Post Fri Sep 21, 2007 3:02 am

Triple Screen device for DarkStar One

Matrox has a triple screen adapter for approx $329 each.

I bought three 2ms, 20" monitors for gaming and the adapter makes gameplay better than you could ever imagine.

I thought I would share all this with you in case you really want to expand your senses during the games.....

Matrox also supporst the following games:
Age of Empires 3
Age of Empires 3: The Warchiefs
Age of Mythology
Alien vs Predator 2
Alien vs Predator 2: Primal Hunt
Alpha Prime
ANNO 1701
Army Men Sarge's War
Asheron's Call 2
ATV Mudracer
Auto Assault
Bandits: Phoenix Rising
Bet on Soldier
Black & White 2
Black & White 2: Battle of the Gods
Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII
Blitzkreig: Rolling Thunder
Brother's In Arms: Earned in Blood
Brother's In Arms: Road to Hill 30
Call of Duty
Call of Duty: United Offensive
City Life
City of Heroes
City of Villains
Civilization 3
Civilization 4
Civilization 4: Warlords
Clive Barker's Undying
Combat Flight Simulator 3
Command & Conquer: Firestorm
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun
Commandos Strike Force
Company of Heroes
Cossacks 2: Battle for Europe
CounterStrike Source
Cross Racing Championship
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
DarkStar One
Day of Defeat Source
Dead Man's Hand
Deadly Dozen Pacific Theatre
Deus Ex
Dirt Track Racing 2
Dogs Playing Poker
Doom 3
Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil
Duke Nukem: Manhatten Project
Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach
Earth 2160
Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and Expansion Packs
Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion + Expansion Packs
EVE: Online
EVE: The Second Genesis
F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point
F1 2002
Far Cry
First Battalion
First Eagles: The Great War 1918
Flight Simulator 2002
Flight Simulator 2004
Flight Simulator X
Freedom Fighters
Freedom Force
Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich
Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords
Gothic 3
Grand Prix 4
Grand Prix Legends
GT Legends
GTR Racing
Guild Wars
Guild Wars: Factions
Guild Wars: Nightfall
H-Craft Championship
Half Life 2**
Half Life 2: The Lost Coast
Half-Life 2: Episode 1
Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel
Heavy Metal: FAKK2
Hover Ace
Hunting Unlimited 3
IGI2: Covert Strike
IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles
IL2 Sturmovik: 1946
Jade Empire
Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast SP
Knight of the Temple
Lego Drome Racers
Liesure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude
Line of Sight: Vietnam
Live For Speed S2 Alpha
Lock On: Modern Air Combat
Lords of Everquest
Marine Heavy Gunner
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Breakthrough
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead
Miami Vice
Micro Flight
Midnight Club 2
Mobile Forces
Moto GP
Moto GP 2
Moto GP 3
Motocross Madness 2
Nascar Racing 2002 Season
Nascar Racing 2003 Season
Neverwinter Nights 2
Neverwinter Nights and Expansion Packs
Nitro Family
No Limits
Operation Flashpoint: Resistence
Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast
Painkiller: Gold Edition
Postal 2
Pro Race Driver
Quake 3 Arena
Quake 3 Team Arena
Quake 4
Race Driver (PRO-DTM-V8)
Return to Castle Wofenstein: Enemy Territory
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: SP
Rise of Legends
Rise of Nations
Saturday Night Speedway
Scarface: The World is Yours
Serious Sam
Serious Sam 2
Serious Sam: The Second Encounter
Shadow Ops: Red Mercury
Shark Tale
Silent Storm Sentinels
Sim City 4
SiN Episodes: Emergence
Soldier of Fortune 2 Gold: SP
Soldner: Secret Wars
Spider-Man 2
Star Trek Legacy
Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force II
Star Trek Voyager: Elite Forces - SP
Star Wars Galaxies: The Total Experience
Star Wars Jedi Knight 2
Star Wars Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy
Strike Fighters: Gold Edition
Strike Fighters: project 1
Supreme Commander
Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror
Taxi Mayhem Berlin
Terminator 3: War of the Machines
Test Drive Unlimited
The Gladiators: Galactic Circus Games
The Lord Of The Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar
The Sims 2 + Expansion Packs (except for Pets)
The Sims 2 + Stuff Packs (up to Celebration Stuff)
The Sims 2: Pets
The Sims 2: Seasons
The Sims: Life Stories
The Wheel of Time
Titan Quest
Titan Quest: Immortal Throne
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon and Mission Packs
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness
Total Annihilation
Total Annihilation: Kingdoms
Total Annihilation: The Core Contingency
TrackMania Nations
Tribes 2 (Online)
Tribes 2 (Solo & Lan)
Ultimate Spider-Man
Unreal 2: The Awakening
Unreal Tournament 2003
Unreal Tournament 2004
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
Warhammer: Mark of Chaos
Wings Over Europe: Cold War Gone Hot
Wings Over Vietnam
World of Warcraft
World Racing
World Racing 2
X-Men: The Official Game
X-Plane v8.50
X2: The Threat
X3: Reunion