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The 2nd civil war

Tell us about your adventures, amazing stories, wow us with your wit...use your imagination, tell us some of the greatest moments in your life.

Post Fri Jan 14, 2005 8:07 pm

The 2nd civil war

Well im starting a war story based on a dream i had.The main character name is Luke Braber. Well anyway Ill start off:

I can remember it clearly,yet on that day it was as grey as grey could get.When it blared on the radio of what happened,my family and i were horrified.The states had broken up into sperate countries.No longer united,the states or countries,were soon at war.Of course i was drafted and i was sent to boot camp for Pennslyvania Regualtion 3 months.When i was done with training i would be sent to bolster the Northern Buffer where we would wait for any attacks from the Federation of Niagra,which was New Jersey and New york.When we got there we would wait,wait for our first battle against the Federation.

Post Sun Jan 16, 2005 1:33 pm

Chapter 1: Living in cement

"Some day huh?" asked Cpl.Slucker "If you call sitting in a muddy trench a day then that was pretty fun" said Pvt.Waters "Cut the Chatter back there" yelled Sgt Craig,our assigined officer,who was eying down the sights of the 50 cal. "Scouts said that federation troops were on the move". after about an hour we heard the whistling of an artillery shell,but what horrified us was that it hit the bunker next to ours."Lets rock n roll people" I said.After a few moments machine guns and rifles were going off evreywhere.I counted the men who were on my right,ten,but in an instant there was three because seven of them looked up and were cut down by a machine gun on the Federation tank.Then Cpt.Orilla went insane and ran through the field seperating the trench lines and amazingly he got very close to the tank so he jumped on it and opened the hatch and tossed in a grenade,which then destroyed the tank,which is when our oppertunity came,so we jumped out and charged toward the Federation trench.

To be continued

Post Tue Jan 25, 2005 2:12 pm

Please continue, I want to see what happens to the Eastern United States when it is torn apart by war.

Post Thu Jan 27, 2005 4:47 pm

Well since i completley forgot the dream ill,just have to play it by ear

So hears Chapter 2:Movement

"By Gen. Alkunsons order we are goingf to be moving deep into Upstate New York
where we will try and take NYC,and once we set up a camp our orders are to take Yankee Stadium,where the Federation is dug in" yelled Col. Aks to all of us.I was admiring my new stripe which was Sgt. which was a big leap,considering that i was a Pvt. but then again my whole squad was cutdown yesterday,but unlike most Sgt.'s i was given a sniper rifle while most handled machine guns but then again i was an excellent sharpshooter. "We are moving out today,weve already captured the following states : New Jersey,Maryland,Deleware,West Virginia,Virginia,and northeastern Ohio

(A few days later at Yankee Stadium)

We were able to take NYC and weve already gon to Maine for the final push ,then we move west all the way to Las Vegas,capital of the Grand Duchy of Nevada

To be continued

(I know i know no action scenes yet,but hey i promise ya a big battle soon)

Post Mon Dec 12, 2005 5:22 pm

This is going to be a MASSIVE gravedig,but I have decided to continue the 2nd Civil War.

"Fire in the effin hole!" Luke had got used to this.Constantly he heard rockets screeching by and tanks firing mighty cannons.Pennsylvania had defeated the Federation and was now marching onto East Ohio.The Federation surrendered all lands after the humiliation at the Battle of Albany.Luke had been promoted to the rank of Second Luitenant."Hold the nest,hold the nest!"Luke screamed over the screech of hot led.Luke's squad was currently fighting the Battler of Boardman,a city near the East Ohio-Pennsylvanian border.If they won this battle,they would have a clear shot for Akron.

To be continued...

OOC:I will be adding some links to infantry weapons of the Pennsylvanian Army.

Post Mon Aug 14, 2006 9:17 pm

Chapter 4-The Massacre at Akron

Few history books would call the Ohio campaign justified.It was an outright act of greed and imperialism.The Pennsylvanians had won the past Battle of Boardman,and were on a forced march to Akron.

Luke didnt care about the soldiers,about himself,or about the war.He wanted to go home and start over again.He knew if completed his service he would be given land and money,he didnt want that.He wanted to go back home to his family,his mother and father,aunts and uncles,grandparents.There was no romanticism,no heroes.The only thing that came from war was death,and the stench of death was everywhere.The green troops were expecting to be heroes and be known worldwide,Luke didnt want to tell them and shatter their dreams.They could experience it first hand.

When they arrived at Akron,the rabble of soldiers barely had time to surrender.They were cut down by our machinegund and rifles,blown up by artillery and tanks,demoralized by the screams of their friends.Luke smelled it again,the stench of death.These men were once brothers under one nation,fighting for freedom.Now they were fighting each other.By the end,there were only 209 men on the opposite side out of 900.We had lost 23 men.

(end of chapter)

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