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Hello again, need help with shields

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Post Wed Jan 03, 2007 12:52 am

Hello again, need help with shields

hello, i'm trying to add in the missing lvl 9 shields into a standard freelancer 1.0, how would i go about doing that, also i'm trying to change the price for the shield itself

looking at this list from the newbie guide:
equipment/weapons_equip.ini - this file contains all the raw data for weapons on how they fire, how much damage and stuff
equipment/weapons_good.ini - contains data on how they look in game, the price, and stuff (visible icons at dealer etc, price at dealer)
equipment/market_misc.ini - deals with selling weapons and equipment at the bases in game
equipment/st_equip.ini - shields and thrusters stats, regens, drain rates etc.
equipment/st_good.ini - goods file again, what is sold at bases, its kind of the package up. Links the weapon stats to the images and price you buy (same as for guns)
equipment/market_misc.ini - they are stated again here for selling
equipment/select_equip.ini - filled with an assortment of things, mainly this contains the info for commodities - like volume they take, what they are, information about them
equipment/goods.ini - contains the info on all commodities - like price, what is a good deal, what is a bad deal etc etc etc.
equipment/goods.ini also contains all info on ships prices, what they are sold with and more (called packages).

i'm thinking of that the shield prices are in equipment/st_good.ini but i need a confirmation that this is for player shield prices
and i have no clue on what in the world to do with equipment/market_misc.ini in order to add in the missing player lvl 9 shields

thanks in advance

Post Tue Jan 23, 2007 11:02 am

st_goods.ini has the prices for all the shields. Both player and NPC shields should be there. I don’t remember what the naming scheme is off the top of my head so I can’t tell you what nicknames you need to look for without looking at it again.

If you take a look at market_misc you’ll see it lists a bunch of goods (weapon, thrusters, and shield goods not commodity goods) under each base. I can’t tell you what all the number after each entry mean but the second one should be the reputation requirement (from -1 for completely hostile, will always be able to buy even when you can’t dock, to 1 for completely friendly, will never be able to buy as reps only go up to 0.9). The last one should be the price multiplier, the price of the shield at the base is the price in st_goods.ini * the price multiplier for that base.

The simplest way to add your shields is to copy an existing shield entry in market_misc.ini and change the nickname to your shield. For completeness you should also put the reputation requirement between the level 8 and 10 shields.

Post Sun Feb 25, 2007 7:31 am

This does not include the NPC shields, if you look at Adv. Champion shield (shield01_mark10_hf) for players, this doesnt include the prices for the NPC shield of that type. I know because ive made mods which sell Adv. Champion Shields at Manhatten. (the prices were around 50)

Hull Breach!!! - themilkman

Post Sun Feb 25, 2007 7:32 am

It does include prices for NPC shields, but they are not the same as the player shields.

Hull Breach!!! - themilkman

Post Sun Feb 25, 2007 6:23 pm

eh...imho..npc's need real shields, just like the players. Especially when they're fighting for their lives like you do yours.
I also really like the idea that they can use bots and bats. Not only that, but can tractor them in when they're floating around. (It's a nice touch of realism)

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