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Need Help!

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Post Sun Nov 21, 2004 11:17 am

Need Help!

Plz help someone. i'm having trouble with playing online. i have FLMM 1.21beta9 and have evolutions 1.28 loaded. When i enter freelancer i get no crash problems, so the game seems to be running ok, but when i enter multi-player, I cannot join 1.28 evo games. what's weird, is that when i'm at the title screen, instead of it saying "freelancer" it says "evolutions" which makes 1.28 seem to be loaded...but in the lower right corner, it says ver. 1.0. this makes it seem like it's NOT loaded. i also cannot join 1.28 games, but i can join 1.0 games. I also tried playing single player and 1.0 is still loaded. What's going on?? I tried posting this in the technical section...but i got no replies...the world hates me

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Post Sun Nov 21, 2004 12:08 pm

As i just came from playing evolutions, i mayby be able to help

first off, there is like 3 different downloads for evolutions, make sure you downloaded the client version, then I suggest you do a total wipe and reinstall freelancer and the freelancer mod manager, I had to do this when i went from one mod to another, that way there is no doubt that your not gettin any residue modding stuff, from other previous mods, if that doesn't work, wipe FL and flmm and wipe out the evolutions mod and redownload the evolutions mod, then turn off your computer, unplug if from the back then try to turn on your computer WHILE the cord is unplugged, after that wait a minute, then plug the cord back in(wipes any residul stuff from your ram)install fl, then flmm then unzip(i can't remember if the client dl comes in a zip) the client version, and then activate it. Also when ever you uninstall FL, sometimes the folder will still be on your computer, make sure you delete that before reinstalling FL, if that doesn't seem to work, give me a reply and we'll try to get on teamspeak, and i'll help ya there

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Post Sun Nov 21, 2004 2:22 pm

Your version of the Freelancer Mod Manager is old...
Uninstall the Mod has its own uninstall routine built in...
Update to version 1.31 of the Mod Manager and install version 1.31

Check your version of the Evolutions Mod...
The latest version that you want to use for online Multiplayer games is Evolutions Mod 1.28 Client version 1.02

Here is the best solution I can offer as far as playing MOD's
Delete Freelancer...
By deleting Freelancer instead of uninstalling you make sure that no files get left in the Freelancer folder by the uninstall happens so it's best to just delete your Freelancer folder and then reinstall Freelancer...
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer
Delete that folder...

Delete any saved games...
My Documents\My Games\Freelancer\Accts\Multiplayer\Singleplayer
Delete any files in those 2 folders...Multiplayer and Singleplayer

Pop in the Freelancer disk and install Freelancer again...

Download and install the The Freelancer SDK v1.3 The SDK (software development kit) is a self installing exe file, so you shouldn't have any problems installing it...

Now install and activate the mod you want to use, in this case the Evolutions MOD.

It should be working now...if not leave another message and someone can come up with the right answers...

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Post Sun Nov 21, 2004 3:19 pm

I missed this one

Baked has it summed up pretty well. Sounds like the EXE file was not getting copied across correctly! Who knows what else may not have been copied - so I would certainly suggest doing what Baked outlined above

Post Sun Nov 21, 2004 7:36 pm

Thnx Bakedpotato i did the above to the letter. and it works like a charm. finally i get an answer...and i had to post somewhere other than the technical section. But thank you. I can play FL again!

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

Post Thu Nov 25, 2004 5:48 am

im to this site and have a question about a file i downloaded from here, it is the neutral save game file. i downloaded it and copied it into the folder frelancer uses for saved games, but when i get in the game and go to the load game screen i don't see or can't find the neutral save game anywhere, so my question is how do i use thise file, cause im sick of destroying liberty navy ships to be friends with the corsairs

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