Post Sun Sep 30, 2007 8:37 pm

Easy way to beat any mission!

Kay this will be short as its 12:30 am!!!

Most missions have an enemy carrier or some base that has turrets to down,

Usually you have to take out fighters first, Dont.

Attack the turrets untill a wingman says somthing like

" Come'on take out those fighters before the intire coilltion fleet jumps in," then you can mame the fighters as there usually easy to down

Do this for this reason,

you taking out turrets so Gamma wing/rippers/ can do there Job, they dont appear untill you do whats asked at the start of the mission, so. now that the turrets are delt with, you have all the time you need to take out the fighers attacking gamma/rippers insead of attacking turrets,


Usually 1-2 Fuel pods and load up on screamers, ( easy to take out Carriers engines sheild gens + Kurgens, *NOTE!* Always listen to mission briefing! some missions require jackhammers!

One mission when you attack the Zhar you need 2-3 jackhammers!

Hope this helps!!

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--ship Wolverine
--Killcount 482 ( Highest so far )
--Completion 100% on hard getting All medals and badges!


I saw the ship SAI in a few missions is this unlockable

A/ No i tried everything and have done ever mission with a high five ending its a NPC ship only, Like the rippers/hades

Viper ship exploded, did i fail the mission?

A/ No this is part of the story

Can the Fireball guns and missiles from Ally + Enemy cruisers kill me?

A/ Yes i have been tagged by those many times =.(