Post Mon Mar 27, 2006 9:51 am

New Pilot

Oh man, I can't believe I'm actually doing this...

Ok, here goes: Hi everyone, I'm Mad Freeport and I love Freelancer.

There, I said it.
Actually, I'm not really new here. I've hung out in the OT a long while ago, but I erm... lost my username; those that remember me would say it's typically me. I'll leave it up to you to figure out who I was

Anyway, you'll find me mostly in the Editing section, cause I'm working on a mod. It's a small project I'm working on, mainly for my own pleasure. I might decide to release it, but since I expect to need at least 6 months of editing and probably more, I wouldn't be surprised if I gave up long before I finish.

So I hope to get a chance to share editing knowledge, after I first collect it and maybe join you online at one of your projects.


I'm the Anagram of me...