Post Tue Nov 13, 2007 9:26 am

New Freelancer players...

Spike 24/7 Freelancer Server would like to welcome you to our Server, and let you know that lancers reactor is truly the best place o the net for Freelancer information and much much more..

We would like to invite you to play on our server " Spike 24/7 " It never shuts down except to reset the wrecks. Here are our server rules below please read them..

Our Server rules...

1. No bad or Inappropriate language period.

2. No PVP or Ramming in NY at any time.

3. No modding of any kind except our client mod we provide on our

4. No Begging for money.

5. Clans must submit a request on the forums to be a legal clan on
Spike 24/7

6. In all situations and disputes, the word of an Admin is final. Disruptive behavoiur as a result of such a decision will be punished. No Admin will overturn the word of another, please do not attempt this.

7. Abusive, insulting or disruptive behaviour (including but not limited to verbal abuse, begging, foul language, blackmail, discrimination against other players based on their nationality / religion / race etc) will not be tolerated.

8. Do not use a clan tag without the permission of the clan.