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Post Sat Dec 18, 2004 11:55 am

Just wanted to say "thanks" for your dedication to this great game and 2) to let you know that there are folks out there who still enjoy playing FL! 3) I do enjoy places to factions to enemies to anhilate

Post Sat Dec 18, 2004 1:17 pm

guys, thanks for continuing on. especially w/ the engin kill thing. especially as rebalance if my fav mod. evo is close but the upgrades seem like a pale comparison. no personality to them.

a few questions:
1. will there be new commodities (hopefully done w/ humor as well as serious ones).
2. will the pricing and lvl requirements be leveled out? needing to be 13th lvl to buy a two-gun shield3 shuttle doesn't seem right.
3. will there be new systems?
4. new factions?
5. new ships that look like they were built w/ some logical thought, not becaue "IT LOOKS REALLY REALLY COOL!" and "BECAUSE i CAN DO IT" kind of shipwrighting. ergo, the starting ship.
6. Please finish off the unknown systems! rebalance is the only mod I know of that has done anything w/ the monkeys. can you make both factions in their own right? they're already there after all.

if you want to talk ideas/concepts I would love to chat w/ you guys.
Shawn Barry

Post Sat Dec 18, 2004 1:18 pm

Oh, when would a possible release date be?

Post Mon Dec 20, 2004 8:08 am

thnxs for the hint about the Titan. I never flew one of these - hey, who was the first one with the signature "Titan flies like a cow" ? BP ?) - flying milkpots But if it's worth more than 100 Mio I could be tempted to give the Titan a try.

ta-taaa, ta-taaa, ta-taaaaaaaa
This is my post Nr. 100 in almost 17 months. I must be one of the slowest guys in Sirius

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Post Wed Dec 22, 2004 6:54 pm

Hey, alright comrades, my apologies for the delay in responding. In the past 96 hours, I've gotten about 10 hrs sleep -- the rest = FL So we've made some progress.

Alrighty, now to answer your questions, Shawn:

a few questions:
1. will there be new commodities (hopefully done w/ humor as well as serious ones).
Well, I sent an email requesting permission to implement the BlackMarket Mod into the patch, but I have not heard from the mod's creator. So ... *wince* I might add some from there, but I can add some new ones myself. Any specific ideas .. ? Please post some if you'd like something in particular put in there.

2. will the pricing and lvl requirements be leveled out? needing to be 13th lvl to buy a two-gun shield3 shuttle doesn't seem right.
Yes, the lvl-reqs at least will be more balanced. I've already edited some ships and equipment, but please post any specific ones (ie one of htose that you see and say "ooo, can't wait to get that -- but dang it, stupid lvlcap." ) And I couldn't find the shuttle on Houston. Do you know the name of it? Prices need work, so I'll give those a look, too.

3. will there be new systems?
Well, I'm afraid that due to time constraints (I can only mod until the first week in January, then I have to go back to school ), there aren't going to be any new systems. BUT see below for more on systems.

4. new factions?
I've been itching to add new factions for months, but I have not had time to really. I am working on make the Monkeys and the Robos, at least, their own factions. They'll have more custom stuff, maybe ships assigned to them, some weaps, equip, etc. Maybe one will, as an outsider, a group that has sat back and observed those foolish humans fighting each others' capships, maybe one of them will have a "cap-ship buster" I am not sure about other factions besides them, though ... Not 100% sure yet.

5. new ships that look like they were built w/ some logical thought, not becaue "IT LOOKS REALLY REALLY COOL!" and "BECAUSE i CAN DO IT" kind of shipwrighting. ergo, the starting ship.
Yes, there are already some new ships. ArchKaine's Wrath Space-Superiority Fighter already mentioned. The Serafina Freighter is in, too. There are some others from a couple of other mods (very cool ones, in my opinion) but there are already so many in the game that nobody uses (all those Taiidan or Somotaw or whatever hte heck those butt-ugly box ships are called (the ones that used to be sold on Trenton and Newark ... *shudder* hideous, and flew like the Death Star loaded with banthas and without half of its thrusters ). There wll be a few more, though. I'll have a list before too much longer. I am not very fond of the Starskipper, either -- not to stomp on Baene's toes, but I just do not care for that thing. The starting ship is now the Serapis LF from Freespace 2. I edited its model and its entry in shiparch to make it a better fighter than it was. It has better stats (and looks ) than the Starskipper - higher maneuverability, better speed, its own weapons from Freespace. It's better in my opinion. How does that sound?

6. Please finish off the unknown systems! rebalance is the only mod I know of that has done anything w/ the monkeys. can you make both factions in their own right? they're already there after all.
I'm working on completing hte Unknown systems right now. There are going to be Monkey and Robot features in the lower one (maybe bases, patrols, encounters, etc). There might be a Nomad base in hte upper pink Unknown, but not sure on that one, either. But yeah, these systems will be better and more complete

And I fervently hope to complete this mod by the 1st week in January. I am not certain yet (ArchKaine's internet's - er, rather, the Nazi-esque brother that controls the internet - is being difficult , to put it nicely), but we are working hard on things.
AH, and please keep listing any little specific things - infocards, HPs, prices, lvl-requirements, etc. - that need fixing.
**And do any of you guys have some suggestions for the names of the monkey and robo factions? I'm not calling them "Monkeys" and "Robots," I'll say that much right now . But if you have any good ones for them, please post those, too.

Thanks, you guys, for your help and your continued interest I appreciate it. I am working hard to make the game we love a little better, a little more interesting, a tad more challenging here and there. I hope we can suceed in that respect
I will keep you posted. Until then, mis amigos,
~ Ro9ue out ~

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Post Wed Dec 22, 2004 9:13 pm

new factions, systems, ships and all would be nice, but please fix the cloked base in the corsairs home world that has the raven claw on it please. also if its posable add in nebulas that have arching lightning and slowly destroys the shields and then the hull, be kinda kewl i think. however also fix the story ine with the gun boats if they havent been fixed yet. not hounding or anything just reminding of them. thanks.

Post Thu Dec 23, 2004 12:56 am

Ello Gents, Well i got the next five days off from work, and I'm gonna try out my moddin hands. If it works well, I'll let ya know. I have prior exp with this sorta thing(Imodded my SFC3, changed gun hardpoint placement, stats, workin models, got ones that wouldn't work to work, But never created new ships, not my cup of tea) So if i can do this modding thing correctly and good, i'll let ya know, who knows mayby I can take some of the weight off yer shoulders. The other Question I have is, who gonna run this server, and what kinda speks that person's comp got. I got 512+k of ram a 1700+ Cpu, a Dsl and win2k and I have the funds to possibly get a Kick Arse Server Computer, would prolly have to goto cable modem so i can have the other Comp to be strictly a Server Computer, but nothing's definante, cause i really don't know the actual numbers needed to do that sort a thing.

Post Thu Dec 23, 2004 8:38 am

Anytime a new version is ready to test you can use my server
Intel 2.4 ghz 512 meg ram windows 2003 server on dsl modem
currently operating as ReBalance Mod 2.4 with up to 12 players and few crashes.
email me when stuff is ready with an install list (FL data files version needed etc.
Merry christmas to all

Post Thu Dec 23, 2004 10:20 am

Hey guys, more news.
I have added a lot of new ships, some neat ones from Epsilon mod included. There are now 3 new factions:

the Primal Harbingers , a group of former Bowex pilots (rather primative, if you know what I mean ) who ventured out into the outer rim to expand trading horizons. After Planet Prima (in Corsair Uknown) was settled by former-Bowex members, venturous merchants expanded to a neighboring planet. On its desolate and frozen surface, they unveiled a vast network of astounding ziggurats and edifices. They soon determined that the planet had been a Dom K'Vosh holy city, a final place of purification and blessing before their retreat from the known Sirius sector. Excavating the ancient yet miraculously preserved artifacts, scrolls, and religious teachings of the K'Vosh in high hopes of selling them, the awe-strucken merhcants found themselves delving whole-heartedly into the principles and doctrines of the K'Vosh religion. Its all-encompassing and inquisitive dogmas on the nature and the meaning of existance struck wistful chords in the merchants hearts. They eventaully established the Primal Harbingers cult, demanding that their brethren accept their views, that they return to the Colonies to spread the faith - or eliminate those who refused The Truth. The righteous and dignified gentility of the initial founders of the faith soon died away, devolving into a maniacal cult bent on the "holy order" to either convert or subvert any and all they can reach.

The Arboreal Coalition , the remainder of these fanatic chimps' shipping partners and co-pilots, established trading posts near the Harbingers' activites so that they could keep them in check. A lone Bretonian explorer, son of a prominent Bowex executive, stumbled upon the Imbraani system roughly a century after the arrival in Sirius. Retaining connections with his father's corporation, he established his own shipping company in the outer fringes of the Colonies, catering primarily to the entrepreneurs and the criminal factions. However, with the rise of the Primal Harbinger cult in the Imbraani system, the company underwent a radical shift of purpose and focus. Abhorring the cult's fascination and allegiance with the Nomads, viewing their adherance to newly discovered Dom K'Vosh religious teachings with disappointed contempt, the group of merchants formed the Arboreal Coaltion. The Coalition devotes its resources to constraining the Harbingers, attempting to prevent their religious zeal and fervor from leaking to other colonists. The Coalition backs its campaigns and undying resistance by maintaining shipping lines in several outer systems, acting as an extension of Bowex.

And Menhit Squadron , a large hierarchal group of bio-droids of unprecedented AI lvls. Menhit Squadron, an advanced series of bio-droids manufactured on Toledo, was created by The Order to assist in its suppression of the Nomads once the Primal Harbinger cult surfaced. Orillion and some of his former associates from the Navy managed to access all of Liberty's advances in artifical intelligence when they nabbed Battleship Isis. They put this knowledge to good use, desiging an AI system that can observe its surroundings, interpret nearly any signal or stimulus, and then make decisive decisions thanks to a higher-complexity processor core. The Menhits, somewhat left on their own to fulfill their purpose, design their own combat systems and equipment, remaining largely autonomous from their creators and militant superiors in all regards except for military hierarchy and an instilled hatred of Nomads.

The Coalition will have some bases scattered here and there, but not all over the place - their main goal is to limit the crazy bastard monkey turncoats (er, rather turntails ). Note that each of these factions is connected in some way to the other: The Harbingers are allied with Nomads, and the Menhits are boud pretty tightly with The Order. The Coalition stands alonside The ORder and the Menhits to oppose the Nomads/Harbingers. The Coalition acts as a limited-scope Bowex in the very outer edge systems.
Each faction has its own fighters and ships (most of 'em new - and if I might say so, pretty badazz ). I want to add Battleship encounters, but I can't be sure if I'll get them working ... I'm gonna try hard on that one!

~ Hey, what gunboat problem are we talking about specifically? I have not gotten to the Bretonian part of the story yet - been waiting to finish the first version of the addon to jump in. Sorry, I just need a few details to fill me in Is it a loadout prob?
~ I have added nebulae, and I can add more that do damage -- BUT FL makes damage to your hull automatically, and I'm not exactly sure how to change that ... So I can still add some nifty things in there (already have in some systems) - I personally like Galileo and Kepler, that dark, ominous, dangerous feel to them, actually feels how I think most parts of space are like out there.

That'll be cool of you want to help, Darquies; lemme know what exactly you'd like to work on, and I can send you the most recent and updated files from the Addon so that we don't have to do stupid compilation .. ugh, hate doing that! If you want to balance out the level and pricing system, I still have not completed that yet, so .. if you're interested it's still free. And just let me know what you (any of ya guys) would like to help with.

We should/could have a beta version released in the next couple of days -- it can be an on-time Christmas present! But the final version is still a few days off at least. Got a crapload to still do, been pulling all-nighters for 4 days straight now ... z..z.z
Keep talking, my friends, and we'll have Rebal breathing fire again
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! - now back to the files


"Do you see the slightest evidence anywhere out there that man was the climax towards which creation had been straining from the beginning? That creation came to a screeching halt with the birth of man?"
- Ishmael

Post Thu Dec 23, 2004 11:05 am

Ello there Ro9ue, I'm just starting out, and if u have something easy for me to handle, i'll give it a shot. My email address is pls include any revelant info that you want me to handle with what ever you need help with. Also i think we could use the LR teamspeak server, when you and I are modding(besides 1 and a 1/2 brains are better than 1) So If you want to set up a future time that you know you will be moddin, let me know, and we can meet on Teamspeak and handle our Biznezz

By the way I'm on Chicago time(Central Standard Time)

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Post Thu Dec 23, 2004 11:08 am

Hi guys, i'm currently running a rb 3.5 beta 3 test server, and i be more than happy(along with my players) to beta test the addon if needed, i thought it be easier to use a excisting server then start up a new one.
Just let me know if ur intrested and i can inform my players about it as well and be ready to dl the addon when its ready for testing(by the way will it be on dl here at TLR?)
Cya all soon and merry xmas


all of my questions are answers to my sins.and all of my endings are waiting to begin

Post Thu Dec 23, 2004 9:02 pm

Ok I think i got all the tools ready, just need the material and data. Waitin

Post Sat Dec 25, 2004 2:13 am

Arg, ok, sry abuot wait. I thought I posted a message yesterday afternoon, but the dang thing isn't here .. Ah, well. here's an update:

There are a few more ships (cool ones, a few from Epsilon Mod) that the new factions are flyin'. A LOT of new weapons and shields/other goodies for more intersting play.
I had to go back and start over on the revent work because I got a nasty CTD when I added the new factions, the new ships, and the new weaps at one time. So I've been debugging the danged stuff for all of today. But we're almost done now ;-) I hope to soon have encounters with custom ships, factions, and equipment in the new systems before too much longer (next day, maybe 2?)

I want to send you the files I have right now (itching to just ship 'em to ya right now) but as they are right now, you'll crash. I have to figure out a bug (think it's an equip one, wrong name/typo/little tihng like that somewhere in the weap_equip, goods, or other EQUIPMENT file), then finish adding the encounters. Is that too long to wait? If you wouldn't mind doing so, you can add the new commodities (or I can add them and you can spread them out in game). They'll need to be sold on a few bases, bought for a decent (and then occasional high - ) prices on a few bases, and maybe make some people carry them. ... Er, how does that sound? If it's too much, we can work on the mod server or on AIM or something like that.
Ah, and btw, I am in Texas, so I am also in Central time. Heh, oops, it's 4:04 am, Christmas morning now Central time ... might have to hit it her

I'll drop y'all another note tomorrow (X-mas day) and give an update.
Servers are great! Anyone who would like to beta the addon is welcome to it. I'll make a list and email it to the server admins, and .. then maybe you guys can disseminate it for your servers? Or perhaps we can get bakedpotato to post it on TLR. I have an angelfire site, but it's only 20 MB and those are being used for the first Aten Addon...
Anywho, I'll check back in for duty in a few hours ... nevermind sleep - got enough to do as it is I take Thomas Jefferson's viewpoint: life's a little short to spend sleeping and lying about. I'd rather be a little tired and have a lot going on (and getting done) than fart around... Sry, off my personal soapbox

Merry Christmas , mis compadres. I hope to be flying alongside yas before too much longer


"Do you see the slightest evidence anywhere out there that man was the climax towards which creation had been straining from the beginning? That creation came to a screeching halt with the birth of man?"
- Ishmael

Post Sat Dec 25, 2004 7:07 am

Puttin in new comodities and such will be great, after this i'll check my adress to see if ya sent me anything If not, do you want me to make kinda like a seperate file thingy from the 3.5 mod (basically I'll go into the equipment/goods.ini folder and "tweak" current prices(to, for one, fix the greenfield iowa thing, and see about adding some new commodities, then i'll check for bugs) I'll then send you whatever i changed and a notepad of all i tweaked/added

Sounds good?

Post Sat Dec 25, 2004 5:10 pm

Ok here is the complete Trade route fix. I have basically taken out all the gravey trade routes, and installed some good ones. I hope you like this

Some factors play into how i determine pricing.
First off distance and then whether or not it's a hot spot(Mercury is in almost a constant battle between EFA thugs, seperastists, alliance forces, outcasts, cosairs, nomads, and bountyhunters, And i mean the big boys play here)

Greenfield, Iowa
Lux food for 898.00 now
Con. Goods for 400.00 now
Lux. Con Goods for 576.00 now

Creston Station, Iowa
Boron for 600.00 now

Planet Carinea, Omicron Alpha
Alien Org. for 300.00 now

Planet Earth, Earth Alliance System
Artifacts for 432.00 now.

Planet Mercury, Earth Alliance System
Engine Comp. for 1125.00 now

Prison Station Mitchell, Alaska System
Cardamine for 3000.00 now

Moon Base Alpha, Earth Alliance System
Construction Machinery for 400.00

Planet Mars, Earth Alliance System
Construction Machinery for 600.00

Des Moines, Iowa
Engine Comp. for 525.00

Artreaus Foundry, Iowa
Engine Comp. for 725.00
Niobium for 1280.00

Planet Crete, Omicron Gamma
Fertilizers for 495.00

Planet Manhatten, Ney York System
Food Rations for 456.00

Planet Earth, Earth Alliance System
Light Arms for 630.00

Bretonia Gunboat, Iowa
Lux. Con. Goods for 640.00

Des Moines Dockring, Iowa
Lux. Con. Goods for 640.00

Iowa City Station, Iowa
Lux. Con. Goods for 640.00
Lux. Food for 862.00

Jupiter Observation Station, Earth Alliance System
Lux. Food for 920.00

Alaska Shipyard I, Alaska
Oxygen for 555.00

Tekagi's Base, Tohoku
Pirate Pilot for 1339.80

NY Federal Prison, New York
Prisioners for 4200.00

LPI Sugarland, Texas
Scrap Metal for 570.00

California minor, California
Terraforming Gases for 450.00

Ithaca Research Station, New York
Toxic Waste for 101.00

Los Palmas Retreat, New Jersey
Water for 600.00

Installed 2 super trade routes (profit potential of 8k per unit) But it's not easy (IMHO)

As you will see, $500.oo profit routes are all over the place, there are some 1k and above, but you'll have to drive some.

I can make more Super trade routes, but i don't advise more than 5

Ro9ue pls give me your email so i can send you the Market_Commodities File.

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