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Welcome, one and all

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Post Wed Nov 07, 2007 11:34 pm


I'm getting used to this modding thing. I tried Crossfire, but i don't like the combat in it. It doesn't suit...TNG was better, maybe easyer.

Is there a topic, where mods are being discussed? I cannot find it...

So afterall! Thanks for all the help so far! I appreciate it...

Post Thu Nov 08, 2007 3:31 am


I'm again!

I'm tired of being crashed, so i must ask.

I installed Massive addon 1.1 and Open SP. This one: ... asp?id=648

But the game is always crashing! I used FLMM 1.2, because Massive addon says to use it. So i install the game, FLMM 1.2, install massive addon and Open SP. I did these.

Another strange thing. I began level 1. It's ok. But when i check the requirements for the next level i see, that i am at aprx. 12.000, but next level requirement says: 1.500. And i dont level up. When i bought Patriot, without any signal, i gaind level 2. After it, I did many missions, no leveling up. Sometimes i need 5600, but after a mission it says again: 1500 to level up...????? Strange. After that the game crashes. A reload it, and crashes again at the same point. Always at the and of the mission.

So i only need an add on without changes (Massive is ok i think), and a Free SP game. But i cannot, because it is always crashing, and i cannot level up.

Any suggestions?

Oh! And yes. I uninstalled everything.
BTW: I didn't like Crossfire and TNG. Too many changes in game. Especially the fighting is really annoying in both of them. Crossfire: Almost impossible to kill anyone with MKII Justice. TNG: Weapon platforms didn't shoot back, enemies acting like zombies. No challange shooting them, and they cannot harm me.

So that's all for now.

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