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**Tutorial** - How to Create Factions

Here you find the different tutorials on editing and MODing Freelancer

Post Wed Sep 24, 2003 11:42 am

**Tutorial** - How to Create Factions

Hey everyone,

My first tutorial. Wakko. Thanks to all whom I've spoken to on this topic but I had an epiphany. This tute does need FLMM 1.2 or better. You do not need a great understanding in MOd-ing only how to edit ini files to do this...

It is written here is a short sumamry of what will happen...

-setting DYNAMIC IDS-Names and info so there is no DLL editing needed(Huzzar!)
-Open DATA\initialworld.ini and add your factions reputation block so the world knows who they like/dislike etc
-Goto DATA\MISSIONS\empathy.ini and add the nessessary block of rep-change data who to kill to make them happy etc
-Fill out a faction block in DATA\MISSIONS\faction_prop.ini
-edit EXE\mpnewcharacter.fl to add the faction start rep
-edit \DATA\EQUIPMENT\commodities_per_faction.ini to dictate what the factions NPC's carry
-also will be setting loots for the faction when concerning missions DATA\RANDOMMISSIONS\RMLootInfo.ini

Generally speaking in this tuorial negative numbers means dislike action, positive means they like that action or faction...

Tools needed:
FLSaveEditor (found in downloads)
BiniQDU or similar (also in downloads here)
Notepad for xml editing or dreamweaver etc

Before you go to do this tutorial if you plan to make it into a script goto your FLMM 1.2 mod folder and make a game folder in the appropriate format etc Hopefully you know how to do the modding in FLMM, if not read its how to make mods for FLMM...

It seems my source could have very well stolen Lord Fjord's tutorials at his site...
So credit goes to him just in case

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Post Wed Sep 24, 2003 1:56 pm

HERE IT IS THE TUTORIAL: How to Create a Faction...

Step 1: Dynamic idsnames etc.
Ok, when using FLMM 1.2 i found some scripting stuff available to get FLMM to create custom dll files for all your names etc so here is what you use to make them. Usually they look like this ids_name = 123456 etc. But FLMM can make them for you like so:

ids_name = 0 ;GENERATESTRRES("Weapon or Faction name " )

ids_info = 0 ;GENERATEXMLRES("<xml>description stuff, look at other mods to see how this can be set out </xml> " )

Step 2: Setting initial faction reps
Ok i did most of this in a xml script so I can give easy examples...
open DATA\initalworld.ini and put rep = 0, <Your faction nickname eg fc_pi_grp> after every block for each faction modifying like you see done with other factions to dictate how they like each other.

If you don't want to make an xml file ignore the script bits and just copy and paste the stuff between the <source> </source> tags and paste at bottom of file....

<data file="DATA\initialworld.ini" method="append">
nickname = <Your faction>
ids_name = <DLL name entry or generated as above>
ids_info = <DLL description entry or generated as above>
ids_short_name = <DLL short name entry>
rep = 0, li_n_grp
rep = 0, li_lsf_grp
rep = 0, li_p_grp
rep = 0, br_n_grp
rep = 0, br_p_grp
rep = 0, ku_n_grp
rep = 0, ku_p_grp
rep = 0, rh_n_grp
rep = 0, rh_p_grp
rep = 0, co_alg_grp
rep = 0, co_be_grp
rep = 0, br_m_grp
rep = 0, co_nws_grp
rep = 0, co_hsp_grp
rep = 0, co_ic_grp
rep = 0, co_khc_grp
rep = 0, co_kt_grp
rep = 0, rh_m_grp
rep = 0, co_me_grp
rep = 0, co_ni_grp
rep = 0, co_os_grp
rep = 0, co_rs_grp
rep = 0, co_shi_grp
rep = 0, co_ss_grp
rep = 0, co_ti_grp
rep = 0, co_vr_grp
rep = 0, fc_bd_grp
rep = 0, fc_b_grp
rep = 0, fc_c_grp
rep = 0, fc_fa_grp
rep = 0, fc_g_grp
rep = 0, fc_gc_grp
rep = 0, fc_h_grp
rep = 0, fc_j_grp
rep = 0, fc_lh_grp
rep = 0, fc_lr_grp
rep = 0, fc_lwb_grp
rep = 0, fc_m_grp
rep = 0, fc_ou_grp
rep = 0, fc_rh_grp
rep = 0, fc_or_grp
rep = 0, fc_u_grp
rep = 0, fc_x_grp
rep = 0, gd_gm_grp
rep = 0, fc_uk_grp
rep = 0, fc_n_grp
rep = 0, fc_ln_grp
rep = 0, fc_kn_grp
rep = 0, fc_rn_grp
rep = 0, fc_ouk_grp
rep = 0, fc_q_grp
rep = 0, fc_f_grp
rep = 0, gd_im_grp
rep = 0, gd_z_grp
rep = 0, gd_bh_grp
rep = 0.91, <Your faction>

Step 3: Modify empathy.ini to make rep-change possible for faction
Open DATA\MISSIONS\empathy.ini and add empathy_rate = <Your faction>, 0 to the bottom of every faction in the list. Modify to decide how they like dislike actions against other clan and against or for them.

Next if your scripting copy this, if not just copy from inside the <source> tags...

<data file="DATA\MISSIONS\empathy.ini" method="append">
group = <Your faction nickname>
event = object_destruction, -0.030000
event = random_mission_success, 0.119500
event = random_mission_failure, -0.045000
event = random_mission_abortion, -0.067500
empathy_rate = li_n_grp, 0.300000
empathy_rate = li_lsf_grp, 0.300000
empathy_rate = li_p_grp, 0.300000
empathy_rate = br_n_grp, 0.300000
empathy_rate = br_p_grp, 0.300000
empathy_rate = ku_n_grp, 0.300000
empathy_rate = ku_p_grp, 0.300000
empathy_rate = rh_n_grp, 0.300000
empathy_rate = rh_p_grp, 0.300000
empathy_rate = co_shi_grp, 0.150000
empathy_rate = co_khc_grp, 0.150000
empathy_rate = co_kt_grp, 0.150000
empathy_rate = br_m_grp, 0.150000
empathy_rate = co_me_grp, 0.150000
empathy_rate = co_be_grp, 0.150000
empathy_rate = co_rs_grp, 0.150000
empathy_rate = co_vr_grp, 0.150000
empathy_rate = co_ni_grp, 0.150000
empathy_rate = rh_m_grp, 0.150000
empathy_rate = co_ti_grp, 0.150000
empathy_rate = co_ic_grp, 0.150000
empathy_rate = co_hsp_grp, 0.150000
empathy_rate = co_alg_grp, 0.150000
empathy_rate = co_os_grp, 0.150000
empathy_rate = co_nws_grp, 0.150000
empathy_rate = fc_c_grp, -0.050000
empathy_rate = fc_ou_grp, -0.150000
empathy_rate = fc_rh_grp, -0.050000
empathy_rate = fc_bd_grp, 0
empathy_rate = fc_j_grp, 0
empathy_rate = fc_h_grp, 0
empathy_rate = fc_m_grp, -0.050000
empathy_rate = fc_x_grp, -0.200000
empathy_rate = fc_b_grp, 0
empathy_rate = fc_g_grp, 0
empathy_rate = fc_lh_grp, -0.300000
empathy_rate = fc_u_grp, -0.050000
empathy_rate = fc_gc_grp, 0
empathy_rate = fc_lwb_grp, -0.050000
empathy_rate = fc_fa_grp, -0.100000
empathy_rate = fc_lr_grp, -0.250000
empathy_rate = fc_or_grp, 0
empathy_rate = gd_gm_grp, 0
empathy_rate = fc_uk_grp, 0
empathy_rate = fc_n_grp, 0
empathy_rate = fc_ln_grp, 0
empathy_rate = fc_kn_grp, 0
empathy_rate = fc_rn_grp, 0
empathy_rate = fc_ouk_grp, 0
empathy_rate = fc_q_grp, 0
empathy_rate = fc_f_grp, 0
empathy_rate = gd_im_grp, 0
empathy_rate = gd_z_grp, 0.300000
empathy_rate = gd_bh_grp, 0

Step 4: Detail to your faction
This step sort of gives flavour and detail to your faction dictating what pilots, voices etc This can also be added by xml or copying out of the source tags. This is based off the zoners

<data file="DATA\MISSIONS\faction_prop.ini" method="append">
affiliation = <Your faction>
legality = lawful
nickname_plurality = singular
jump_preference = jumpgate
npc_ship = gd_z_ge_fighter2_d1-6
npc_ship = gd_z_ge_fighter2_d7
npc_ship = gd_z_ge_fighter4_d8
npc_ship = gd_z_ge_fighter4_d9
npc_ship = gd_z_ge_fighter4_d10
npc_ship = gd_z_ge_fighter4_d11
voice = pilot_f_ill_m01
voice = pilot_f_ill_m02
mc_costume = mc_gd
space_costume = pl_male3_head_hat, pl_male1_peasant_body, comm_br_darcy
space_costume = pl_male5_head, pl_male1_peasant_body, comm_br_elite
space_costume = pl_male8_head_hat, pl_male1_peasant_body, comm_br_darcy
space_costume = ge_male3_head, pl_male1_peasant_body, comm_br_elite
space_costume = ge_male6_head, pl_male1_peasant_body, comm_br_darcy
space_costume = sc_scientist2_head_hat, pl_male1_peasant_body, comm_br_elite
firstname_male = 226608, 226741
lastname = 227008, 227307
rank_desig = 197140, 197140, 197140, 10, 14
formation_desig = 197821, 197828
formation = fighters, fighter_guild
formation = freighters, freighter_guild
formation = freighters2, freighter2_guild
Ok, explaination of what these mean so you can change them.
-affliliation is your faction
-legality can be lawful or unlawful
-nickname plural tells the game to ad an s to the end when saying their names s is added if "singular" is selected, if "plural" is there it does not... eg Zoner = singular.... Xenos = plural
-jump pref can be jumpgate or jumphole
-npc ship has something to do with their ships
-voice, costume and space costume can be chosen from the existing factions to dictate look and sound....
-firstname is the dll with like of first names
-lastname is sam as first
-no idea about the rest, copy from other factions

Step 5: Modify EXE\mpnewcahracter.fl
Open that file with the editor that was mentioned.
Add house = 0, <Your faction> to the list and save the file...

It will only appear in MP so DONT TEST IN SP... or crashola!

Now, save your script and you should be done...

Email or post questions, I or someone else will answer where we can.

Load up and enjoy


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Post Wed Sep 24, 2003 5:06 pm

Nice starter, but you have left a few things out that Newbs might not realise. If you did all that and loaded up you wouldn't have a new faction at all. You haven't put them into encounters, patrols etc etc..

Some parts you gloss over a little quickly as well. Now if you are rushing a tutorial out, then its gonna be overlooked here and there, if not - try to remember that if newbs read it they will get confused.
- ie:
If you are copying into scripting, what do you do for IDS numbers? You mention about FLMM - but without FLMM? (I didn't even know FLMM could do this!!!).

Also - out of MY curiosity into FLMM generating the strings in the tables - um - you put <insert the ids number generated for you> - but how can you do that as it won't 'generate' a number till you activate, then you have to find out what the hell it is?? (I just don't get that part at all - the old fashioned way is alot easier!!)

Anyways - Good stuff, I aint critising really - just pointing a few things out! Keep it up!

*edit* sorry really tired-

legality can be lawful or unlawful
-npc ship has something to do with their ships
-no idea about the rest, copy from other factions

OKay - NPC ships are specifying the ships that they can fly - so any listed here are related to ships in the NPC shiparch.ini - which an entry looks like this

Okay - here goes in a little more detail (if i don't pass out during this!)
affiliation = gd_z_grp
legality = lawful
nickname_plurality = plural
msg_id_prefix = gcs_refer_faction_gd_z
jump_preference = any ; doesn't mater to these guys really! LOL
npc_ship = gd_z_ge_fighter2_d1-6
npc_ship = gd_z_ge_fighter2_d7 ;ships and level they fly at! Later
npc_ship = gd_z_ge_fighter4_d8
npc_ship = gd_z_ge_fighter4_d9
npc_ship = gd_z_ge_fighter4_d10
npc_ship = gd_z_ge_fighter4_d11
npc_ship = gd_z_ge_fighter5_d12
npc_ship = gd_z_ge_fighter5_d13
npc_ship = gd_z_ge_fighter5_d14
npc_ship = gd_z_ge_fighter6_d15
npc_ship = gd_z_ge_fighter6_d16-19
npc_ship = gd_z_bw_freighter_d1-6
npc_ship = gd_z_bw_freighter_d7
npc_ship = gd_z_bw_freighter_d8
npc_ship = gd_z_bw_freighter_d9
npc_ship = gd_z_bw_freighter_d10
npc_ship = gd_z_bw_freighter_d11
npc_ship = gd_z_bw_freighter_d12
npc_ship = gd_z_bw_freighter_d13
npc_ship = gd_z_bw_freighter_d14
npc_ship = gd_z_bw_freighter_d15
npc_ship = gd_z_bw_freighter_d16-19
voice = pilot_f_ill_m01
voice = pilot_f_ill_m02
mc_costume = mc_gd
space_costume = pl_male3_head_hat, pl_male1_peasant_body, comm_br_darcy
space_costume = pl_male5_head, pl_male1_peasant_body, comm_br_elite
space_costume = pl_male8_head_hat, pl_male1_peasant_body, comm_br_darcy
space_costume = ge_male3_head, pl_male1_peasant_body, comm_br_elite
space_costume = ge_male6_head, pl_male1_peasant_body, comm_br_darcy
space_costume = sc_scientist2_head_hat, pl_male1_peasant_body, comm_br_elite
firstname_male = 226608, 226741 ;names in name resources dll - Bill Bloggs
lastname = 227008, 227307 ; Same again (makes combos etc)
rank_desig = 197140, 197140, 197140, 10, 14
formation_desig = 197821, 197828
formation = fighters, fighter_guild ;formation - laters
formation = freighters, freighter_guild ; dito
formation = freighters2, freighter2_guild ; dito

Okay - firstly:
npc_ship = gd_z_ge_fighter4_d11 this is a ship and loadout in the npcshiparch.ini file -here it is:

nickname = gd_z_ge_fighter4_d11 ;familiar?
loadout = gd_z_ge_fighter4_loadout01 ;A loadout - take a peek in a sec
level = d11 ; Joe Bloggs 11 (target ship see this)
ship_archetype = ge_fighter4 ;ship it is (shiparch.ini)
pilot = pilot_pirate_ace ; Pilot skill - ace, he good
state_graph = FIGHTER ;duh
npc_class = lawful, class_fighter, d11 ;gets complicated!!

okay - firstly - shiparch.ini has the ge_fighter4 (the Hawk)
Second - loadout in loadouts.ini file!
Found it:

nickname = gd_z_ge_fighter4_loadout01
archetype = ge_fighter4
equip = ge_bwf_engine_01
equip = npc_shield02_mark06, HpShield01
equip = infinite_power
equip = ge_s_scanner_02
equip = ge_s_tractor_01
equip = ge_s_thruster_01, HpThruster01
equip = armor_scale_3
equip = gd_z_gun01_mark04, HpWeapon01
equip = gd_z_gun01_mark04, HpWeapon02
equip = gd_z_gun01_mark04, HpWeapon03
equip = missile01_mark02, HpWeapon04
cargo = missile01_mark02_ammo, 20
equip = cruise_disruptor01_mark01, HpTorpedo01
cargo = cruise_disruptor01_mark01_ammo, 5
equip = mine01_mark01, HpMine01
cargo = mine01_mark01_ammo, 20
equip = ge_s_cm_01, HpCM01
cargo = ge_s_cm_01_ammo, 20
equip = LargeWhiteSpecial, HpHeadlight
equip = SlowSmallOrange, HpRunningLight01
equip = SlowSmallOrange, HpRunningLight02
equip = SlowSmallOrange, HpRunningLight03
equip = SlowSmallOrange, HpRunningLight04
equip = SlowSmallOrange, HpRunningLight05
equip = SlowSmallOrange, HpRunningLight06
equip = contrail01, HpContrail01
equip = contrail01, HpContrail02
equip = DockingLightRedSmall, HpDockLight01
equip = DockingLightRedSmall, HpDockLight02

This is what he is flying with on that ship!
The pilot? All in pilots Population.ini;

nickname = pilot_pirate_easy
gun_id = gun_pirate_easy_style_a
missile_id = missile_fighter_easy_style_a
evade_dodge_id = evade_dodge_fighter_corkscrew_easy
evade_break_id = evade_break_fighter_style_e
buzz_head_toward_id = buzz_head_toward_fighter_corkscrew
buzz_pass_by_id = buzz_pass_by_fighter_style_c
trail_id = trail_fighter_style_a
strafe_id = strafe_fighter_style_a
engine_kill_id = engine_kill_fighter_style_a
mine_id = mine_light_fighter_a
countermeasure_id = countermeasure_handicap_3
damage_reaction_id = damage_reaction_fighter_style_a
missile_reaction_id = missile_reaction_fighter_style_a
formation_id = formation_never
repair_id = repair_fighter_never
job_id = basic_job_no_formation

nickname = pilot_pirate_med
inherit = pilot_pirate_easy
gun_id = gun_pirate_med_style_a
evade_dodge_id = evade_dodge_fighter_corkscrew_med

I put the easy in there cause it shows you the inherit part of medium. He gets all the above from the easy guy. In the same file are all the parts for this - notice that they can use nanobots and bats, shoot more accurately, more frequently etc in here!.

NPC_Class - this is ships class - in the shipsclass.ini. It is difficult to understand but it comes out when using things like formations (which they have to use anyways)

unfortunatley i am falling to sleep here - also this is degenerating into a random rambling mess! Sod the explanations. If you want them to fly their own ships, find the ship, make a loadout for it in loadouts.ini, then, entry into the NPCships

Then, once you have done that, add the ship to your factions statement
npc_ship = myshipthingy_d10
Also, make sure it has a suitable formation at the bottom - its best sticking to simple things for now
Below some you will see this:

scan_for_cargo = commodity_toxic_waste, 0
scan_for_cargo = commodity_water, 0 ;what they looking for
scan_announce = false ;will they tell you first? nope
scan_chance = 0.300000 ;30%

Some have numbers 0, 1 or 2 behind them - iu think this is order of preferance - 0 means if anything else there they will have it (on their list) 2 means will take first above the rest (only guessing here though)
Okay - now you have a little more understanding there, what is missing? Ah yes, they have ships, loadouts, now all you need is a suitable encounter for what you got - look at the encounters folder:

Area Defend this one

ship_by_class = 1, 1, sc_fighters ;only me
pilot_job = defend_leader_job
make_class = wanderer
ship_by_class = 1, 2, sc_fighters, -1
pilot_job = defend_job
make_class = wanderer
formation_by_class = fighters
behavior = wander
arrival = all, -tradelane, -object_jump_gate
allow_simultaneous_creation = yes
zone_creation_distance = 0
times_to_create = infinite

permutation = 0, 3
Only sc_fighters - well thats okay - we got that aint we?(this was in your example = not mine! hehe
OKay - i aint explaining everything, but mostly obvious. If you have sc_fighters for the formations part of the npcships then this is okay for you (parameter) now you can shove it into the old system file
nickname = area_defend
filename = missions\encounters\area_defend.ini

Then in the requiste zone you have the encounter
encounter = area_defend, 5, 0.090000 ;probability spawn - must not equal >1
faction = br_p_grp, 1.000000 1=100% here

Quick before i pass out!
The encounter = area_defend, 5, 0.090000 0.09part is due to basically you have 100% chance yeah? If you have about 5 enocunters that spawn, you cannot have 500%, only 100% (1), so it gets divided up. You don't see many with more than 0.35 when all totalled up, but i haven't tested
faction = br_p_grp, 1.000000 This is the faction and percentage chance for thta encounter type. If you have more than ONE factoin, the percentage is split!
encounter = area_defend, 5, 0.090000
faction = br_p_grp, 0.86000000
faction = gd_im_grp, 0.140000

Hope your with me still, i aint am dying now. Basically if u understood that you are doing well. I am off to sleep, i will post with a hell of alot more coherance later. This was alot longer, but after a quick scan read half the stuff i put was unintelligable. It was correct, but impossible to understand as i tried to explain everything. As you can see i cut it very short suddenly, and MY explanations are now very weak to!

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Post Thu Sep 25, 2003 11:48 am

Lets try again shallus?? !
OKay - here it goes - nice and simple for you FROM THE TOP! (always wanted to type that!)

okay - You got a new ship or want them to fly a new ship?!
Here goes then!

What is its name in shiparch.ini (exactl detail needed here!) Like myship
or li_fighter - whatever it is okay........
Here is the patroit (my fav)

nickname = li_fighter

(your custom fighters name goes in here now if using one! okay?)
Next - You need to make a loadout for the ship (what its carrying) as its NPC's that are flying it NOT you!
Loadouts.ini for fighters
Loadouts_special.ini for capships and stuff
Loadouts_utility for transports and stuff

NOw you get a loadout like this: (please note i ONLY use small extracts to keep this under 10 pages long!! lol)

nickname = rh_n_rh_elite_loadout01
archetype = rh_elite
equip = ge_re_engine_01
equip = npc_shield02_mark06, HpShield01

Its the valk - another of my favs! LOL
OKay - copy that to the bottom of the page, then change stuff to what you want in there, and then also change the nickname (to your faction etc) However, make sure that you aren't mounting TWO thrusters cause it only has one spot, or that you have 7 guns instead of 5 etc etc! HENCE WHY we are just modifying and renaming here - it clears away any probs!

Okay - now you have your own loadout correct??
Next - well - we need them to know about your nice little loadout don't we?
How? - we go to the:NPCShips.ini - where its the ships the NPC can fly: Here is an entry there:

nickname = li_n_li_elite_d4 ;Nickname of your choice here
loadout = li_n_li_elite_loadout01 ;the loadout you made
level = d4 ;base level - corresponds to where they spawn
ship_archetype = li_elite ;the ship you choose
pilot = pilot_military_hard ;Pilot skill (military ace is best)
state_graph = FIGHTER ;Not sure, class of ship i think though
npc_class = lawful, class_fighter, d4 ;its class and formation stuff

Okay - so put what you are after in :

nickname = li_n_valk_d4
loadout = li_valk
level = d4
ship_archetype = rh_elite
pilot = pilot_military_hard
state_graph = FIGHTER
npc_class = lawful, class_fighter, d4

Okay - save it, and then go to the now infamous faction_props.ini

affiliation = li_n_grp ;this would be YOUR NEW faction instead though
legality = lawful
nickname_plurality = singular
msg_id_prefix = gcs_refer_faction_li_n
jump_preference = jumpgate
npc_ship = li_n_li_elite_d1-3
npc_ship = li_n_li_elite_d4
npc_ship = li_n_valk_d4 ;ello

At the bottom you see this
formation = fighters, fighter_li_n So there is a formation already set for fighters yeah!

So then - what if you don't know? That is where the ramble from before comes in. THe shipclass.ini and the formations.ini - where you can find the class of ships and define them, as well an also the formations used - or make your own in both cases!!! LOL
Okay - so that is how to get your ship in for the NPC to use in encounters.....
Any questions - am in the old old accushot thread to answer - don't think this is as clear as i can make it, but then again - I haven't done this for a while - so i am rusty at it! LOL

Post Fri Oct 17, 2003 5:30 am

Okay - Open up your FLED-IDS - and take a peek at what they have for numbers

Here is lib Police:

nickname = li_n_grp
ids_name = 196846
ids_info = 66200
ids_short_name = 196895
rep = 0.91, li_n_grp
rep = 0.91, li_lsf_grp
rep = 0.91, li_p_grp
rep = 0.65, br_n_grp
rep = 0.65, br_p_grp
rep = 0.65, ku_n_grp

So - type in each number in turn to see what they are:
Now - the ids_name is the nameresources.dll - and it just so happens i know a couple of spare ones in there - well - about 385 to be precise.
66200 is in the infocards.dll - and there are abuot 30000 free ones
196895 is in the names again:
So - Type in first number:
196846, get the info

Now, type in the text yu want there :

hells angels

Then, in the ids name field type in your new number (which i will tell you - it will be - well - 261794 is the hispania, and after that the dll's are free right up to 262143 - i know, i have tried htem all and i have used them all
So - type in 261795 and hit save_ids_name

Next - the info number - type it in (66200) and see waht comes up.
Now - in the fields with the text that is legible - you can enter what you like. so basicalyl - between any of these tags <TEXT>liberty police </TEXT><PARA/> are the parts you can touch. You will recognise the wording basically, fill that out to your hearts content. Then type in this number - which is an availabel ids_info
66616 and onwards are free i think you wil find - so type that into the ids_info box and save it.
now - for the final - type in the last number - get the info.
It just says Navy - this is the part you will see in hud window like:
Navy - Defender
Now - use the number after the one i gave earlier and save that off (what you like - Biker?

So - yours will look like:
nickname = hellsangels
ids_name = 261795
ids_info = 66616
ids_short_name = 261796
rep = 0.91, li_n_grp
rep = 0.91, li_lsf_grp
rep = 0.91, li_p_grp

With reps below it/
The reason i use the numbers first, then change what it says and SAVE as MY numbers is so that you don't have to type anything out. You cannot copy and paste using FLED-ids - so this is min effort on my part LOL

(ps - to recap - name resources from 261795 to 262143 - that is 348 names you can have, ids infocards numbers from 66616 all the way to about 90000 - so about 24,000 numbers. Enjoy)

Post Fri Oct 17, 2003 1:53 pm

Yeah, I normally just open up table 3505 in the namesresources.dll file and edit in that table.. or make your own table further down the list...

Once you have added the names etc you open up fled-ids and search the namesresource.dll for each of the names you added then copy and paste the right ids numbers

Post Fri Oct 17, 2003 4:06 pm

You can just use FLED-ids - it works fine you need for reshack or anything - just takes a little searching to find the empty ones.

Post Sat Oct 18, 2003 5:48 pm

Thank you

General of a clan
Leader of UltraLeon Works

Post Wed Oct 22, 2003 1:01 am

Okay, then how do you make the new faction work with single player?

Post Thu Oct 23, 2003 4:54 am

I'm not sure if this works in sngle player. I've gon in once or twice while developing factions but don't actually remember if I had them going while in SP...

I'd imagine they would work the same way with this stuff set and for some realism adding in patrol routes etc etc

Post Sat Oct 25, 2003 3:59 pm

I tried this in sp after I did the tutorial, and I added some patrols, and it crached everytime that I left manhattan.

Post Sat Oct 25, 2003 6:32 pm

that... shouldn't happen....

I have mine running with battleships, gunboats and large transports running now... thanks to each respective tutorial creator

What have you modified? Closed the brackets? with the square one ( } <-same button but square, no shift)
Can't help without you explaining more soz...

EDIT** I'd be more right now but I'm putting the finishing touches on a major-longer time project of mine... this campaign for Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne...
But I do have time to see if I can answer Q's... Or Chips

Edited by - downwind_thief on 25-10-2003 19:34:15

Post Mon Oct 27, 2003 1:09 am

Gafanden - it appears that you cannot add new factions to SP - they only work in MP so i hear (i have had no desire to make factions personally - but i can understand the appeal!! LOL). If that is the case, then it is causing the crashes. However - now i am one hell of alot more proficient in how to make the new ones have patrols of your choice etc etc. It IS a bug ridden thing though - anything wrong at all by a letter - and you will be crashing as soon as one spawns!

May i suggest that you try this on a lan or something along those lines to find out if it works or not, then we might be able to help out some more - like what ships are they flying? IN game ones or new ones?


Post Mon Oct 27, 2003 3:10 am

Adding patrols isn't the problem, I managed to get my faction to work in FLE, so i can make patrols and encounters without errors. As of right now, I doesn't look like I'm making any new ships to put in my mod, so that wont be the case either.

The one thing that I have a problem with is I don't have a lan set up with my current computer, its all alone, so if I set up a game with FLserver, it doesn't come up in my multiplayer screen in Freelancer, and the FL manuals weren't any help at all. My main problem is, I don't know how to configure XP so I can play a lan game of freelancer. Maybe one of you could turn me toward a topic that is based around doing this, or could you tell me yourselves?

Also, I've used TNG in SP and it has a new faction in it, but Starfyre wont tell me how they did it.

Post Tue Oct 28, 2003 2:48 pm

Kendo THM has done it and Excelcia has done it the same path i went with it... To get a lan going it is easiest if you just log on the net and tell it to allow internet joining.... either that or if you have a network cable, plug it in the back and try

Most people are trying to keep how they do it quiet but it does work this way, if a bit fiddly...

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