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Asgard v.3 RPG

Here you can find news, get help and comment about the ?Asgard RPG Mod? for Freelancer and its accompanying Server.

Post Sat May 28, 2005 8:57 am

Asgard v.3 RPG

Asgard v.3.1.1 is available for download here at Lancers Reactor.
Full community forum, server password and rules at:
Professional screen saver featuring most of the new Asgard ships: Download screensaver
Official 24/7 server: Asgard RPG Server

Welcome to Asgard v.3.1.1 - now try to survive.
Asgard was the dwelling place of the ruling titans. Now it feels more like a world on the edge of total collapse.

*original Freelancer ships have been removed and replaced with custom vessels for players and NPC alike

* 93 amazing and original ships, most never before seen in a Freelancer mod.. Including 4 custom cap ships you can fly, this huge assortment of ships IS the reason you want to play at Asgard.

*Two new systems have been discovered. The Plain of Idavoll is located in the middle of Asgard, and has long been used as an important meeting place for the rulers. Uppsala near New York is ruled by peace and is a No PvP system featuring the beautiful new "Asgard Hangout."

* Tohoku has been opened up to general travel, and all bases were re-colonized.

* Suns burn with a dim glow thanks to code from Louva-Deus

* Thirteen special "Faction Sponsored Ships" - a concept first introduced at Asgard

*Several dozen new guns, missiles, thrusters, tractor beams, even armor upgrades available for purchase.

*Now featuring upgradeable power plants on every ship.

* Incorporates "Extended Key-Set (EKS)" for advanced maneuvering controls (full directions included below)

* Diplomat, Cadet, Businessmen, and Humanitarian Aid Workers now available as passengers

* Dynamic Stock Market - a new concept for FL

* Quest to acquire and assemble the finest weapon ever to been seen in Asgard, "The Hope of the Alliance". Now extended with the advanced "Joy of the Alliance." another new concept for FL

* 11 new legal commodities including Faction sponsored ones, 19 new contraband items

* 30+ custom wrecks, each with outstanding weapons waiting to be looted

* A small handful of new bases have been opened, some existing now offer more services

* Every jumphole is open

* Cruise speed increased to 500

* The hot "Trade Lane Disrupter" is available

* Higher level missions available in all systems. Missions are now more challenging, against custom ships, with slightly better pay and drops.

* Player looting of cargo and ammo (dieing has consequences)

* PvP allowed in New York so long as player is above Level 20

* More profitable mining experience in 31 of the richest fields

*Unique science exploration and mining ships for better role play

* A few of the long abandoned tradelane and jump gate construction projects have been completed. Others have been started.

* Increased nomad encounters

*Don'Kavosh now an NPC faction and a major force to be reckoned with

*We are now gender integrated, with women filling many of the sales and repair positions around Asgard

* New start ship and location

* Begin with a little more money in your pocket, but not enough to matter.

* Blood Dragon and Anubis from the original game are now flyable

* many many other surprises to discover out there

* Now includes the Unofficial FL SP 1.4 by Buck Danny. No need to pre-install the SDK 1.3 as it is included in this mod.

Asgard is a minor change from the basic design. There have been few changes to systems or bases, AI, or commodities. Other than the light which you will miss immediately, most things you know about Freelancer is still true - but with MANY additions.

++++kudos and credits+++++
Thanks go to the dozens and dozens of you who played Asgard and made creative, original suggestions on things to incorporate or ideas to evolve. I hope you are pleased with the outcome, and can spot your ideas all over the place in v.3.

The work you are about to enjoy would not have come to fruition without the support, brainstorming, and outstanding code work of the "devGuy Mod Team": Spook, StaLKeR, Minamoto, AnGeL, Phantom, Hobbes, kaegogi, Korg, DocFuglyMark, WatercoolerWarrior. These 10 talented and dedicated folks have spent more time and creative energy in producing Asgard v.3 than I dreamed anyone would be willing to invest. The result of their significant contributions is a Freelancer mod more tailored to player needs, and more focused on the creation of an outstanding role play environment than I have ever seen before. A deep heartfelt thank you to each and every one on the team.

Asgard is fortunate to have amazing ships to fly, many never seen in Freelancer before Asgard v.3. Hobbes from Samurai Studios (aka Roland Dynamics Corp), as well as DocFuglyMark and Korg from Allied Exports Shipyards joined the Asgard team and created most of the fantastic unique ships you will fly here. A complete list of each shipwright's work is included in the ship file. In addition, the following ships were contributed by outside designers:
Arwing, Ragnarok - Ryuujin
Champion, Sylph - Caid
Ekos, Icos - Paul from virtualsolarsystem
Dhole, Jackal, Pariah - Astral Prime Studios
Predator - ColdFusion
Scouser - Achilles
ViciousStrike, Proteus, Dark Angel - Xtreme Team Studios
Waran - RimShot
Cytran - Buck Rogers
Cruental - Mogadin
Firebird - DDR and Son
Thanks to all of them for sharing such incredible talent with us, and for granting permission for their work to be included in this mod.

Our outstanding startup screen and forum graphics are from enigma - one of the best pixel pushers I've had the pleasure to call friend.

Extended Key-Set (EKS), a very clever creation of Aegir, was included with his permission.

Buck Danny built the Unofficial Freelancer v1.4 Patch which has been fully integrated into this release (yes you can now get the Paralyzer Missile Launcher).

Thanks to Louva-Deus for letting me use and edit his RealSpace code.

Battleship wrecks based on the Battleship Wreck Mod by Xtreme Team Studios.

Much appreciation to all these folks for being original and creative, and skilled enough to bring their vision to life. I am in their debt for allowing me to use their work to create Asgard.

Edited by - devguy on 8/6/2005 1:26:24 AM

Post Wed May 10, 2006 11:15 pm

i've dwl the asgard 4 mod. trying to run it , but it asking me to install the modmanager 1.4. any suggestions?

Post Thu May 25, 2006 3:26 am

i managed to download FLMM v1.4 beta 4 from this site ... _beta4.exe

i haven't tried it yet but i hope it is of some use

Post Fri Jun 16, 2006 2:57 pm

I got the mod but FLMM says "there aren't any files modified in this mod...I forget what else it says but it gave me an error?
I havent tried to run it since.

Post Sat Jun 17, 2006 6:44 pm

Come to and post the tech issue there and we'll see what we can do to help out. Also you need to d.l the patch for V4, check the news section of again come to our forum.

Post Sun Jun 18, 2006 2:01 pm

thx that did the trick.

Post Thu Aug 17, 2006 11:46 pm

To put asgard up to FLMM you have to go into the zip file and click on a link that has a picture of FLMM on it

Post Thu Aug 17, 2006 11:48 pm

Does anyone know how to save your game on Asgardv.4 singleplayer? Its getting anoying whats the point in playing if you cant save?

Post Fri Aug 18, 2006 11:43 am

They use some sort of F1 protection that removes that keystroke from the game... meaning you can't save at all, only close the program. Which means the mod is effectivly MP only.

(Note: Asgard 3.1 and earlier do not have F1 protection and thus you can save.)

Post Sat Oct 14, 2006 4:54 pm

no, it actually has a way to save, its alt-f4 i think, check the options.

btw, who likes my new signature?

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Post Sat Oct 14, 2006 5:03 pm

I'm back to say that this is possibly one of the best mods i,ve ever played, and i love star wars and inspiration just struck. Make a planet, paint a nice grey pattern, and name it... THE DEATH STAR!!!

.(='.'=) This is Bunnies clone.
(" )_(" )Copy and paste bunny into your signature to help him gain world domination. And always, always beware of velociraptors.
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Post Wed Dec 13, 2006 3:40 pm

I can't get on to the Asgard RPG server. Asgard RPG v4 is running fine, but I can't select the server as if it's using a different version/mod. What should I do?

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