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No Cloaking discussions allowed!

A note on cloaks.
1. The topic alone is forbidden here.
2. Chips has pointed out repeatedly that it does not work in SP as the AI would still “See” you and know where you are, and you can not see the effect.
3. When used in MP, it creates no end of havoc and makes a server worthless to play on
4. Any who ever created it, do not give it out at all.
5. So, do not ask for it, or attempt to talk about it.
Posts on it will be locked, period. Any description on how to will be deleted. Repeat violations will result in a ban.

I include a responce by Chips for a more detailed MP aspect -

1) Cheating with the cloak nearly cost the MP game - it was a nightmare - hence why the mod was removed and forbidden from TLR. That is simply because this is the place everyone comes to for information, and if a few managed to really damage the MP game to an extreme - imagine what thousands of players all wanting to get even with those cheaters would then cause..........death to FL.
That should really be the end of it already. I keep seeing the odd thread of 'why can't we discuss it' - but these points have been made MANY times before.

An extra for you though,

EVER noticed that in ANY game there is a HUGE feeling of hatred between the cheaters and the normal players? Ever wondered why? When you buy a game and then play it fairly, only to have some little twerp come along and ruin hours and hours of endless gameplay - all because they, well, felt like it - that drives people mad. Some sadistic little idiots find this very amusing - its the reason why they do it - others (all the normal people) find it a harrassment and annoying.
So why not dicuss it I hear you ask? Well, the problem, like anything involving POLAR and INTENSE feelings, occurs with animosity and hatred boiling into the posts. Before you know it, swear words are everywhere, people threatening hacks, trojans and viruses and worse. Its childish, pathetic, and embarrasing. There used to be a Freelancer Clan called NEO (New Empirical Order I think it was) - whom were hated by all and sundry. We had to ban topics about those too - simply because it turned into flame fests from hell. That topic was banned to prevent such animosity between posters on TLR, and the same goes for cloaks. People hate cheaters, and rather than have nasty flame wars going on, we chose not to.
This place is supposed to be free of those sorts of feelings, hence why we ask people who have grievences with Servers to TAKE IT ELSEWHERE. Hence why we ask admins who have trouble with players to TAKE IT ELSEWHERE. Hence why we ask for PLAYERS whom have trouble with cheaters/players to TAKE IT ELSEWHERE. We do NOT want server politics and feelings to boil onto THESE forums, and make people who come here for fun, friendly interaction and information to feel like they are stepping into bosnia.



Please read the Rules and Regs before posting. When in doubt, Search the Forums to find it out.
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