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=\Spaceforce II/=

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Post Mon Mar 12, 2007 3:43 pm

=\Spaceforce II/=

Hi to all space sims fans.

Would it be possible to start a Spaceforce II forum discussion?
The game will come out soon and chances are it will be even bigger and better than Freelancer with a future release date for MP and mods fonctions.

Looks awsome so far here's the link:

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Post Mon Mar 12, 2007 3:49 pm

how about some information about it first?

Post Mon Mar 12, 2007 3:55 pm


• Player can easily recruit pilots whose status is friendly to your civilization, while hostile-status pilots will attack you

• Player can recruit and command up to 3 wingmen at the same time, which can be individually managed to attack, form-up, and do some other commands

• An open ended, beautiful and innovative 3D space environment decorated with stars, planets, moons, asteroids, comets, black holes, star bases, floating cities and open for exploration, trade, crafting, diplomacy, fight

• Infinite number of action-filled adventures and endless missions

• Choose your role among many professions and start exploring the space or follow the storyline

• Player is able to develop his avatar following the role he/she likes to play in the game and can choose between trader, spy, soldier, scientist, headhunter, doctor, pirate, policeman or simply an adventurer

• Player is able to explore the galaxy as a member of one among 10 civilizations placed on different starting location across the universe

• Trade goods, destroy ships and buildings, explore unknown anomalies and ancient ruins, visit orbital stations and distant places and travel using jump gates

• Make your way through known and unknown star systems in the Milky Way galaxy

• Discover a lot of special equipment including damage boosters or mining tools

• As you progress through the game, each ship can be modified in your own creative style by upgrading: speed, target system, jammer, shield, armour, manoeuvrability, weaponry, afterburner, cargo space and weight

• Integrated in-game diplomacy system can determine whether you are at war or at peace with a civilization

• Loads of galactic press news will help you combine facts, making your funds go up or down, because by investing, you can make more money or lose everything

• 10 civilizations available

• Since the AI has a crucial role in SpaceForce2, it will create a thrilling playing experience throughout the game

• Non-stop action with loads of star vessels within beautiful constellations make SpaceForce 2 an intriguing and exiting space game

• The ships neural core computer system – Harmonia, will guide you through the game, help you win situations and make your coffee

• Rank advancement

• The dynamic universe

• Build a steady reputation and be well known throughout the galaxy

• ID cards will help you infiltrate, and communicate with your enemy's


• NPC is aware when he's locked

• NPC knows when we are on his tail

• NPC calls for assistance through radio if he's in danger

• NPC can respond to calls of other NPC's

• NPC knows when a missile is fired upon him

• NPC is aware of surrounding objects (buildings, meteors, spaceships...) and also of his locked target and chooses the best maneuver

• NPCs advances through skills, just like your character

• NPC knows when he has disadvantage in a battle and when it's time to flee

• NPC's awareness in diplomacy makes him act accordingly to rules

• NPC will attack us if our cargo is valuable to him

• NPC recognizes if we fire upon him, and he communicates with other ships to convince them to attack us

• Some races are more intelligent than others, and for example are aware of the sun direction so they can use it to flee

• Every NPC will make enough room for himself to make the attack

• During a battle NPCs communicate with each other in order to rearrange forces, so there will be maximum two NPC's on one target, and they will not be on each other's way

• Every NPC has his own personality, and can make his own decisions despite his current orders. His decision also depends on pilot's race, for example, collective pilots are violent and inhuman, which makes them hard to give up when lose in battle and they are easy on trigger to attack you without cause. Pirates can attack if you carry valuable cargo, but they will easily flee if situation is not favorable for them.


• High performance realtime 3D rendering using DirectX 9.0c

• True 64 bit HDR rendering if card supports it, HDR fresnel, HDR specular, HDR bloom and glow, star effect, tone mapping (adaptive exposure), HDR antialiasing, blue shift

• Real time enviroment lightning

• Cool post processing effect like full screen motion blur, black and white rendering, blur, screen filtering, screen space refraction

• Pixel doubling rendering for slow graphics cards

• 3 different rendering engines SM 1.4, 2.0, 3.0 so a wide list of graphics cards is supported

• Advance particle system with collision including effects like billboards, flares, lens flares, smoke, fire, sparks, debris, beams, all particles can be rendered in refraction buffer and make effect like glass, smoke, heat effect, shock wave and much more

• Flare perpixel occlusion

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