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From Indonesia ''ere! Kinda rare though....

This is for new and old members alike where you can say Hi and tell us about yourself and any malfunctions you may have.

Post Fri Aug 04, 2006 11:16 am

From Indonesia ''ere! Kinda rare though....

Hi, name's Angga from Indonesia. I think Freelancer is kinda rare in Indonesia... and I've never heard any clan other than me-and-my-fellas created clan, the Ceuylings. I don't see any Indonesian server though... so I just hooked up with the 24/7 server... can't remember which one.

See ya in the international server!

My friends keep on challenging me for... Sabres Omega-5 Minefield race!!!!

Post Sun Aug 06, 2006 2:16 pm

Don't know why there wouldn't be any servers based out of Indonesia.

Some day I plan on going back. I spent a month in both Thailand and Malaysia.
Got myself a train pass in Bangkok and had the time of my life.
Same thing when I went to Malaysia. Started in Singapore and traveled around seeing the sites. It was excellent.

Post Sun Aug 06, 2006 9:58 pm

thx 4 the reply, Admin ^^.
Well... just my opinion, maybe there are only few Lancers in Indonesia. Or, there are no Lancers communities... So sad, Freelancer is a great game but only few Indonesians play it...

I've just got an idea. Why don't I start Indonesia's own server? Well... that might help fellow friends out there (who really want to play Freelancer online).

What is the best SysReq for Lancers Reactor server, or popular servers in the internet?

My friends keep on challenging me for... Sabres Omega-5 Minefield race!!!!

Post Mon Aug 07, 2006 2:30 am

I've seen Freelancer run on a computer with as little as a 1.3 mhz processor
all the way up to a cluster server with 8 Core 2 Duo processors.
Freelancer isn't programed to take advantage of dual processors but it does run faster on a dual processor system.

Naturally the more processor speed that you have the better it will run a Multiplayer server, your internet connection makes a difference also, more speed = less lag and more players...

Post Mon Aug 07, 2006 6:05 am

Faster connections.. so, does it mean ADSL is not enough? What about Cable connection?

My friends keep on challenging me for... Sabres Omega-5 Minefield race!!!!

Post Mon Aug 07, 2006 6:29 am

ADSL should do you just fine.
Infact depending on the ADSL line that you ordered you may have a faster upload speed than some cable connections.
It just depends on the provider and the service package that you have.
The only way you can find out if you can run a server is to give it a shot.

Post Tue Aug 08, 2006 9:40 am


My provider doesn't have such decent powerful connection. Well... I think the "Project Indolancer" should be postponed for a while...

Anyway, thanks for the input about server Sysreqs.

By the way, I've just found a very interesting thread... about changing the "LOADING" into "SMOKING CARDAMINE". I've just found the true diamond behind the editing process. Recently, I downloaded PE.Explorer, a software for editing .dll files such as Resource.dll in Freelancer's DATA folder.

Before the editing process, I backup-ed (how to spell this...?) the vanilla Resource.dll. Changed the string from "LOADING" into "PHEEW! PHEEW! PHEEW!" about an hour ago. And, there it goes... the "PHEEW! PHEEW! PHEEW!" but I didn't play it....

asking for your expertise... is it safe to run Freelancer?


My friends keep on challenging me for... Sabres Omega-5 Minefield race!!!!

Post Sun Aug 13, 2006 10:32 pm

awrite... it's been a while since my last post.... is it considered as double posting? Sorry....

I just want to say that the editing was... totally safe. I think since it's just a string anyway... my friends kept on giggling when they saw my screen, lolz ^^


Being a Smuggler is a great option! Economically calculated, U get commodities for free and sell them for thousands... remember not to pilot after taking some Cardamine....

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