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Star Trek: The Next Generation - New Journeys

Tell us about your adventures, amazing stories, wow us with your wit...use your imagination, tell us some of the greatest moments in your life.

Post Sun Nov 27, 2005 10:36 am

Star Trek: The Next Generation - New Journeys

My view of what happened after the Movie Nemisis.


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Post Sun Nov 27, 2005 10:37 am

Captains personal log, Stardate 5905.5

The Enterprise is finally back under flight conditions. The crew has worked beyond my expectations. Mr. La Forge has all systems running at peak perfection and we are scheduled to leave dry dock in less than four hours. So, my primary interest now, is what to do with B-4. Though he looks identical to Commander Data, his positronic matrix is severely limited. Mr. La Forge is looking to upgrade the matrix to a more usable level. There is hope B-4 can be brought to a working level, so that he is not simply shipped off to Star Fleet labs for study. I owe it to the memory of our Commander Data.


“Come”. Picard responded to the door signal of his ready room. The doors slid aside as Commander Worf entered.

“Sir, Starfleet has transmitted our orders and has cleared us for departure from drydock.” Worf spoke as he extended the data padd to the captain.

“Thank you number one” Picard answered as he reached for the data padd. “Have a seat while I look this over.” He glanced at the orders and a frown appeared on his face. “Mr. Worf, have Ensign Torres lay in a course for the Badlands, warp factor 6.”

Yes Sir, but if I might ask?” Worf responded.

“Ah, yes, it would seem that the new government in the Cardassian empire is wishing to conduct talks about the de-militarized zone in the Badlands, and we’re to meet thier representatives along with Gul Dukat there. And it would seem, and old friend as well.” Picard did not smile at the thought. It wasn’t going to be a happy reunion this time, though the thought of seeing her again would be good. Worf scanned the pad and saw the name, Ro Laren.

“Yes sir, I see what you mean. I will have the Ensign lay in the course at once” Worf spoke and left the ready room.

Picard stood and moved to the replicator, “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.” It materialized in a small clear cup that Picard took back to the desk. The view out the port changed as the stars congealed into one mass, flare then began to pass the ship at a quick clip.

Commander La Forge was busy in Data’s lab with B-4. He had him in the restrain center while working on his positronic brain. He was attempting to integrate several of Data’s circuits with B-4's. It always seemed to cause a feedback loop, then La Forge saw what he was missing. He retrieved and inserted Data’s emotion chip then activated B-4.

“Where am I?” was the first response from B-4. He looked around taking in the location and the circumstances. Then he looked at laforge. “Geordi, what am I doing here, I don’t seem to have any clear memory of any accident or problem?” B-4 spoke. It was as if Data was speaking, clear and intelligent though. This troubled La Forge a bit.

“B-4, who is the captain of this ship?” Geordi asked.

“The Captain is Jean-Luc Picard. Note, why are you referring to me as B-4?” B-4 responded.

La Forge though a few seconds then touched his com badge, “La Forge to Captain Picard, could you come to Data’s lab please?”

The response was, “I’m on my way Commander, Picard out.”

“Geordi, is there something your not telling me?” B-4 asked again.

“Lets just wait till the Captain gets here” Geordi said. He resumed scanning the data stream that was flowing in B-4's neural net.

The doors slid open as Captain Picard walked in. He took in both La Forge and B-4 and slowed his pace. “What is it Mr. La Forge?”

“Captain, it is good to see you Sir” B-4 spoke. The voice level and tone stopped Picard in his steps.
“That’s why I asked to see you Captain.” La Forge stated. “It would seem that B-4 thinks he’s Data.”
“What would have created this...effect?” Picard responded.

“I upgraded parts of his positronic brain, and activated Data’s emotion chip to try to eliminate the feedback loop I was getting.” La Forge replied. “It seems that the information Data downloaded to B-4 has been activated, and now B-4 is operating on Data’s level of knowledge.”

“Fascinating” B-4 spoke up, “Geordi, could the information that was downloaded, have overridden my earlier information?”

“If the readings are correct, Yes” Geordi answered, then asked, “Do you remember where we found B-4?”

“He was found in five locations on the planet Kolarus III, though I seem t recall some rather unorthodox driving to escape the inhabitants of the planet” he replied with a slight glance at Captain Picard.

“What do you remember of Commander Riker and his meeting you for the first time in the Far Point mission?” Picard asked, clearly interested in the new developments.

“I was on the Holo Deck attempting to learn human aspects which included whistling. Commander Riker walked up as I was tempting to complete a melody, without much success” B-4 answered, “He completed the toon and I replied, Fascinating.”

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Post Sun Nov 27, 2005 10:37 am

“Commander, set up a program on the holo deck, a bridge simulation, and lets test B-4's knowledge and see how he reacts to situations” Picard said as he turned to leave. “Let me know the results, I’ll be in my ready room.”

“Aye Sir” Geordi replied as he set about releasing B-4 and let him change into a uniform.

As they walked to the turbo lift, they received many stares from the crew. To them, it was as if Commander Data had returned from the dead, or at least the destruction of the Scimitar.

As they approached the Holo deck doors, Geordi touched the program padd and the computer responded, “Program complete, enter when ready.” The doors slid silently aside.

The bridge was fully staffed and Geordi indicated the Ops positions relieving the Ensign seated there. He took his position at the engineering panel.

“Welcome back Mr. Data” the captain spoke as he looked at data on a Padd that was handed to him from a Yeoman. “Helm lay in a course for Starbase 138, warp factor 6.”

Com responded back, “Course laid in and set, Sir.”

“Engage” Picard said and sat back in his chair.

The star mass congealed and flashed and then returned as star passed the ship. For the first hour all was uneventful. Then B-4 noticed a light flashing on he panel. “Sir, we have an incoming emergence call from the freighter Sosa.”

“On screen” Picard replied.

“To any Federation ship, this is the freighter Sosa, we are under attack by pirates and need help. Life support is down to fifty percent and our engines are off line.”

“Captain, I have located the Sosa, it is half a light year away on course 133 mark 5" B-4 replied.

“Helm, change course to 133 mark 5, maximum warp” Picard spoke as he stood.

“Sosa, this is the Enterprise, we are en route to your location and should be there in a few minuets, can you identify who is attacking you?” the Captain asked.

“Enterprise, please hurry, we have many injured here, it’s the Cardassians that are attacking us, please help!” came the reply.

“The Cardassians?” Picard spoke,” Number one, has there been any reported sightings of Cardassian ships this side of the border?”

“Sir, I have scanned the area and it is a Cardassian freighter that is attacking them, but it has been modified with several weapons array.” B-4 offered.

“It must be renegades, as Cardassians haven’t run freighters into Federation space since the accords were signed two years ago” Will Riker spoke.

“Are we within range yet?” Picard asked.

“Yes Sir” came the reply.

“On screen” was the command, The freighter in question was on fire, on it’s rear quarter. “Open a channel to the Cardassians” the Captain ordered.

“Sir, they are not responding” B-4 stated.

The ship was coming around for another strike. It looked as if the Sosa was on the verge of being destroyed.

“Arm phasers and torpedoes” Picard ordered, “fire a shot across thier bow.”

Aye Sir, weapons armed, and firing” Worf replied.

On the screen, an arc of light flashed in front of the Cardassian Freighter. It changed its course toward the Enterprise. Picard looked at Riker incredulously.

“Shields up!” Riker called out.

The freighter opened fire on the Enterprise. The first shots hitting thier starboard shields.

“No damage to the shields, Captain.” Worf reported. “They are firing modulated phasers, clearly not a Cardassian weapon.”

“Mr. Worf, target thier engines, disable them” Picard ordered.

“Phasers locked and firing” Worf answered, “Thier warp engines are now off line, impulse engines also off line.”

“Hail them again, maybe they will be in a better mood to talk now” Riker ordered.

“Sir! I have scanned thier ship, they are not Cardassian, my readings indicate those onboard are...Borg” B-4 offered as he turned to look at Picard.

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Post Thu Dec 22, 2005 11:39 am

Picard was incredulous. “Number one, signal the Borg to stand down their attack.”

Worf signaled and relayed the message, but his panel remained quiet. “Sir, no response, may I suggest disabling their weapons?”

“Very well, lock on their weapons and disable them.” Picard ordered. “Com, stand by on the tractor beam to bring them along side.”

Phaser fire locked on the engineering section of the freighter. A small explosion lit the area as the Weapons array exploded. The freighter slowed is momentum and began to list until the tractor locked on and pulled it in a parallel formation to the Enterprise.

“Mr. Worf, take a heavily armed away team and prepare to beam over” the Captain spoke as he rose from his chair. He turned to face the commander, “But be clear on this, your mission is disabling them, so prevent any assimilating of your team.”

“Aye Sir!” Worf keyed in personnel and ordered them to report to transporter room six.

As Worf left the bridge, another security officer took his position at tactical.

Picard walked up to the Com, “Data, scan the ship, how many life forms are there over there?”

“Scanning, interference from the reactor and another system that I can’t identify, makes scanning impossible, Sir.”

“Find me a way to punch through it, commander, I need to know what we’re up against.” Picard spoke as he returned to his command chair.

Data thought for a second and then began to recalibrate the scanner subsystems. “Sir, I have a partial account of the interior.”

“Put it on the main viewer please, Mr. Data”

The screen showed a haze surrounding the interior, gasses that have vented making a clear view impossible. But what was visible, were a number of Borg drones moving about, attempting to repair thier ship. There was also another being in the main section of the ships bridge, but different than the Borg. Familiarity in his appearance, caused Picard to stand up.

“Picard to away team, hold your mission for the moment.” Picard ordered.

Data looked at the being in the freighters command chair. He could not believe his optics, yet he knew the image was true. Lore!

“Commander Worf, your new priority, it to capture or deactivate, Lore.” Picard spoke.

“Understood, Sir, Worf out.”

Geordi reported in as well, “Transporting, complete.

The image on screen showed the drones turning to attack the intruders, and Lore rose from his chair as well. Then the screen when black.

“Enterprise to away team, please respond.” Picard spoke. No reply came. How could Lore be functional, he had been disassembled a few years ago, and the parts put in separate storage.

“Mr. LaForge, lock onto the away team and beam them back.” Captain Picard ordered.

“I’m trying Sir, But I can’t get a positive lock on Worf” Geordi replied.

“Commander LaForge, I need you and B-4 in my ready room please” came Picard’s voice overriding the other Picard. “Computer, freeze program” Geordi commanded, and the arch appeared for the holo deck. “End Program and save.”

The bridge and personnel disappeared, replaced by the black and yellow grid of the holo deck. The door to the deck opened and LaForge and B-4 exited and walked to turbo lift 8 and took it to the bridge.

In the ready room, Jean-Luc paced the floor. His usual calm was disrupted. He had to make a decision now regarding a member of his crew, one that would dictate the individuals future in both Star Fleet and aboard the Enterprise.

The turbolift’s door opened on the bridge, and B-4 and LaForge headed for the captains ready room. Worf was seated in the command chair and looked their way and rose to follow them in. As first officer, he would now be involved with more function and interaction with the crew and he was eager to learn and adapt to his new roll.

Ro Laren paced the floor of the meeting hall. She knew her roll in the upcoming talks, but did nor relish meeting a former friend and mentor, Captain Picard. Her thoughts drifted back to the mission that changed her life, and destiny. She was sent to infiltrate the Maquis and then to betray them and the colonists they were protecting from the Cardassians. She still believed her actions had been right, but the guilt of betraying the trust the Captain had placed in her still weighed her down. This meeting, had her back in the spotlight as negotiator for the colonies, but also afforded her a sense of peace. The Federation has set aside her betrayal so that she would not be arrested on site. They believed that she and the colonists she represented were tying for peace.

Ro also knew, with the Dominion Wars, millions of Cardassians had been killed, and most of the others on their own colonies had been recalled to Cardassia Prime. There was still the Para-military to deal with and the resentment of the colonies so close to Cardassian space to deal with.

Kara entered the room and Ro moved to meet her. This woman was from another cell in the Maquis and had agreed to a meeting prior to the Enterprise arriving. “Ro, I still don’t trust StarFleet, they might just take you when the meetings begin as let you leave.”

Ro shook her head. The Bajoran earring swayed with the motion. “I trust the message from them, and the fact that it will be Captain Picard we meet with,” she paused turning to retrieve a data padd from a shelf, “He may be unhappy with what happened years ago, but he is honorable and will follow Starfleet’s orders.”

“That, is what troubles me.” Kara pronounced with a frown and left the room.

Ro let her thoughts wander a bit as she headed to the room she and another member shared. Her heart, was with the settlers, not with StarFleet, yet she knew this peace plan was truly for the best. It was more of an agreement not to attack the Cardassians than it being about anything else. Their recovery effort was surely hampered and they wanted peace on this border so they could deal with getting their lives back together and not have to deal with the Maquis raiding their colonies or bases. Ro knew she could agree with this and could convince other colonies in the de-militarized zone to go along as well, after all, they all wanted to just live their lives in peace. Ro arrived at her bungalow just as the sun was setting. The flash of colors always relaxed her, no matter what she was doing. She found peace in the solitude of watching the sun go down each day. It always led her to think back to Bajor and her fiends she left behind.

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Post Sat Feb 11, 2006 6:40 am

B-4 sat in Data’s quarters contemplating the days events and his new found, mind. It troubled him a bit, as he could not recall any of the events where as B-4, he was used by Shinzon to gather data on the Federation and the Enterprise. It was if the new programing had erased the old, giving him a fresh new start at both life, and hope.

Spot, Data’s golden cat, was still aboard the Enterprise, and seemed to take to B-4 as if he were Data. B-4 found that amusing and helpful. It meant that if he was to fit into this crew, he could find acceptance. The one issue for him, though was his name. Yes Dr. Soone seemed to have a way with names, but he was not sure it would be acceptable to all his ship mates. The question that occupied his thoughts now was, could he assume the roll of Data. He did have the same positronic matrix now, that Data had, as well as all Data’s memories. He was, it seemed, Data. He could indeed function as Data, with no noticeable difference. He also noticed that he had Data’s ambition to be more human as well. That, he considered, was the balancing point to the equation.

“B-4, please report to my ready room” came Picard’s voice from the com system.

B-4 touched the com panel and replied, “I’m on my way Sir.” He was troubled that he was given no com badge to communicate with, but would ask Geordi about it at a later moment.

When he entered the ready room, Commander Worf was there as well as Geordi and Dr. Crusher. Picard indicated the open chair saying, “Please have a seat.”

Picard walked to the replicator slot, “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.” When it materialized, he returned to his desk with it and set the cup on the desk next to a data padd. He adjusted his tunic and sat. It was an awkward moment, as he seemed to try to compose his words.

LaForge was smiling though, so I would indicate that things were for the better, rather than the worse.

“I have been in contact with StarFleet Command, Commander LaForge and with Captain Riker of the Titan” Picard began, “It has been agree by Admiral Brand that you will be allowed to remain aboard the Enterprise, and to assume the roll of Commander Data.”

A pause allowed the information to sink in a moment. “Commander LaForge however, will be monitoring your progress and you are to report anything out of the ordinary to him and myself. Is that clear?”

Data replied, “Yes Sir, quite clear and I do understand the precautions as well.” Then a thought occurred to him, “Does this mean I will resume full duty status as well?”

It does, Commander, you are now back at Ops position effective as of the shift change this morning.” Picard answered. He, was still a little troubled with B-4 becoming Data, but did not voice his thoughts in the matter. He would make a personal log entry later. “Very well, if no one has any further questions, please report to your stations, Dr. Crusher, would you remain please?”

Geordi and Data left the room and assumed their stations on the bridge as the lighting brightened for the morning shift rotation began.

Post Tue Feb 14, 2006 7:21 pm

Well written, Finalday. You do an excellent job of picking up on the nuances of each character's personalities. All I can criticize is the following:

“I have been in contact with StarFleet Command, Commander LaForge and with Captain Riker of the Titan” Picard began, “It has been agree by Admiral Brand that you will be allowed to remain aboard the Enterprise, and to assume the roll of Commander Data.”

That should be "role", not "roll". Keep on writing!

Post Mon Apr 17, 2006 2:41 am

The only thing I think needs attention is the fact they seem to be having a hard time getting used to Data, Data has had to have memory downloads before and he is no different than before, even his brain is practicle the same they would not have a hard time getting used to him in my opinion, also they would have him and the computer run diagnostic checks.

Post Mon Apr 17, 2006 3:51 am

The reason for it being hard to get use to him, is that Data was destroyed , and this is B4, not data. It would be like looking at a clone of your best friend, who you knew had died. It would take a lot of getting use to.

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Post Sun Apr 23, 2006 1:22 pm

nice story FD,any chance for some more?

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Post Sat Apr 29, 2006 12:05 am

I second that.

Post Sun Jun 25, 2006 9:14 am

If it helps at leat one person is waiting for this

Post Thu Aug 17, 2006 4:32 pm

“Jean-Luc, what’s on your mind?” Beverly inquired. She was aware that something was troubling him, and did not need Troy’s abilities to read it.

“Beverly” he began, then paused to compose his thoughts. “Until we have a new counselor for the Enterprise, I am afraid I must call on you to help out in the role.” He stood and turned to face the window before continuing. “You and I go back many years, and I trust you and your insight. Will this be a problem?”

Beverly had an odd expression on her face as she too stood and walked to the Captains side. “Jean-Luc, you and I do go back a ways, You were friends with Jack before becoming my captain. I trusted you then and I do now. “ She turned to look him in the eye. “ What’s troubling you?”

Data relieved the night duty com officer and took his seat. He glanced over the panel and reconfigured it to his liking and familiarity. He ran a cursory scan of the surrounding space and then reviewed all log data from the night shift to bring himself up to speed. Even with his incredible speed scanning the input, he still had troubling thoughts. Thoughts that he needed to resolve, but decided to wait until time permitted him to seek out Geordi.

“Report Mr. Data” Commander Worf ordered.

“I have run a level one scan of the area, no anomalous readings to report, no ship board situations requiring further investigation. Our present speed is Warp Factor six on a heading of 121 mark 4 “ Data replied as he turned to face Worf.

“How long until we reach the badlands?”

“Two hours, thirty three minuets, twelve seconds until we arrive at Sirus Three.”

“Very well, maintain course and speed.”

“Aye Sir.”

“Ro, hang on a second” Shira called panting even as she slowed her run. The corridor was empty, yet she switched to hush tones as she continued. “The Enterprise is two hours away, are you really ready for this meeting?”

Ro furrowed her brow and pursed her lips, but quickly changed to a smile. “Yes, I’m ready. Look Shira, we knew this day would come sometime, peace for the colonies in the badlands. We couldn’t go on fighting forever.”

“I know, its just that I got so use to fighting the Cardassians, well to think they won’t even be around to trouble us, is unsettling to say the least.”

A bemused look now followed with, “Unsettling? How so?”

“I still don’t trust them, even if they agree to leave the zone, they may still attack out of revenge.”

“And we will still be here to protect the colonies, the Maquis will not be leaving, we have families here too, lives to pick up with and go on living, not to mention those that deserted from Starfleet can never go back.”
‘Cheerp’ Ro’s communicator sounded.

“Ro here go ahead.”

“Commander, a Cardassian cruiser just dropped into orbit above us. They hailed saying they’re here for the talks and will stand by until the Enterprise arrives.”

“Understood, for now, just keep and eye on them, Ro out.”

“Turny, get on that level 2 diagnostic, the Captain want’s everything done before we arrive and I don’t like to disappoint him” commented LaForge. His new team was adapting to his demands well. He had hand picked the primary shift of the very best. They would have the difficult task of first manning systems in combat situations. He had held a meeting days before informing the rest of the engineering staff of his choices, and said that if they too wanted the coveted positions, they would have to work hard for them. They all voiced approval and affirmation of thier willingness to do so. Geordi was proud of this Enterprise crew. They were able to keep about two thirds of the Enterprise D crew when they were given the Enterprise E.

Geordi did his review of the mission data. He wanted no surprises. After a glance through the orders, he grinned. He would be glad to see Ro again. The two of them had hit it off well the last time she was aboard. As he also noted where they were going, he set up additional safe guards on the shielding. The Badlands were known for throwing surprises at ships in that area of space.

He composed all his work and some suggestions for the ship and submitted it to Worf. It was different, having Worf for a first officer. He and Worf had been the same rank when they cam aboard the Enterprise D. But he held no resentment for Worf. Both had changed their original positions as well, Worf towards security, and Geordi to engineering. He did however, feel the loss for Data, and the absence of both Riker and Deanna. Though they were on board the Titan, he missed the interaction they had here. And he even missed the weekly poker games.

“Jean-Luc, what is it” Beverly asked again. The Captain seemed almost distracted, as if listening to something subliminal.

Picard turned to face her and replied, “I have been having, dreams lately, and more than before.”

“What about?”

He turned to look at the stars before continuing. “The Borg.” It was as if those two words spoke volumes. He wouldn’t add more so Beverly moved to in front of the Captain to have his complete attention.

“Dr. I find it difficult to talk about” Picard spoke even as his brow dropped. His recollections as Locutus where brought back with every dream, and now he wanted to know why.

Dr. Crusher decided on a different track, “Well, as your new ships counselor, it is my job to help you bring it out and understand it.” She had included inflections of Deanna in the wording. This drew a quick turn of the head from the Captain.

The brow rose a little, and even a hint of a smile could be seen. “All right Doctor, you’ve made your point.”

They both walked over to the sofa and sat. Picard relaxed more and began a better explanation.

“In the dreams, I am confronting the Borg Queen. All around me, is Borg machinery, equipment that I took to mean in a Borg location. The Queen was attempting to persuade me to rejoin her and aiding the Borg culture. I was resisting and even attempted to persuade her of the futility of the situation. But then a surprise that even I did not expect. I saw standing behind her, to beings, people as it were. The male looked human and the female was Deltain.

“Delten, few of them are even in StarFleet, let alone travel the galaxy anymore.” the doctor interjected.

“Believe me, I found this strange as well, but the strangest part of them being there, was the fact that they were not part of the Borg hive. They had no Borg implants.”

This started Beverly, “And they were with the Borg?”

“Yes, and this is one of the things that bothers me, what is the meaning of the dreams as well as the two individuals. I have had nightmares of the Borg, but never like this. It has to mean something.”
“Bridge to Captain Picard” Worf’s voice called over the com.

Picard touched his com badge, “Yes number one?”

“We will arrive at Sirus Three in five minuets.”

“I’m on my way.” Picard turned back to Beverly, “Doctor, lets come back to this later.”

Beverly nodded and left for Medical.

The Captain strode onto the bridge and gave the command, “Slow to impulse and proceed to the planet. Mr. Data, scan the systems for any ships please.”

“The only vessel in the system, is a Galor class ship, the Avenger. No Gul listed in Starfleet data base for the ship.”

“Very well, standard orbit please.”

“Aye Sir!”

“Captain, we’re being hailed from the colony” Worf spoke and looked up even as he paused in relaying the information.

Picard stood and adjusted his tunic and replied, “On Screen.”

Picard visibly stiffened, then forced himself to relax and even relaxed is facial expression to appear affable. “This is Captain Picard of the Enterprise, I believe we have a meeting to discuss relations between the Cardassian Empire and the Federation colonies in the badlands.”

The face on the screen forced a smile and a nod, “Welcome Captain, it’s good to see you again. I am transmitting coordinates to the meeting hall to both the Enterprise and the Avenger. We look forward to meeting both sides here in one hour.”

“In one hour then” Picard stood there even as communications closed. He was still dealing with his feelings about Ro from the last mission where she had disobeyed orders and betrayed his confidence in him. He turned to leave the bridge but paused to turn to Worf. “Number one, have Dr. Crusher and a member of security to report to the transporter room in one hour, then join me in my ready room please.”

Before Worf could complete his orders, Data turned to him. “Commander, there is another ship dropping out of warp, and they are hailing us.”


“Sir, it’s the Crazy Horse, Captain Jelico commanding.”

“Captain to the bridge please” Worf spoke as he touched his com badge.

Picard returned to the bridge as Worf gave the order of “On screen.”

Much to the surprise of all, the image was of an Admiral. “Enterprise, stand by to transport me over.”

“I will meet you in the transporter room shortly Admiral.” Picard was surprised to say the least with a meeting with StarFleet’s newest Admiral, Kathryn Janeway.

Picard strode into transporter room one and indicated to the chief to energize. When the admiral materialized she stepped down with a smile, that slowly changed to a blank look, of one who was in a deep poker game.

“Admiral, it’s good to see you again, though a surprise to see you in person” Picard spoke.

“Captain, it’s urgent that I speak with you in private.”

“Certainly Admiral, however, I am due at a meeting with the Maquis and the Cardassians in less than an hour.”

I know Jean-Luc, Captain Jelico will be handling that meeting. We need to talk.” The admiral with hand raised, indicated the door and Picard quickly picked up on the urgency and led the admiral out and to the turbo lift. “Bridge” Picard ordered.

As the door slid open, both walked out and straight to the Captains ready room.

“Number one, We’re not to be disturbed for any reason.” Picard said as the ready room door slid open.

“Aye Sir!” Worf replied with a questioning look on his face.

The rest of the bridge crew looked on with amazement. Admirals didn’t arrive every day, and certainly not this one either. Some of the crew knew of Admiral Janeway’s adventures in the Delta Quadrant, and with Voyager returning to the Alpha Quadrant to much fanfare.

The room had a comfort level the Admiral found pleasant. Her posture relaxed a bit before she sat.

“Can I get you anything Admiral?”

“Yes, coffee, black.”

Picard walked over to the replicator, “Tea, Earl grey hot, and Coffee, hot black.”

When the two cups materialized, he took both to his desk and place the coffee before the admiral. She lifted the steam cup, closed her eyes and sniffed, taking in the aroma. Picard smiles softly at this. He in turn took a sip of his tea and sat before the Admiral.

“Captain, I gathered a lot of data on the Borg while I was stuck in the Delta quadrant. More than I really knew I had obtained. Since you are not currently aware of how we got home, Starfleet deeming the information classified, you don’t have the current scope of the Borg Hive.”

Janeway turned his display panel to face her. She entered several commands. “Computer, access StarFleet records of the Borg Tactical Data base downloaded from Voyagers computers.”

“Working, that information is currently classified, Admiralty level clearance.”

“Computer, access clearance, Janeway Alpha 949 Delta.”

“Access granted.”

“Display records and download encrypted copy to Enterprise data base, Captains eyes only.”

The information displayed on the screen as the Admiral turned it back to Picard. He entered his code that would allow him to access the data later. He did a cursory scan of the data. His brow rose several times before looking back up at the Admiral.

“I thought it would get your attention, Jean-Luc.”Janeway spoke smiling at the bewilderment of the Captain. “And there will be someone who will work with you that has ful knowledge of this information as well as a wealth of data on the Borg.”

“Commander Shelby is available?”

“No, this is someone, like your self who has first hand experience with the Borg, but for a far longer time, her experience will be invaluable to you in the mission I will be briefing you on shortly.”

If it was possible for someone to totally surprise Picard, the Admiral had done it. He was perplexed and amazed, and a little disturbed. His dealings with the Borg, though handled over the years, had left him hesitant with every new contact. This time was no different. Judging by the information in the data, this would be both an extended mission, and a dangerous one, one that the Enterprise might not come back from.

The Admiral touched her com badge, “Seven, please transport over to my coordinates now.”

The Captain anticipating this keyed his com as well, “Number one, We have a visitor beaming over, please do not scan nor hinder the transport in anyway.”

“Aye Sir!” Came Worf’s reply.

A slim, lithe female materialized. She wore a StarFleet uniform, the rank of a Lt. Commander. Her blond hair was tied up behind her head in a conservative fashion, and she had a silver Borg implant over one eye. She was beautiful, but had an aire about her that chilled Picard. It was like seeing the Borg all over again. Even as he stiffened, he forced himself to relax.
“Admiral, Captain” her acknowledgment was curt and formal.

“Captain Picard, may I introduce, Seven of Nine” and to the woman she spoke” Seven, Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

“I am pleased to meet you Captain Picard.” Seven was polite, but she felt his apprehension all the same.

“A Borg designation, and a StarFleet rank?” Picard asked politely.

“The rank is merely a formality. Seven is a top notch science officer if there ever was one, though she is only temporary attached to StarFleet for the duration of this assignment.”

Post Sat Aug 19, 2006 10:54 am

Good work

Post Sat Aug 19, 2006 11:03 am

yay!give us more FD..MORE!!!!

btw,Captain Jellico was in command of the USS Cairo not the Crazy Horse

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