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Gotta Good One!

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Post Sat Oct 08, 2005 3:06 pm

Gotta Good One!

Ok, Iv'e just finished making a modded map, called The Milky Way mod. It turns all of the Galaxy into the Milky Way!. Liberty is now the Earth Syestem, Rhinland is now the Mars Syestem, Bretonia is now Neptune System, Kusari is now the Uranis System, the Omicron systems are now Jupiter Systems, which are, Jupiter Alpha(Run by Outcasts) Jupiter Theta(Has Freeport 9) (NEW SHIP CALLED THE DESTROYER!) Jupter Gamma(Run by corsairs) and the Jupiter Beta(Run buy Corsairs and Bounty Hunters). Tau Systems are now Pluto System, and The Omega Systems is now the Saturn System. (There is nothing on the sation Saturn Miner, it's all black, but in the Update I will add something to it. Also there is a Planet X system that I added, there is a Jumphole to it in Hokkaido at sector A-6. But caution, the testers for it say that you MUST be a pirate to enter the pirate system. For some reason the Rogues, Outcasts, Hackers, And Nomads are there, and they come out at 70-80 at a time. JSYK When I went there, I had a heavy fighter Uber shield, and they acually put a dent in it!. So I warn you, DO NOT GO THERE UNLESS YOU ARE A PIRATE!. I have a Warning locked on the Jumphole. It asks you if you really want to go to Planet X. And I didnt just change the names of things, the whole system looks different!. Newark Station now sells the Ship called "X-095", Its a cruiser that has 10 guns, 1-Forward gun, damage:5000(used for battleships and stations). 4 Missle Guns, damage:1750(used for small ships). and the last 5 guns are either Laser based weapons, or plasma based weapons. Each does 500 damage.

I Hope You All Will Like My Mod When It Comes Out!

~Xylaez 'Da bad Modder'

Post Sat Oct 08, 2005 3:19 pm

Content edited. No discussion of a cloak is allowed on TLR, Period!

~Xylaez 'Da bad Modder"

Edited by - Finalday on 10/8/2005 4:25:05 PM

Post Sun Oct 09, 2005 3:43 am

shouldn't it be called the sol system then as it all represents our our solar system

the milky way would be an entire galaxy not just around our sun

I'm being a critic today lol sounds good though

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