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Starlancer: The Sol War

This Forum is for the various SWAT Protal Projects including Crossfire (FL Mod), Blaster Universe (FL Mod), Starlancer: The Sol War (new game).

Post Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:00 am

Starlancer: The Sol War

Originally this project started about one year ago with the idea to create a standalone game that tells a story about the 100 years of war between the alliance and the coalition... starting with the original SL story and leading to the build of the sleeperships which fled to sirius.

well like i said originally it started one year ago... about 4 weeks ago we decided to take the entire engine, the ship models, the missions and throw them to the garbage. Now we started again using an even better game engine which gives us much more of options and for sure better visual effects.

What can be said about it after just 4 weeks of development? Basically alot.
We decided to start with the original starlancer campaign due to the fact that many ppl which will play this game might ask "yeah nice but how did everything start?".
In those 4 weeks a team of developers had to be build up... and of course everyone had to leard how to work with this new engine. We did many tests about what is possible .. where do we get problems.. what workarounds are possible and so on.
Finally started working on the game and so far the entire interface, the hud, the intro, some ships, the engine and alot of other stuff is already running (not bad for just 4 weeks of work isnt it?).
Yesterday ive uploaded the first playable version for the other developers and some testers. So far 4 test missions (which wont be in the final release) are available.

Now we really have to start with modelling, texturing and mission design and due to the fact that we dont really have many modelers this could take some time.
But honestly i dont really want to wait years for the final game so we try to push it a bit.
In the end the game will be released with 3 different campaigns which will tell different stories in different timelines of the Sol War.
Each campaign will have 24 missions + bonus missions

A multiplayer will be available as deathmatch and coop. It also will be possible to replay missions via simulator.

The game itself was concepted to be a professional rebuild of the old starlancer... that includes cutscenes and voice acting.

The following screenshots do represent testing and development work of the current game. They dont show the final result of the game yet.

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Post Wed Aug 01, 2007 10:12 am

modellers and textures needed
if you are interested working on this projects mail

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