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what is a "mod"

This section is for people new to the community. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. No flaming will be tolerated by the Moderators.

Post Thu Feb 16, 2006 2:08 pm

what is a "mod"

hello, and I am totally new to TLR, and I know what mod stands for i think, moderator, but what do they do, and how do I become one?

Post Thu Feb 16, 2006 4:01 pm

SImply put, "Mod" stands for "Modification". It is the games data files that are modified with differnt ships, weps systems and so forth, or as simple as the engines being given greater speed. There are many mods here to choose from. You will need FLMM or Freelancer Mod Manager. After downloading it, activate it. Second, download and install SDK This is a decoded Data file for the game. It is selfextracting to the right folder. Next download whatever mods ou want and click on them and they will be loaded into FLMM. Open FLmm and click on the mod to activate it and then start a new game and enjoy.

And Welcome to TLR.

As to being a Moderator, they are chosen by the Admins and other moderators, based on helpfullness, maturity and a few other factors. None have been added in a while.


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