still kicked serious butt, with the right loadout.

There are other things that I've done, but since I've been recently teaching myself to program, in C#, I've sort of lost track of some of it.

Well, enough babbling from this brook. Let me know what you think so far of what I've babbled.

Again, sorry for the seeming lack of interest. If my internet were more reliable, I'd be here as much as anyone
Hopefully I'll be online again soon.

Thanks for your patience

Edited by - ArchKaine on 1/6/2005 10:36:44 AM

Post Thu Jan 06, 2005 7:38 pm

Ello Pilots,

Your friendly neighborhood modder here giving another update on the Rebal mod.:

Well I got the freightor cargo capacities taken care of and the new cargo ranges will be(preparing oneself for firing squad) between 500 to 1000, with one freightor able to haul 5000, can any of you guess which freightor will be able to haul 5000, you guessed it, the Rhino. We liked the idea of the Rhino being the "weakest" freightor in the game, and so if you wanna make the "big bucks" really, Really, REALLY fast, then there's gonna be some risk involved with it, well actually alot of risk. I'm currently working on the dll's now to make them be accurate in the game.

Just a lil FYI for ya all


I Protect The Helpless From The Heartless

Post Fri Jan 07, 2005 7:20 am

rhino!!!!!!!!..i like the rhino.. good luck with the mod guys and ro9ue do the mod justice even if it takes to FEBUARY everyone can just wait with baited breath. i know i will.

death is the last great adventure.

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