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The latest Patches

Darkstar One patch v1.3 (released: 2006-11-17)

This patch contains all features and fixes of all previous patches!

Note: Installing the patch will reset all options to their default values!

Added features:

- Added modding feature, optimimized since patch v1.2 beta.

- Added a new icon "Darkstar One (modding)" to the Windows start menu. It will launch the game with low processing priority and access to the WebInterface to allow modding. For normal play please use the usual "Darkstar One" icon.

- Mission script pages of the WebInterface now available. DSO has to be started with "modding" (see above). The WebInterface can be accessed with any browser by typing "//localhost:54321".

- Optimized the generation of random missions: random missions are now triggered more often.

- Added more random missions


- In one of the random missions a crash could occur very rarely. This is fixed now.

- In the first tunnel mission a block could occur very rarely. This is fixed now.

- Balanced the flak missions: The current level of the player's ship now determines the strength of the drones.

- Several optimizations regarding the tunnel missions

- Several optimizations regarding interface and controls

- Several optimizations regarding event management

- Several Optimizations regarding numerous mission scripts ... NG_ENU.exe

Darkstar One Patch 1.2 Beta

The DarkStar One 1.2 beta-Patch is now available for download. This patch not only fixes the latest issues reported from the international community, including the framerate problem that prevented the disc checking routine from working smoothly together with the game, but also enables the new modding features for the interested modding community. ... _2_ENG.exe

DSO Joystick Fix

If you encounter problems with the X-axis while using a joystick without POV-hat, please download and execute the following hotfix. It replaces a file in the main directory of Darkstar One.
This fix (and many others concerning joystick problems!) will be included in the next official patch. ... _Setup.exe