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Mission 21

If you are stuck in a mission and do not know how to continue, this is the place to ask for help. This also the only place where spoilers are allowed!

Post Fri Sep 09, 2005 7:22 am

Mission 21

I've been having a terrible time with this mission, even playing on easy. The stealth phase of the mission is simple and mindnumbing (why can't you just cloak and fire then...?), but the second phase seems to be incredibly difficult for me. Why? In my haste to shoot down the torpedos, I always get close enough to frag myself in the explosion, or even hit one. If I'm not this aggressive, too many get through and the Yamato dies. Which ship is best for this mission (I've tried in both the Shroud and the Phoenix), and how can I deal with these torpedos effectively? Even with blind fire, you still have to close to at least 50K, and getting a missile lock on each torpedo, even with Raptors takes far too long. Help!

Post Tue Sep 13, 2005 4:59 pm

For this one I just cloak around the Yamato so I do not frag it with misses and wait for the Pukov to start spamming torpedoes. The moment it opens up - decloak and commence fire. Works for me. Try not to move too much and use Screamers - they are excellent tools for blasting torps. Just fire about three at each lead recitical that you want killed and it should get them fairly quick. A better idea would be to do more blindfire and dump a couple of screamers now and then in case it gets tight - do not wait for them to hit though - once you dump them move on to the next torp.

Lockon for guns is 100k. Sure they might not reach that far but with the wep power you have you can start hammering at them then.

Post Mon Sep 19, 2005 9:58 am

I've actually got quite a bit of simple advice here, that people seem to ignore.

You do not have to wait for Triggered Events to happen in the cut scene before you can do what they tell you to do.

For example, WHENEVER I see a Capital ship floating around, I blow away it's shield generator FIRST, and then it's engines, and then it's weapons. Why? Because often times a capital ship - or bombers - will arrive sometime later and ask you to do this for them so they can destroy it. Often times, if they arrive and this job is already done, it will die before being able to return fire.

That being said, when I play this mission I simply run back to the Yamato as fast as possible, switch over to whatever my fighter is, and blow away the shield generators on the cruisers. It's a simple matter from that point for the Yamato to destroy them, and I've had it happen before the cruisers (I think they are cruisers) manage to return fire.

All that being said, if you KNOW what you need to do later in the mission, nothing is stopping you from doing it sooner.

Post Mon Sep 19, 2005 9:37 pm

Many tries seemed to be the trick on this one... took forever but I eventually stopped fragging myself. Shroud proved to be the winner due to blind fire.

Post Mon Oct 17, 2005 5:10 am

Another tip is to use a ship like the reaper with blindfire and many slots for missiles.Then fully arm your ship with Solomon pods.All you have to do is flying in the line of fire of the incoming swarm of enemy torps and release the solomon missiles in salvos of 4-6. The solomon missiles will home to the torps without lock if you are close to them.................

Post Mon Oct 17, 2005 12:44 pm

For reasons entirely unclear to me, people in these forums don't like the Reaper. I think because it lacks any real useable "special" ability. They need something flashy, that cloaks, or means they don't have to aim, so they can escape having to actually PLAY the game and use real SKILL to get past the difficult parts.

If you want some evidence of this just dig up the thread were we compared the Repear to the Shroud, I think it was.

People are passing up on a good ship - the Repear is the best par-for-par Space Superirotiy Fighter I've ever handled in a Sim.

Post Mon Oct 17, 2005 4:47 pm

On my first time through the game I allowed myself to get addicted to the Shroud, a mistake I won't make again when I get a chance to play through the game again. The Shroud has speed, agility (and of course the cloak) to hold over most other fighters. I almost always fill at least 2-3 harpoints with AB fuel anyways, missiles were never a terribly large deal for me. I don't make use of the cloak very often, but its a real lifesaver in the last mission with that blasted ion cannon...

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