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TLR WARS : Episode 7 A New Dark Lord

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Post Wed Oct 12, 2005 4:22 pm

TLR WARS : Episode 7 A New Dark Lord

A representation of -

A New Dark Lord

Character from Lancers Reactor in their very own Star Wars Universe. Enjoy

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Post Wed Oct 12, 2005 4:23 pm

A New Dark Lord
A foreboding shadow has crept out
The days of Master Yoda are long gone
It has been three years since the death of Master
Luke Skywalker and his sister, Lea Solo.
The remnant are weaker than ever......

The mass of stars reformed into the independent ones of normal space. A green world appeared ahead, a mass of violent storms in the upper atmosphere.An aging imperial shuttle craft was observed heading to the planet, Dagobah. It had no escorts, no protection. When the remnant flew, there were always escorts. This craft looked a little worse for wear. It glided down through the clouds, on its way to the surface. Moister sprayed around as the landing thrusters fired. It lightly touched down, as if flown by a master pilot. The engines began cooling, the running lights extinguished and the ramp lowered silently to the marshy surface.

The figured that emerged from the ship was covered in a dark blue robe, the hood drawn conselingly over the head. The robed figure moved as if floating on air. A silent wisp blew the robe open revealing a light saber. The figure knew the path, as if it had traveled it every day. A low hovel was passed, though it gave no signs of life, as if for years, but it once held great power within. But now, extinguished.

The figure moved on, purpose in the pace, then, it stopped, as if sensing something. Suddenly a large, slimy creature rose from the murky waters near the figure and moved towards the figure, its prey. A single hand rose, a single gesture, finger tips flashing. Lighting struck the creature causing it to wail in pain and recede into the depths. The figure never even looked as it resumed it’s walk. A thread of long dark hair showed from the hood as it fluttered in the resuming breeze.

A large mass of ancient roots, dark and foreboding created a cavern came into view. This was the goal of the figure. It slowly made it’s way down, into the dark depths where light was swallowed up, but then, sight was not required. Hands found thier hold, feet never missed a step. Finally, the lowest level was reached. The darkness was enveloping, overwhelming. The figure seemed to revel in it, drawing strength from it. With hands raised high, lightning leapt to the fingers, a glow forming around the figure, as the hood slid back. Long tresses flowed in the energy waves that surrounded the figure, the light, revealed the figure as a woman. The light, pure evil, enclosed and seemed to consume the woman completely.

The new republic had began to show signs of weakness. Discord in the reformed senate. The Jedi that had been reborn with wise Jedi master, Luke Skywalker, had grown lax. Some had been raised too fast and with little proper training. It was not Skywalker’s fault, he was simply overwhelmed to be in the position he was thrust. It was inevitable that problems would arise. But no one expected what happened. Skywalker and his sister were on a mission to find more candidates to become Jedi. He was distracted and did not see the attack coming. The attacker, a penchant for things blue, had struck when Luke was weakest. Lea was no match either. She fell beside her brother. They were together in battle and in death. The senate could not believe the loss to the galaxy.

A Superstar Destroyer dropped out of light speed near a ship yard orbiting the world of Yavin. There were several Star Destroyers already in orbit and several squadrons of advanced Tie fighters running patrols. In orbit was another station, even in a half completed state, it was impressive. Even larger than the two that were before it, massive firepower soon to be at its command, a Death Star.

On the bridge of the Superstar Destroyer, a new admiral now in command of the new fleet. He surveyed the progress of the construction. He knew he would have to make a report soon, but he wanted more news to be good than bad. He had suffered enough and did not want to be disciplined again. He would obey without question. He summoned the captain of the ship to him.

Captain Jagged was as nervous as a womprat in a shooting cage. He had just been assigned to command this ship. The prize of the new imperial fleet. He worked hard to get where he was, but this new admiral was different than any commanders he had known. Harsh and demanding, never giving an inch.

“Captain Jagged reporting as ordered, Admiral” Jagged spoke in a voice dripping with fear. The Admiral turned to face the captain before speaking.

“Captain, what is the report on the construction of the station” Admiral Tawakalna asked. He seemed distracted, but his face spoke volumes. He was not to be taken lightly. When he demanded answers, the replies had better be coming yesterday. The captain gave all details of progress and materials needed and even explained that the difficulties had been resolved to increase speed. “That is unacceptable, Captain” the Admiral spoke, voice on an even level. “The dark lord wants answers, not excuses”.

The captain hurried out of the Admiral’s presence. He wanted nothing more than to just be in command of his ship, not keeping up with these demands. He despised intrigue. The dark lord was making a presence that was darker than any he had ever heard of. Even the former emperor, Palpatine was not as dark as this one. A female, former Jedi Knight, her name is sycho_warrior No one knows where she came from, no place of birth, nothing past beyond being a Jedi. She had been a powerful Jedi, but one also that had known much anger in her life.

The shipyard was full of activity. Not only was the Death Star being built, but the shipyard was in full production for new star destroyers. The orders were for seven new ships to be ready in less than six months. A task that merited concern to the republic. This wave would overwhelm many in its path. Sweeping attacks were used to bring key systems into the new fold. One included the planet of Tatooine. A source of the force power. It was the home planet of both Luke and Anakin Skywalker. The force flowed from a dark cave located in a remote province. No one traveled there. Many had died trying to unlock the secrets of it.

Han, never got over losing Lea. He lost all of the fight he had built up. He left his position in the new republic and headed to Nar Shaddaa to retire. No one could seem to reach him. He had lost Chewy twenty five years ago. It had hit him hard, and now, the loss of his wife. He did start a small business with a man named, Locutus. Who himself was a smuggler as well. A kindred spirit if you will. Locutus had built his own ship as well. He had not named it till after he had heard of Han’s wife’s death. He named it in honor of her, The Star Princess. He had hooked up with some of the new republics guiding forces. The ones that saw change coming and wanted to stem the tide of darkness, but knew they might not succeed without the backing of the Jedi.

The door of Locutus’s home slid open. The figure in a standard Jedi robe move quietly inside. He seemed to be aware of all things within. Locutus indicated a chair for him to sit in. The Jedi move and sat quietly, organizing his thoughts. “It’s good to see you again Master Esquilax” Locutus began, “I’m glad you agreed to see me.” Jedi master Esquilax nodded assent and removed a disk from his robe and handed it to Locutus. He took it and move to the console and dropped it into the slot. He touched a couple of buttons and data began to download to the disk. Data that could mean the difference of survival or annihilation. The Jedi had to get it back to the council in time.

The command center on the Death Star was sparse still. Much must still be added to make it a true command center for the new Dark Master. Though the commander did not know anything about her. He only knew what he needed to know, and that was, that the cost of failure would mean a painful death. His predecessor what met such an end. The image was still in his mind, implanted forever. The old commander, suspended in mid air, nothing holding him there while bolts of lightning tore him apart. Just before he died, a lightsaber ignited and flew from the attackers belts and straight through the commanders heart. The new commander, Indy, was not about to face the same future. He would take the lead and accomplish the building in record time. The Geonosians had helped develop the original Death Star and they had a part in the new one as well. They worked in a disciplined manor, with a production level, unequaled.

The senate was gathering for a vote and a discussion of the current Jedi situation. A few dissenters were staying away. Jedi Masters, Stinger, Chips, and Wizard were to be the speakers for the Jedi council. The Chancellor, Arcon, was hesitant to give the floor to these Jedi. He knew his feelings were suspect, but in order to keep up appearances, he had no choice. His master would destroy him if he failed. He had to control the energy he possessed so the jedi would not suspect he was learning from the darkside of the force.

The shuttle ready for departure, lifted off from Dagobah. The Dark Master was growing even stronger than ever. She set a course to the next stop, Tatooine. The craft jumped to light speed and was gone. On the planet, the hovel had a faint glow in the window. Smoke rising from the cook fire and out the hole in the roof. Movement reflected the shadows on the wall of hovel, two beings in conversation.

The cloners on Kamino were glad for more work. This time though, the stock was different. The previous donor was killed in a battle and eventually, the genes were so damaged, the beings being produced were of such inferior stock, they were destroyed to await a new donor. The strain this time was even more promising. The newer procedure was accelerated as well to shorten the time till the troops can be ready for use. Mustang was a very good bounty hunter in his own right. His reflexes were twice that of Jango Fett.

The cloners had high hopes for this batch they were creating. They would be bread with total fearlessness and obedience. They would all be totally loyal to the new Dark Master, sycho_warrior. It was she after all that convinced the Komino’s to create a new version and also fund the project. They never asked where she got the credits or why she wanted the aspects changed from the previous clones. A truly unbeatable army, this time. Soldiers walked by, drilling in perfect precision, not a step out of place, not one falter. Perfect.

Tawakalna returned to his quarters. He had just changed into something relaxing when a the com panel activated, the voice of Jagged irritating him even more than before. He hit the button, more in frustration than in anger. Could not these officers handle things as he had ordered, or would they need an example to live by,. Something to consider. “What is it Captain” he spoke, maintaining an air of command.

“Sir, a message for you from Geonosis. It’s commander freighter fighter” Jagged answered, trying to sound in confidence. And not a bumbling idiot. He touched the keys to send the message to the Admiral, sight unseen.

“Very well, captain, however, no more disturbances tonight, please” the voice dripping with disdain. Tawakalna sat at his desk before responding. The holographic image standing twelve inches tall. The image of freighter fighter flickered and brightened. He was on Geonosis to see to the preparations for the new weapon being created there. A matter of utmost secrecy. If anyone found out of it, it would mean more than his head. He began with all the current information and then spoke to the image.”What progress do you have to report”.

Freighter fighter backed away from view so a larger image could be seen, an impressive site, more power than even the Death Star. “It will be ready as ordered, Admiral, you may pick it up at your leisure, the duplicate will be ready in one week” he finished. Sooner than planed, the Admiral though.

“Very well, Commander, you will be rewarded for your service.” Tawakalna ended the transmission. He contemplated what anyone would want with a weapon this powerful.

Post Wed Oct 12, 2005 4:23 pm

A small craft slowed from hyperspace and entered orbit of Tatooine. It circled once with scanners functioning and then began it decent to the surface, a remote location away from any towns or moister farms. It was an older version of a Sith craft. No one had seen one since Darth Maul had landed here so many years ago. Now, though this one carried another sith, an apprentice. This one was trained in several saber technics and was a willing pupal to the new master. He had much to learn, but was more than capable to carry out his masters orders. As the dust swirled around the ship, the landing legs extended and the wings retracted. The rear hatch opened and a dark robed figure walked out. It touched a button on it’s wrist band and the hatch closed. Another button was pressed and a second hatch opened and a small speeded bike was lowered to the ground.

Dust was seen only by the ebbing sun light of the twin suns of Tatooine, but the line never varied, the course never changed. It was headed straight for the cave. There were no trails, nor foot prints. No one dared to go near the cave any more. It wasn’t worth the risk to go there, only to die.

The imperial shuttle arrived at Tatooine as well. It too seemed out of place, so far from any people. It settled next to the other craft. The ramp lowered as it’s passenger disembarked, but a larger craft was lowered beside it than that of the bike. One worthy of a little more respect, one fit for a master to travel in. Again the dust flew high as the Dark Lord headed toward the same cave. Any Tuskans would be wondering if it was worth anything to follow. No one ever came back.

As sycho_warrior slowed on arriving at the cave, the figure of her apprentice was already there, waiting. On the sound of the crafts engine shutting down, the apprentice turned and move toward the Master and kneeled. “What is thy bidding, my master” the voice spoke in humble tones.

“Rise my Pupil, and attend me” she replied, her eyes flashed a fire, an energy surrounded her, that lit the area as the suns set. Both walked toward the mouth of the cave. The Pupil lowered his hood. The markings on his head resembled Darth maul, but the face was different, almost gentle. But the heart, was dark. The master spoke to the student as both entered the cave, “You have done well, Neo_Kuja, your time to take your place at my side has arrived.” They disappeared into the darken cave, no light lit, none emanating from the cave.

Back on Coruscant, in the private chambers of the Jedi masters, two were in meditation, thier thoughts centering on the trouble that was brewing in the republic. They sought out the source of the disturbance, but they saw only clouds of darkness, and a growing evil. It troubled them until they withdrew from meditating. They looked at each other, as if knowing what the other was thinking. The did to a degree, as they were brothers.

Gowserpaul and Gowserchris were found on a lone world in the outer rim. They were all that survived a freighter wreck a month before. They were rescued by Master Skywalker himself who noticed the force exceptionally strong in them. He brought them back for training and even over saw part of it himself. The seemed to possess not only a quick learning of the training, but a patience level un equaled, except for perhaps Yoda or Mace Windu. The would have appreciated the new students work. They were extraordinary. The council saw the wisdom of setting them as head of the council. They bowed to the wisdom, but requested the others to over see them as well. Pride would destroy a Jedi quickly.

After leaving Locutus, Esquilax set his course back to Coruscant to report to the others on the council and then to the Chancellor as well. His thoughts were troubled. Could someone, a Jedi even, have brought about this darkness he sensed? It was, he had to admit, a possibility. No non-jedi could have gotten close to Skywalker without him knowing it. But, who the person was, well the mystery remained to be solved as well. There were rumors of a student being trained by Master Skywalker personally, but no one knew the truth to that.

The senate was in full meeting. Chancellor Arcon had just called for order and a silence fell over the multitude. There had been a lot of changes over the last quarter of a century. New worlds admitted to the republic. One that was no longer there, due to a break up, was the Trade Federation. That was more due to the affairs that Palpatine had set in motion to propel him to the position as Emperor. They were used to bring about the Clone Wars then discarded like Alderon trash. Arcon had sent a coded message out this very morning, he needed to confer before the Jedi vote took place. He knew he would have to stall it by what ever means necessary. He had spoken to a few delegates that could filibuster the vote for a few days.

The Jedi stood behind the Chancellor on the platform. Mustang had his eyes closed in meditation. The others, they were alert, scanning the senators present, trying to find the root of evil that was growing. An anger seemed to have gotten root and was slowly spreading in the republic. No conflict caused it. The republic had known several years of peace. The remnant had only caused minor problems with most of the commanders having been destroyed at the battle at Endor. Leadership was at a minimal now.

The Death Star had a grand view of the fleet. But it was one that Indy relished. The power that would be at his command soon. These petty ship captains, or even th command of the Admiral, was petty, compared to his. When he was given command of this station, that was the greatest day of his existence. He could not wait to show the galaxy his power. The station had corrected the flaws in the other ones. The exhaust port was no longer vulnerable any more, plus this station would have a shielding system that would not let a gnat approach it.

Unlike the Grand Moff Tarkin’s time, He had true command and power of the station. He answered to only one, the Dark Master, sycho_warrior. He had already obtained a full compliment of Tie Defenders and Stormtroops on board. They were kept trained and ready for a moments notice. These new clone troopers, they were totally obedient to him and would die fighting. This gave him a renewed sense of power. He looked at the flight deck, watching a regiment of troops drill. The precision was magnificent. Every turn executed perfectly, pure polish in the formations. He looked toward the bay’s port, a squadron of his Tie defenders flew past, a tight formation there as well. He turned and took a drink held on a tray by a protocol droid and sipped it. Wonderful, he reveled in his accomplishments.

Outside the station, three squadrons of Defenders always circled the station. The shield that emanated from the planet would keep large ships away, but until the stations shield was operational, they would be flying a repeat pattern around the station, vigilant for any attack that might come from a foolish republic fleet.

The field of view changed to that of the flag ship, the Super Star destroyer, The Vengeance, Jagged looked at the station, just hanging there like a skeleton. He knew why he was here, at this place, but he longed to get into battle. He was a good ship’s commander, but, flag ship duty was not what he liked. The Admiral made him nervous. It wasn’t that he feared him, it was more he did not know what to expect from the man. He was unpredictable, and that was what worried him. He sat at a desk and went over all the information that was pouring in. He had to read through it and organize it to give to the Admiral and he would not fail to be efficient.

Data was coming in from some probe droids in several key systems. Five had been destroyed before the information was complete, but the others gave valuable information as to troop strengths, ship positions, and personnel movements. This was the information the Admiral was wanting to see. The new droids were not armed. Nothings was used to give off a signature that would alert those they watched and scanned.

The cave held much dark energy in it. Training began again. The student worked his abilities until he could accomplish the task given him. Several droids were activated and began to attack. All firing lethal bolts. Neo_Kuja deftly deflected all of them and even sent two of them back at the droid. Its shielding protected it though. He had to defeat them all to survive. He leaped and rolled his way to the rear of the first, using the force to push it into the second. The force fields shorting as they touched. A weakness now to be exploited. A quick thrust of the lightsaber and both were destroyed. Three left to go.

Using a different tactic, the student maneuvered to the blind side of the droid, pushed again and then thrust his saber straight in at the droids head. The shield resisted but grew weak until a hole opened and the saber completed it path and removed the head off the droid. It was now deactivated.

The other two were adapting to the tactics. They would be harder to defeat. He continued to deflect the bolts that were fired, but they were beginning to tire him. “Use your aggressive feelings, stop trying to defeat them with reason” a voice called out. His master was instructing him. He closed his eyes and concentrated intently. Though he was bodily deflecting the bolts, he was also seeing the droids lift off the ground and be slammed into each other, destroying them. He opened his eyes as pieces fell all around him. “Very well done, Darth Neo_kuja”. The title meant he had survived and passed the test. The trials were complete.

They returned to their ships. No words spoken, but orders were given. The shuttle headed away on another task while the Sith craft headed to Yavin. A message to be delivered in person.

A shadow on the side of a sand dune watched as both craft left the surface. It was hooded as it began the walk back to a bantha on the other side of another dune. It mounted and turned the creature and moved off toward the cave.

In the meditation room of the council, jedi were in varying stages of meditation. Some found it easy, while others had to concentrate harder to meditate. More training was need for those and the Jedi Master Esquilax was instructing the group. His level of meditation was almost unrivaled, except for the brothers. He was the best choice to continue the training that Skywalker had left off at. Peace began to be felt in the room. Clarity of thought. They all began to see an image. A hooded, blue robed figure began to emerge. The figures face was slowly being seen, recognition of the face by some, including Esquilax.

The meditation continued, now they saw the new fleet being built. The peace began to be disrupted. Fear was intruding in the thoughts of some. “Do not fear what you see. “ Esquilax spoke soothingly, “you will see many images, but concentrate on what you see, not on what they are, let the images form, know them, but do not let fear enter in, remember Master Yoda’s instruction, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.”

A couple of the Jedi were still a little fearful. The images clouded and disappeared. The meditation was falling apart. The room was once again lit with the outside light. Esquilax dismissed all but two of the Jedi and ask that they remain. The others headed off to their quarters to change and ready themselves for travel. They would have duties soon to carry out.

Esquilax escorted the two, to the training area where the brothers waited. They needed more instruction in dealing with fear. They would be a liability if sent out as they are now. Their missions would end in failure because of it.

Freighter fighter did not like this posting. True, he was privy to many weapons designs, but he loathed these Geonosians. The winged creatures were annoying to say the least. He wanted nothing more than to be aboard ship on a mission, not stuck here in these caverns. The constant flitting and flying made him think of them as insects , to be swatted. True they were expert builders and they did create impressive droids. But they were still getting under his skin.

In the arena, he oversaw the testing of the droids and their programing. Live combat tested them to their fullest. He believed there was no other way to know if the droid would hold up to combat than to test it in combat. A few designs failed and were eliminated, while others, were improved even more and would be quite formidable. The Geonosians would swoop into the arena and gather the fallen droids to analyze them and why they failed. At least they were useful.

His quarters were no better though. He detested this insect filled world and longed for the sterile environment of a ship. The dust clung to him worse than Denebian flea dung. He could never seem to get clean from it. But, with the new weapon being constructed, he may have found his way off this planet. True there were only two of these weapon, only one would be used at a time. And then, probably only one would be needed to make the point needed. A smile came across his face at that thought.

The aged shuttle approached the Super Star destroyer, the Vengeance, and was granted permission to dock. Command was notified and an Honor guard was quickly assembled on the flight deck and the Admiral summoned as well. The guard felt it long before they saw the passenger that would disembark from the ship. The officers began to fear the visit and wanted only to go back to their duties. Admiral Tawakalna was not as pleased to see this person. He had gotten himself accustomed to not dealing with those of the force nature and preferred it that way. He had not minded the Dark one being in command, so long as she did not get in the way of his plans to set himself as the new leader of the restored empire.

After what seemed an intolerable amount of time, which agitated the Admiral even more, the ramp lowered. The robed figure descended the ramp, her pace measured. Hood covering head and a dark presence that the others could feel as the Dark Master passed. Admiral Tawakalna nodded his head and spoke, “We’re honored by you visit. We weren’t expecting you, but if you will foll....” he never got to finish the words. A tightening of his throat was warning enough to stop babbling.

“Dispense with the pleasantries and follow me, Admiral” was all Lord sycho_warrior said. The Admiral turned to and fell in behind her. The officers were amazed at the sudden change in behavior. The Admiral had never been silenced like this, not obey a command without questioning it first. The door to the corridor slide shut and they all breathed a sigh of relief and headed back to their duties.

On the bridge, the crew was watching as commands were carried out to take the ship into hyperspace. No crew hands entered anything, but it was as if an invisible person was doing it. If the command in charge tried to intervene, he received a physical shock. They all just stood and waited for things to return to their control. The destination was ascertained as...Kamino!

The Admiral finally realized where he was being led, to his own quarters. He had commandeered Captain Jagged’s and made them his own. I wanted the best for himself. As the door snapped shut the grip returned and he was lifted off the floor and flung towards the far bulkhead. He was held there tightly. The grip loosening only enough for him to barely breath. Pain now dominated his senses. He looked at the tormenter in front of him as she walked towards him. That face, it sent him back into time.

The small pocket of remnant ships had fled to an obscure system to regroup. The New Republic fleet had damaged them severely. Half of the ships had been destroyed in the battle. He was the Captain of a Star Destroyer. It had suffered many casualties in the fire fight. They had no fighter support left when they fled. The Mon Calamari Star Cruiser had pursued his ship into an asteroid field which led him to be able to escape. The Jedi on the cruiser had already sent some aboard and decimated his crew. There was yet two still on board that he had to deal with as he jumped to hyperspace. As soon as the ship had jumped, he sent every security officer out to search for the Jedi.

As he sat in his quarters, a sound of slashing was heard out side the door, then the blade of a saber cut through the lock and the door slid open. The Jedi had just finished off his personal guard. Now he was alone with the two. The door slid shut as the Jedi moved closer, light sabers drawn and at the ready. Then something weird happened, the one, a female turned on the other and cut him in half. She then switched off the saber and reclipped it to her belt. He stared in amazement as she sat casually in a chair near him and indicated he be seated as well.

He sat, trying to figure out what this was about. A Jedi turning on another? It was unheard of. He was fascinated as to what it meant. The woman explained it to him, he, she said, was to be useful to her and her plans. If he wanted to live, he would follow her orders, without question. This took him aback a little. True, his former commander had died in the battle he had just fled from, but to follow a woman? And a Jedi at that? No, he would not and told her so.

Without so much as batting and eye, her expression changed from a friendly one to one that spoke volumes of anger. He felt himself lifted from the chair and held, arms spread. The Jedi rose and moved in front of him and spoke, softly,”You will, I know you will”. A laugh followed as he was spun around once. As he faced her, the choke returned as lightning emanated from her fingertips and struck him repeatedly.

After half an hour of this and a few scars, he gave in, he wanted only to have the pain stopped. He said he would obey her orders, without question. She released him and he fell to the floor, too weak to even stand. She helped him up and to a chair. “You will be my new Admiral” she spoke, this got his attention, “you will be in command of the new fleet I am raising and You, will follow my orders and see great success.” He nodded his agreement and she turned to leave. “ I will be taking a shuttle when we drop out of hyperspace,” He agreed to send the orders to have one prepared. The she turned to him and said, “Take the remainder of this pitiful fleet to Endor and wait for my arrival”. She left and headed towards the flight deck.

A bolt of lightning slammed his head into the bulkhead again. The present returned. “My dear Admiral, do I have to remind you to follow my orders without question, or do I remove you and give your position to another”. The voice dripped sarcasm. He knew what she meant by removal and wanted nothing to do with it.

“I will obey all orders without question, Master” Tawakalna spoke, though the use of the term, Master, turned his stomach. He knew he could not get the better of her, not now anyway. Better to obey and live to try another. He slid to the deck, nursing new wounds and some old ones as well. She turned and left. He cleaned up and changed uniforms in preparation to return to the bridge.

Post Wed Oct 12, 2005 4:24 pm

The Dark Master headed to quarters that were made available by a crew member willing to help. Upon entering, she removed her hood and moved to the communications panel and sent a signal to Kamino of their impending arrival. She wanted all things in order for her arrival and was assured they would be. Then she put in a call to her apprentice. He responded that he was due to arrive with in moments of the station and would carry her words to the new commander in the way she sent them. She acknowledged it and cut communications. sycho_warrior moved to the floor and settled in a meditative position. Thoughts pointing inward to the point of control she had found long ago.

The one her former Master, Luke Skywalker had taught her. It was the one good thing he had done for her. He and his sister had found her so long ago. She was but a child of two. Her name was Carla. Her parents had died in an accident, leaving her all alone. He took her with them and headed to the moon in orbit of Yavin. There she was raised and trained till she was six years old. Lea had become a mother to her and Luke as a father. She was a sweet child, though, Luke could sense a strong power of the force in her. She was at least as strong as he was, even now. He told her of Yoda, Obi Wan and the others that helped in his training. He told her of his father and how he had been turned back from the dark side to the light.

The stories moved her, but, they also fascinated her in the thought of a darkside. As she continued to grow, her powers grew geometrically. Soon she would be more powerful than Skywalker. Lea began to see problems, but kept most to herself. Though she was empowered in the force like her brother, she preferred to use the power to persuade others to join the republic. In doing so, she saw few battles. She was not advanced in the art of saber fighting and usually stayed at home when Luke went on dangerous missions. She tried to teach Carla the peaceful ways of the force. When she would play act fighting an enemy, Lea would correct her and say that a fight should be the last resort for a Jedi, not the first. This correction began to create anger in Carla.

When she became a Jedi Knight, she was given a mission to rescue travelers that was being held hostage. She went alone, rather than waiting for another to accompany her. She was impatient and rushed before all the information could be give to her. The Hostage takers were former mercenaries and wanted only the freedom to return to their homeworld. When she arrived at the world where they held the hostages, she moved in stealthily, communications off so as to not alert the takers of her movements. She never received the recall order. She never knew the takers were on the verge of giving up.

She moved in and the first of the guards thought they were betrayed and opened fire on her. She defended herself and killed the attackers. Within a few minuets, it was all over and she was loading the hostages on her ship and lifted off to return to safety. She communicated with Luke that she had all of the hostages and was returning. Anguish was on Luke’s face when he said he would see her when she returned. She saw the pain, but was confused as to why it was there.

After the people left the craft, she went to see Master Skywalker to report in. He had her sit down while he replayed a message from the Hostage takers. It explained why they took them and what they wanted to release the people unharmed. Luke explained all that happened need not have to. If she had been more patient and waited, she would have received the message and lives would have been saved. She did not take the rebuke well. She said she did not see the problem, as the people had been rescued and the takers punished for the crime. Luke shook his head and tried to reason with Carla. Then he told her to return to her quarters.

It took almost a year to re-earn respect that she lost. But she did it by burying her emotions. Keeping the anger within. It worked for a time, then the battle with the remnant. She was give another chance to show her abilities by going aboard a Star Destroyer to take command of it. This was the opportunity she looked for. So she and seven other Jedi took an imperial shuttle and headed to the Star destroyer. False commands allowed it to dock. From there, they spit up into pairs to take control of the ship. Carla killed her fellow Jedi, one at a time, joining up with another each time. Until it was her and Sandra left. They headed towards the ship commanders quarters. That was where she turned to the dark side, taking the name of sycho_warrior and leaving her past behind. A month later, she found both Luke and Lea on a world looking for candidates. Her surprise appearance shook Luke, but she explained that the ship became unstable and she barely escaped with her own life. He did not see the blade that killed him, nor heard the pleas from Lea to stop. Both died that very day, as did Carla’s soul.

sycho_warrior’s thoughts returned to the present. There was a knock at her quarters. It was a message that they would be dropping out of hyperspace in ten minuets, and would then be orbiting Kamino. She rose from the meditation and clipped her lightsaber to her belt an reset her robe and hood.

The Admiral was on the bridge when she arrived. He showed no emotion as to the encounter they had had. He was giving the order to put the ship in orbit. He turned to the Dark Master and asked, “Your orders?”

All available shuttles headed for the surface. One pilot each so as many troops could be carried as possible. They were to bring the ship to full compliment plus a garrison more for transport to the other ships massed at Yavin. sycho_warrior met with the representative of Komino and ordered fifteen million more soldiers as well. They would be needed for the coming battle.

On the battle station, a ship of sith design was approaching. The pass code was asked for and received. The craft docked in a smaller landing bay with only five troopers to greet the guest. A mistake indeed.

The rear hatch opened and the hooded and robed figure swept out and headed towards the corridor. The troopers blocked his path. “That will be all, you may go” he spoke, a gesture with a hand. The troopers turned and walked away. The figure continued to the door that hissed open and he disappeared into the maze of corridors, his destination set already. He took the first turbo lift to the command deck. His pass code over rode all security functions.

Surprise was on the faces of all on the deck. No one was suppose to arrive unannounced, not even the commander. A guard started to approach but stopped as quickly. “Hold your place” the figure spoke. The one in charge caught on quickly to what was going on and tripped a switch that would call the commander to the bridge.

“Can I be of service, the Man asked.

“No, I will wait for the commander to arrive” the figure spoke and moved to look out the view port. Ships sailed by, fighters weaving in and out of formations. A frigate dropping out of hyper space and maneuvering to take up a position in orbit. The reflection in the glass gave the sub-commander a different view of the figure. He had seen a similar face like that before, but could not remember where, then it struck him, on Iridonia, he was a Zabrak. They have been seen as sith before, with Maul. He was a little more concerned now. There were rumors of the sith returning. Everyone knew of Darth Sidious, who was the Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, but both were dead. Where did this one come from and who trained him.

The door to the bridge opened and the commander stepped in. His eyes looked over the bridge, stopping at the robed figure. He ordered the room cleared. All looked to see it he was joking. “I said clear out, Now!” he shouted. Everyone headed to the lift to begin the evacuation. Controls were set to automatic and secured. When the last had left, the commander, turned to the figure and spoke again.” I was wondering if you would return here again”.

His face turned to shock when the figure turned to face him. Not the one he thought to be here. Alarm was in his features. “Who are you, what do you want?” Invisibly, two chairs were pulled over and the figure sat in one and motioned for the commander to sit in the other.

“Commander Indy, I am here to check up on you and to relay a message to you from your Master” The figure spoke, voice calm and level. “My name is Darth Neo_Kuja, and I serve my Lord, Master sycho_warrior” a pause to let the information sink in, “ I bring you a message that I was instructed to deliver personally and in the form given”. A smile came across Neo_Kuja’s face.
A laugh was heard from the sith and a scream of pain and anguish from the commander.

Han was dealing so badly with the situation, that Locutus had to threaten to blow up the Falcon to get his attention. “Come on, your going with me” Locutus said. He grabbed Hans hand and yanked him up and onto his shoulders.

“Put me down you flea bitten has been”. Han said, a little anger in the voice, but no fight. He had no fight in him for a long time. Locutus carried him to the lift and down into the hanger and up the ramp into the Star Princess. After strapping Han in, he started up the ship and lifted off. Once out of the hanger, he set course for space. It too a bit, but he had the coordinates set for the jump into hyperspace. To the planet of Naboo. To the one place that was safe to travel to.

A day and a half travel brought them to the planet. A beautiful view from orbit. Clear skies where they would be going. The north country, to the estate of Lea’s mother. He descended to a landing pad a short distance from the main house. The lake was as blue as ever . By now, he had Han up and walking. Locutus had guessed Han had resolved to go along peaceable. The walk was not far, near the lake in fact. A small pavilion was erected there with a view of the whole lake, flowers surrounding the area. He led Han to the spot. “I’m doing this for your own good, Han, you’ve got to get this out of your system, here and now”.

He gestured to the ground, to the plaques of stone, that were engraved. “Here lies brother and sister, of the family Skywalker, Luke and Lea, Jedi Knights, defenders of the republic, died in battle. Luke survived by wife and son, Lea survived by husband, Han Solo. Han broke down at this and wept. His anger, resentment all came to a head, here and now. Locutus knelt by his friend, a hand on his shoulder. The pain shared now and lessened for Han, for his friend. They would remain as long as needed. As long as Han needed. Locutus knew Han would survive and that he would want to take another trip soon. It was ok and he was prepared for that journey.

The Death Star bridge resumed the hectic schedule that it had. The commander acted as if nothing happened. No one spoke of the scar on his face and neither did he. The work would continue till the station was complete, no more failures allowed. Two more personnel transports dropped out of hyper space. These were additional workers from Geonosis. This would help to step up the pace that was now expected of them. Indy was not about to suffer another visit from the Sith.

Supply transports also picked up the pace, delivering supply needed to build the mammoth structure. Key components were delivered as well. Gravity generators, deck guns, anti-ship batteries and more. The Main weapon was almost complete as well. This station, once complete would truly be the ultimate power in the universe. It was twice the size of the original Death Star. A fearsome site it would be when it was put into action. To overwhelm a target with shear mass. The gravitational fields would be disrupted as well. Much terror would be accomplished with the reports spreading from planet to planet. That would bring the systems into line quickly.

The waves stormed Tipoca City on Komino as always. An awesome site to see if you have never been there. All troops had been transported to the Super Star destroyer. The Dark Master made her way to the creation facilities. A bridge gave a view down into the area. Troops of different ages, drilling, learning, all obedient. She would see to that. She was to meet with the administrator in moments. Lama Su was still the Prime Minister. He had served the previous Dark Lord well. Though, in the beginning, he had not known that it was a Dark Lord who was behind the orders. He did not care. He just wanted to be paid and have their work appreciated by others. They took great pride in their work after all.

Troops turning in precision drill, snapped in the turn and continued. The Dark Master continued his course to the meeting. A special task to have done, one that must be carried out, alone. This would have to be carefully done. It would be dangerous if the Jedi got wind of the plans that were laid out. They would do all to stop her, at any cost. But, the rewards of success, well, they were worth the risk.

Jagged was on the bridge, the ship was ready to get under way, but was delayed because of who was still down on the planet. He wanted nothing more than to get this mission over with. Having to deal with the Admiral was one thing, but the other, was not. He received the report that all was secured for the hyperspace jump. “Hold here for the time being, Lieutenant. “ A curious glance was all that was seen. They were filled to the brim with troops and needed to unload them as soon as possible. Crew members were doubled up in quarters to accommodate the extras. He had voiced his complaint, but was told to hold his peace, it was orders.

The scanning officer reported a craft leaving the surface and headed thier way. It would be docked in less than five minuets. Jagged acknowledged it. He still could not give the order until told to do so. He would wait.

The Senate forum was now abuzz. The Jedi had presented thier reports. Conditions in the galaxy were deteriating. The report from Jedi Master Esquilax was also relayed. It was alarming to say the least. It was a warning of impending disaster, if not dealt with rapidly. There were many calls for answers. The Chancellor tried to get order restored. With much effort, a calm was restored. It was put that a vote would be delayed until the next day, so a plan of defense could be found. The Jedi present, agreed.

Gowserpaul and Gowserchris where in the meditation chamber when the others returned. They lowered the lighting as the others entered. Each found a place and sat. Each had a preference and found the level of peace with no distractions. The one Master Yoda had trained Luke with. Each had concerns, but they were set aside for the time and the group. The clarity was amazing. Each could see the approach of a cloud, but it was still a ways off. They saw two, hooded and robed. They had the manifestation of the dark side. What they were doing, no one could see. They did see the faces and alarm spread, but the vision held. The anger was seen as well.

Several hours later, Esquilax briefed the others on what he knew and the scouting reports that were coming in. It gave them and edge, but, not the upper hand. Unless they moved quickly and carefully, a repeat of Darth Sidious would occur. That would be disastrous for the galaxy. There were too few Jedi. About one hundred at present, half of those were padawans. They needed a lot more training. There were still those to be found. The brothers would deal with that issue. Wizard approached Esquilax to speak with him. “It is difficult to believe that it is Carla we are up against. “

“I know what you mean” replied Esquilax, “I believed her dead as the others did”. The Star Destroyer, or at least the one Carla was suppose to have been aboard was destroyed, pieces spread over a sector. An internal explosion was what did it in. No remains were ever recovered when the salvage teams searched. They scraped all the material they could to melt down to build new items and ships. But, no life forms were recovered. Strange indeed.

Mean while, in a distant star system, far from any strategic bases, a republic Carrier and a Blockade runner had entered the system. They were here based on information that the remnant were to gather a small group of ships here to be united in to a small fleet. The Republic had thirty A-Wing fighters. Top of the line. The Carrier was commanded by Captain Spix. He had been assigned this duty, as the loss of his love had been a distraction and he needed time away from the situation to, regroup his thoughts. He was an excellent tactician in his own right. Word was that the first ship to arrive was suppose to be a Star Destroyer. That would be frightening enough. It was said to have between six and a dozen fighter escorts. His would be enough to meet the situation.

The main tactic was to have only ten in the open, the other twenty would be stationed behind several asteroids to await orders. It was a tactic to draw in and commit the larger ship. Then the twenty would pounce on the fighters and destroy them, leaving the Destroyer vulnerable.. The squadrons were three. Red, headed by Redstar one, Gold, headed by Topher, and Blue headed by Arania. Each very capable pilots and leaders. Redstar one draw the decoy duty.

Captain Spix had a ship on the screen. It was due to drop out of hyper space in less than ten minuets. All was in readiness. They had only to lure the ships in, fain fear and flee. When the fighters pursued, they would turn and fight near the asteroids. At that point, the trap would be sprung. Until then, they waited....

A flash, the ship dropped out of hyperspace. On the bridge, Commander Dark_reaper called for shields to be engaged. It was then that he received the report of the Republic ships. “Battle Stations” he called, “Launch all fighters”. Twelve fighters launched, Twelve Tie Interceptors that is. Not Standard Tie’s that were expected. This changed the equation.

“Redstar one, begin you run, draw them in” Spix commanded. Redstar passed the order on, all signaled readiness. Beginning in diamond formation, they began an arc run towards the Star Destroyer that would barley put them in range of the massive weapons and then, back out as the finished the turn and head to the Rendezvous point. If only the Tie’s buy it. The battle was already tougher than expected.

The first of the tie began to weave in the Republic formation, firing white hot arcs. Red five took fire on his starboard engine. He was still able to keep control of his craft as another tie turned to and opened fire with a volley that destroyed Red Five and Damaged Red Four. The numbers were dwindling now and they still had a ways to go. “Hit your rear shield to max, we can still make it” Redstar one squawked. The Tie were now about even with the pattern. “Break formation” Redstar sent. And all headed in opposite directions. The Star Destroyer, began a slow approach towards the Republic ships. They wanted the fighter cover gone first before attacking.

Captain Spix waited, but finally gave the order, “All groups, engage the enemy”. Gold group and Blue group powered up and locked on to the nearest Tie. It was down to dog fighting now. The odds shifted to the Republic now. Tie began to be taken out, almost like shooting fish in a barrel. Then the unexpected happened, twelve more tie launched from the Star Destroyer, but different. Tie Defenders, these had shields. Now it was no longer even. Now, the republic was on the disadvantage. They had depended on the fighter surviving to do damage to the Remnant ship. A carrier lacked the fire power to do much damage.

Captain Spix looked at the Com officer when he shouted, “Incoming ship sir, X-Wing class, a proto type it looks like” A prototype X-wing? Hadn’t the x-wings been abandoned for the newer A-wings and B-wings? Who was flying this ship anyway?

“Raise the pilot of that ship” the Captain ordered. The com officer relayed the information and then nodded to the Captain that the communications channel was opened. “Pilot, this is captain Spix of the republic carrier, Identify yourself.”

“Captain, this is Commander Darkstone, The Jedi sent me here to help out, don’t mind if I jump in do you?” he shot back and began to engage the Tie Defenders, A hard roll port brought him right behind the first target, The four lasers hit their mark and the Tie was scrap as Darkstone headed towards the next target. All but Redstar one of Red Group was destroyed. He was limping back toward the carrier. He was of no use to the fight now. Gold group and Blue Group were now cut in half, but all the Interceptors were gone now, only the Defenders left, and the Destroyer. Darkstone saw he had picked up a tail, he banked hard over towards the Destroyer, kicked in the power and headed strait at it, Tie right behind.

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Spix could not believe his eyes. “Is he insane”. Darkstone never varied his course. The destroyer could not fire as it might hit it’s own ship. Pulling just a bit more power out of his ship, Darkstone began to pull away from the tie. He closed his eyes. They hit the retros with everything he had. The Tie flew past, the pilot distracted looking for his prey, he did not see anything, as he slammed into the Destroyer hull. The ship was rocked. The resulting fire ball blinded sensors temporarily.

Darkstone kicked his engines in again and gave his R-2 unit instructions to get more power for him. It whistled and whirled to comply. He banked along the hull, just below the view of the bridge. When he had calculated the distance, he whipped it in a vertical ninety and headed towards the bridge deflectors. He armed the two proton torpedoes he had on board. Just as he reached the apex, he killed the engines and turned. He let loose a volley of laser fire and destroyed both deflectors in a fire blaze before they knew what hit them. Dark_reaper demanded to know what was going on. No information was coming in. Then an X-wing dropped in front of his view port, at half power heading away. Not half the ships length, it turned a one eighty and fired two torpedoes, point blank at the bridge.

“Sir, we’ve lost the bridge defectors” came the report. The Captain, resigned to the fate, stood there, and died. Captain Spix saw two explosions at the Destroyer and demanded a report. A crew member reported that the Destroyer’s main shields had been destroyed. Then a larger one as the bridge was destroyed in a blinding flash so bright, all ducked. When they recovered, all that was left were six Defenders and parts of a Star destroyer. With no support left, the remaining Defenders broke off the fight and jumped into hyper space, the battle lost.

“All ship return to the carrier, you too X-wing” Spix commanded. He would know who this was and what he was doing here.

When the pilot had shut down his ship, he and the droid headed to the Captains office. A knock was answered by, “Come”.

The door slid aside and Darkstone walked in and the droid behind him, the door sliding shut before any spoke. “You wanted to see me, Captain” Darkstone responded, no arrogance in the voice, just honesty.

Just who the hell are you pilot?” he asked, as little frustration in the voice, “I’ll grant you, you saved our butts out there today, but I want to know more, like why”.

“My name is Commander Darkstone..... Skywalker. “ he replied “I am a Jedi Knight and was sent by the council to help in this fight and to deliver new orders to you.”

“Skywalker, any relation to Jedi Master Luke Skywalker?’ Spix asked. Darkstone nodded, “Well I’ll be, I had heard he had a son, but never knew where he was, till now.”

“Beep, whistle, Bleep” the R-2 unit sounded. “Yes R-2, I will relay that as well.”

The meeting did not last long. The son of Skywalker headed back to his ship, R2D2 right behind him. The droid, ever faithful, kept up a banter of beeps and shrills. As if it liked to talk to itself. The hanger door opened and two pilots walked by, scarcely noticing Darkstone. He looked around and saw a tech. He needed to get some repair work done to his ship before leaving. After speaking with him, Darkstone moved back into the corridor and asked a crewman which way to the mess deck.

The hatch opened and Darkstone entered. Just a handful of crew were here. Two in conversation and the rest eating. In the corner, was an old man who was nursing a Corrilian Ale. He did not look happy. Darkstone headed over and sat down at the man’s table. “Can’t you find another table to sit at, or is bothering people a regular thing on this tub” came the response from the old man. Darkstone just sat till the man ran out of steam, then sat up, elbows on the table, looking at the man.

The man squinted at darkstone. “Why are you looking at me like that, who are you” the man demanded. He moved his hand to his side, as if to draw a blaster, but realized there was none there. None allowed on ship. Darkstone unclipped his light saber and lay it on the table, between them, turned sideways. The man looked closer now. First at the light saber then at the face. “You’re a Jedi, to be sure, but, I know you, don’t I”. Darkstone nodded.

“Yes you do, don’t tell me you have forgotten me Captain” Darkstone said, his tone soothing. A peace now present in the room. “My father spoke very highly of you and of the adventures you and he had.”

“Luke, your Luke’s son, Darkstone” the man began, “You disappeared ten years ago. No one knew where you went” the man beamed at the remembrance.

“Yes, I was studying to complete my Jedi training” Darkstone spoke, his voice quavering, as if struggling to keep it down, “I’m here, looking for information on another Jedi, who use to go by the name of Carla.”

“Can’t say I’ve heard of the name, have you tried the counsel?” the man shot back as if Darkstone had acted like a child.

Yes Captain, I have, they would not tell me and the records are sealed” frustration began to cloud his face, “That’s why I came to you, my father said if I ever needed information, to look you up, which is why I’m here.”

“Well, I do still have a source that is reliable, I’ll see what I can find out for you and get you word, will that do for now?” the man replied back.

“It will indeed, Captain, it will indeed” Darkstone answered, a smile beginning to return to his face.” Captain Solo, my wife will be looking you up in a few days, take care of her, please” and Darkstone turned and left the mess hall. Solo, a perplexed look on his face, did not know what to make of that request. Luke’s son has a wife?

The tech had the required items repaired on the X-wing and it was refueled and ready to go when Darkstone returned to the hanger deck. Climbing up to the cockpit, he spoke back at R2 and asked”He get it all fixed and right, R-2?” A series of chirp was the response, “Good enough for me then” and strapped himself in and began the roll procedure to exit the ship.

“Skywalker, stand down” came a com message in his headset. Darkstone continued the take off while replying.

“Don’t have time Captain, I’m on a mission and have to leave, sorry about being rude, but I’m signing off” He hit the deactivate button on the com panel. He would not let anything or anyone stand in the way of his plans. He just had to control his emotions, not letting them get the best of him. He would need all the Jedi meditation and discipline to face the killer of his parents. It would only be a matter of time before Han got the information he needed and his wife relayed it to him. Then things would be settled.

The X-Wing lifted off the deck and passed through the forcefield and began to pick up speed. A course was set and the hyperspace jump made. The fighter was gone and an angry ship’s captain remained, his questions unanswered, for now. He would put a call into the Jedi to find out just what was going on here. There was more to this thing than meets the eye.

The Jedi council was in full meeting when the call came in, first thanking them for the Jedi that saved their butts, but then asking what the hell was going on. Jedi Master Esquilax replied first, “I assure you Captain, we sent no jedi anywhere, who ever this was, we would like to know, did he give a name?”

“Darkstone Skywalker was the name, son of Master Luke Skywalker” was the reply. Astonished looks from several members.

The X-Wing dropped out of hyper space over Dagobah. The pilot fired his landing thrusters and took it down. The area still clear from the last visitor. The ship, shut down and unloaded, R-2 clearly not happy to be back on this planet, voiced his opinion. “Yes R-2, I know you hate the muck, but the trip was necessary.” was Darkstone’s reply. He strapped on the pack of supplies and headed towards the hovel, smoke rising slowly from the roof vent.

Ducking, he almost had to craw to enter. He was a bit taller than his father was. Inside he set out his bedroll and other needed things and set the pack aside. He was not alone. The presence of three other Jedi, comforting and soothing. They would aid him in his quest, and more. A short figure and two others dressed in black...

Commander Indy had all available stations up and running long before a report was sought. He delivered it in crisp, military fashion. The receiver, merely acknowledged it. Indy was still hurting from the previous meeting with this individual. The pain would not be silenced. He learned his lesson quite well. But, his was the power to use, which was a comfort. He only wished to use it on the one who caused him pain. But, he kept his thought buried, hidden. Safer that way. Even a Jedi could sense deception.

His quarters gave him a reprieve. It would still be two more months before there was enough of the station assembled to be a threat to a system. Until then, he could only wait. A knock at his door brought his thoughts back to the here and now. “Come” was the only word spoke as the door slide open. Admiral Tawakalna stepped inside and waited for the door to close before speaking. This, was surprise. The Admiral had no authority here, so why come here at all. They had not always seen eye to eye, but they did respect one another. He motioned the Admiral to have a seat.

Captain Jagged had seen the Admiral head to the hanger bay once they had returned to the fleet. He did not say where he was going, only that he had an urgent matter to attend to. The was a relief. Just to be in command of the prized ship, his ship, was what he wanted. The other things, well they were unsettling. He would almost request a transfer, but with his luck, it would be only to the nearest airlock.

The meeting was proving productive. Both the commander and the Admiral were coming to an agreement. The seemed to have a common foe and wanted to be rid of it. At that exact moment, the door slid open and in walked part of the problem, cloaked in a dark robe with hood drawn and saber in hand. The door slid shut, a scream cut off as the door sealed.

Gowserpaul was the first to speak, “Darkstone disappeared ten years ago while on a training exercise, Now he turns up again?” He and his brother liked challenges, they allowed them to test themselves. But this, no one knew what to make of it. None of the Jedi were prepared for the events that could now take place, but it was decided to make contact with Skywalker as soon as possible.

Esquilax took the floor. He had come to a conclusion, based on the information obtained and the flight records, that Darkstone had been to Degoba and has since returned there. And, there was and another problem as well, anger was sensed as well. A bad mix for a Jedi. This could lead someone to the darkside, even someone as strong as Darkstone. This required more though. Esquilax left the council chambers and went to his quarters to think about it.

Jagged had all the extra Troopers transferred to various ships that were in need. Soon the attack force would be ready. He coded message and sent it to the Death Star, to be given to the Admiral. It was replied that he would be given the message at the earliest convenience, what ever that meant. What could the Admiral be up to that a message he wanted, could not be relayed now.

The meeting of the Admiral and the Commander, Indy, was almost over. Nothing would be the same again. He had come to for a strategy to remove the sith from the plans, only to be plunged straight into their plans. The surgeons worked on him. Implants were needed to keep him alive. His face, if you could call it that was gone. In place of it was mask close to that of the old dark lord, Vader. It would be required to live. His new master, the Dark Master herself, over saw the handy work. Ths would end the internal rebellion before it even got started. The commander was in full agreement, that no further rebellion would be tolerated, by any one.

The Admiral, once all the devises were in place, rose from the table and the quickly bowed the knew to his master, sycho_warrior, pledging new loyalty to the master, without further question. He lost his battle to over throw the Sith. He would no longer want to be the emperor. The Sith turned and left. They had other things to attend to now. Their servants would remain loyal, no longer questioning orders. One the fleet was assembled, the admiral was to take it to the first system in the plan, and bring it under the control of the new emperor.

Jedi masters Gowserpaul and Gowserchris were consulting the Jedi data banks. There were no immediate references to the sith, as in a rapid rise to power. There would then have to be more to this than meets the eye. If they could only find and speak to Darkstone. They might get a few answers to the situation. Until then, they would have to contiplate another solution to the crisis. That also included dealing with the senate.

There was also a dark presence there as well. They would root that out first. But they wanted to talk to Esquilax first. Then speak with the Chancellor. This one, had something to hide. He was only elected two months ago. They had changed the powers declaration so that the chancellor could not hold maximum power any more. They learned from Palpatine and that blunder that put a Sith into power and gave him control of everything.

The had bee there very undoing and nearly destroyed all the Jedi. Master Skywalker had been able to rebuild the Jedi, but to a limit. They were still few in numbers and limited on how they could use their resources. They must act wisely to survive this time of troubles. A knock on the door brought the brothers back to the present. :Come” spoke Gowserchris. The door slid quietly back and in walked Wizard and Chips. They were both busy lately with calming systems. Minor disputes turning into major ones. It took a delicate touch to calm things down so the heart of the problem could be addressed.

“It’s getting more serious all the time” was Chips comment.

“System after system, stirring up more troubles, But, who is behind it all” Wizard followed up. Both took seats across from the brothers. He just shook his head.

“There is a good probability that Carla is behind it” Gowserpaul spoke, as if disappointed in the fact. “What we saw earlier and some new information that has come to light suggests that she, is the new Dark Master of the Sith”.

“But, how can a Jedi turn to the darkside, if he or she does not have the help of a master” Chips spoke. He too was having a hard time excepting the truth. He had know Carla for some time, but beyond being head strong, she had not showed signs of anger or hatred. It just did not seem possible. Who could have made known the places that possesses the powers of the darkside. The only one that had know of it was Luke Skywalker. He had experienced it on Degoba with Master Yoda when he was young, but he has been dead ten years now.

Chips was the only one of the current Jedi that had know it existed. The other never gave any indications. Luke must have showed her during the training. There is no other explanation. “I’m going to Degoba to do a little research” Chips said, rising. The others nodded and he left. They all expressed hope that he could uncover something and then report back to the others.

The current batch of students would be watched closely. Letting none of them be alone on assignment, but travel with a Master. These were troubling times indeed. At that moment, Esquilax entered to report his findings to the council. His news was not much better. He had to report of an imperial fleet massing in the yavin system. “The remnant you mean?” was asked by Wizard.

“No, this is an imperial fleet, like the ones assembled under the old emperor” Esquilax explained. “The remnant would only have at most, three ships to gather, there are more than a dozen, including a Super Star Destroyer”. A hush fell over the others. It was believed that all the Super Star’s had been destroyed twenty years ago. The were a dangerous weapon, indeed. On that they could not ignore, nor could they fight themselves. They needed the republic fleet for this one.

They decided to call the Admiral and speak with him directly. They needed Bargib to be in constant contact with them for a while. He had fought many battles in the time following the destruction of the second Death Star. He was trained by Admiral Akbar himself. He currently commanded Home ne. It was made into his flagship after the death of Akbar in a battle over Hoth. Such a cold place to die, but the battle was a victory for the Republic.

The council adjourned for the day, meeting ahead would occupy them for the next to days. They had much work to prepare for. They had to sedate the darkness, before the Galaxy was plunged back in again, this time, not to recover.

The Admiral was on the bridge as Jagged reported for the morning watch. The expression, now no longer see able, was a greater distraction for the Captain, than before. The Admiral was fearsome before the encounter, and no one spoke of it in public, was so frightening, they wanted to transfer to another ship so they would not have to suffer an outrage directed at them. Rumors were already swirling around, his face, destroyed, given powers and such, though, none knew if it was true. Admiral Tawakalna, was one now to be feared.

Jagged busied himself with getting the morning reports, he did not even notice the Admiral leaving the bridge. After preparing himself, he turned to give the information, but discovered the Admiral was gone. An inquiry provided the information he sought. The Admiral had left the ship and was headed towards the ship yard. Pity those people. All Jagged could do, was shake his head. He prepared the ship to get under way and ran a series of readiness drills. He would be ready, no matter what

The Death Star had received to more transports of personnel to help with construction. This would gain them a three week jump already, and if kept to a quick pace, would bring back up to schedule inside a week. It was needed, for Indy, to stay alive. He wanted to prove himself, but he couldn’t if he were dead. He would not risk the wrath of the Dark Master. The encounter, fresh in his mind, was something he longed to forget. The lightning flashes, the flesh being destroyed, the pain in the look on the Admirals face, then the fight, draining away as if water going down a sink drain.

Troop complement was at max, fighter wings, full as well. They needed to only take on three more Star destroyers and they could be under way. To have the bays for Star Destroyers, was new to the designs. But, that was three months away at current pace. They would build more as they went. The systems for scheduled stops, had heavy resources and they would carry the engineers with them. Plenty of room for that. They were set to display and drive fear into systems as they went. The intent, was for fear to bring them into line for the new ruler, what ever she might have in mind.

Admiral Tawakalna’s shuttle brought him to a Star Destroyer that had just jumped out of hyper space. He was to set the captain as his second in command of the fleet. He would relay orders to the other ships as they came to the Admiral. For even though he obeyed the dark Lord now, he was still a brilliant tactician in fleet battles. Too bad most was learned in command of Republic ships, but, that was what gave him the edge. That, could make a turn in an encounter that would favor the empire. Na that was why he still commanded the fleet. He would not need the Death Star, he would prove his worth in battle and help restore the empire to its glory.

He had more than one dozen ships under his command. Two more carriers were in the final stages of being built and would be ready for fighter and bomber wings shortly there after. He had also given orders to the wings patrolling this system, destroy any republic ships entering, civilian or not. Detection of the Death Star would finish them even before they started. His Master had made that quite clear and gave him the leeway on the destruction of the ships caught. He remembered the adage, ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’.

The ships in orbit of Yavin and its moons were impressive to say the least. A quickly assembled fleet, was the best early weapon to have on hand, then, conquest. Tawakalna had also remembered the information, concerning a new weapon prototype. Capable of destroying a planets population, leaving it intact for colonization later if so chosen. This was of little concern for the moment. At least till his Master gave the word.

Jagged hopped the Admiral would take another flag ship, but that was not likely until another Super Star Destroyer was built, and one was not scheduled for almost one year. Resources were being stretched as it was. And the Death Star, got the main portion assigned to it. It was impressive indeed. Nothing would stand up o this one. Least of all a snub fighter. The new shields would stop that. Jagged had almost wished for that assignment, but after hearing what had gone on there, he withdrew his bid for the position.

The republic’s primary fleet was beginning to assemble. They had close to twenty five ships and forty five fighter wings. All A-wings at that. Troop regiments were at eighty squads. Not an impressive amount though, but others would be added in time. The Admiral over it was Bargib. He saw to the formation himself. He still hoped the bothan spies could penetrate Yavin and get them more information. They had little to go on at the moment. He had the impending dread, that all was not as safe as the council and senate hoped.

A Jedi fighter group headed towards Degoba. Three Jedi masters, unusual for normal time, but necessary now. They had to have answers and needed to find and talk to Darkstone. They locked in on his X-Wing signal and tracked it to the landing site. They knew he may sense them and be alerted to their presence, but, it could not be helped. Urgency was the order of the day. Stinger, Esquilax, and Wizard climbed out of their cockpits as Darkstone approached. His light saber was clipped to his belt and he seemed curios why they were there and said as much. After a little small talk, he gestured for them to follow him.

It was too tight trying to fit in the hovel, so they sat around an outdoor fire pit an got comfortable. Stinger was the first to speak, “I would gather, you know why we are here, so, lets get straight to it, shall we?”

Darkstone nodded. They had come to see him, so he let them carry the conversation. “We have identified the new Dark Lord as Carla, a former Jedi Knight” Wizard spoke, What we do not know was why she turned and how she was turned as a dark Lord was not available to train her”.

“My father, he...was who trained her”, came the unexpected response. But, holding up a hand to stifle the surprise looks, he continued, “ No, he did not train her to the dark side, but he did bring her here while he was training and sent her to the dark cave even as master Yoda had sent him there”.

“We all know there are pockets where the dark side of the force is strong, but we had no idea of this one”. Stinger addressed the group, “How, had it influenced Carla, How had she been turned”.

“I believe that she was a bit wayward prior to my father finding her, she just hid it well and he never knew what was with in her, even when she killed him” Darkstone spoke.

But, how would you know this, unless you were there” Stinger asked, incredulous.
Darkstone pointed behind the other Jedi and said, because he told me what was going on”. Behind the Jedi stood and energy appearance of Master Skywalker and another, Master Kenobi, Luke’s mentor. Both had sad expressions on their faces. They explained what had occurred to the young Jedi and why she was in the condition she was. And, that she was even stronger than Darth Vader ever was.

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She, they explained, was also conceived by the force, as was Anakin Skywalker. The difference, was her home. More anger that should have been, before she was discovered to have the abilities that Luke and Lea were looking for.” I tried to warn him,” Kenobi spoke,” but he would not listen”.

“But now is no the time for blame, but to find a way to stop her.” Luke spoke, “Darkstone, you have to put you anger behind you as well, or you will be headed that way as well”.

Darkstone nodded his agreement. They would need to search out in the Force, to delve into the darkness for more about her and her training. They would need this to counter her, and maybe, save her. Though that was almost an improbability. They did come to the conclusion to test Darkstone. To see where his training was at. His edge, and weather he was up to a confrontation with Carla, or weather he was a liability. They all began to rise from where they sat.

Darkstone had his back to Stinger. Stingers blade ignited as he swung an arc towards Darkstone. With out a noticeable reaction, he had blade in hand and parried the blow. And then turned to block one from Esquilax. His was downward and came towards his leg. It was parried into the ground, Darkstone then jumped, flipping backward over the others heads to rest on a scraggly tree root.

Wizard, his yellow blade lit, executed a forward leap with a one handed cut towards the hand of Darkstone. A calm on his face, Darkstone answered the swing and pushed back causing Wizard to jump back down to the ground. The others, now moved in on Darkstone. First on blade then another. He had to deflect as much as he could and find the opening he needed. Then, stinger, arm back in the beginnings of a strike, was force pushed back to the ground.

Blow after blow hammered Darkstone, his strength beginning to weaken. But not his resolve. He parried more and more. Forcing the three to back up. Then, a parry by Stinger knocked Darkstone’s blade to the side allowing Esquilax to strike and sever the handle of the saber in two.. Now he was defenseless. But, the others would not stop unless he yielded. A fire began to brew in him. One that could be seen in his eyes, even as he closed them. The, Wizard, blade raised over his head to strike began the arc downward. To follow through, would kill Darkstone. The blade, hot and deadly, was with in six inches of Darkstone when it stopped. Wizard did not hold back, but neither was he able to move.

The blade was locked in the position and no amount of strength could move it. Then, Stinger brought his down, the angle would sever Darkstone’s neck from his head. His blade too stopped short of his target. He was as perplexed in not being able to move it, even using the force to do so. All their blades moved skyward and disengaged and fell to the ground. It was then that Darkstone opened his eyes and peace was in them once again. He had mastered a new ability and they were amazed to say the least.

Luke looked at Obi-wan and nodded and both left . Darkstone sat in front of the fire. His Lightsaber in two pieces. He would have to construct a new one now, but that was ok, as he was up to the task. The others folded their legs and sat around the fire. A new opinion of the young Jedi, they had. They all nodded an unspoken agreement. Esquilax spoke for them all. “Darkstone, we came here to find out what you knew and to learn if there was an answer to the current situation” he began, “But we did not believe we would do what we have agree to do, and that is to confer upon you the rank of Jedi Master”

Stinger picked up and spoke, “When combat was intense, we did not sense any anger or hatred in you, even when we had the upper hand. We did sense a fire in you grow when you stopped our blades, but no darkness.” He paused, “What we do sense is a great power in you and you have learned to control it and not let it control you, Well done”.

They headed back to their ships. They needed to inform the rest of the counsel and to plan more recon missions to Yavin. There was much more to learn, before the pieces of this puzzle could be put together. Darkstone was in the hovel, packing his gear. He would be leaving soon as well. But first, he ad some unfinished business to attend to. “You did well my son, you learned to control your anger well” Luke stood before Darkstone. He did not immediately reply. “ You are planning to go to the pit, aren’t you” Luke added, “ It isn’t necessary, you have passed all the tests”.

“Not all of them, father” Darkstone responded, taking off his lightsaber and laying it on his things. “I still have one thing to learn and that is the only place, I can face it.” He left the hovel as Luke faded away. The roots had another visitor. This one searching this time. Less of a hunger within. Yet, still longing, for something.

The Senate was suspended for the day. Gowserchris was conferring with the Chancellor, Arcon. He had many pointed questions on his mind and was asking them. He believed they may have found the dark blot in the Republic. But, he would give the benefit of the doubt. He let up after getting few answers. The Chancellor headed to his office. He needed to put a call in and now!

Sitting behind his desk, a hologram formed of a hooded female. A dark presence could even be felt here. He reported all the questions that were asked of him, assuring her that he gave no answers. He explained the stall he was trying to get in the Senate, so the bill to grant powers could be restored, but the Jedi where seemingly on to it. The figure made a gesture, and Arcon reached for his throat. Trying to speak, to plead for his life. But to no avail. Gasping, fighting for breath, till darkness began to fall over him. When his secretary checked in on him before retiring for the night, she received the shock of finding him dead. No evidence of a break in. No one was there, but she felt like she was being watched. She did summon the Jedi to investigate though.

An apprentice padawan and a Jedi Master were the first to arrive. They examined the room for any evidence and the body and then, feeling a presence, closed their eyes. As if to search the room again, by the force. They found a dark residue. It was surrounding the body of the Chancellor. It was as if he died a violent death, but no tracks had been left in the room. Yet, a presence remained there. They also checked the communication records. There was only one transmission, but tracing it would take some time. They made arrangements for the disposition of the body and relayed the information to the Jedi Counsel and to the Senate. They were not scheduled for a few days, before they would be reconvened.

This was disturbing as it closed an avenue of information, that might have exposed the plot the Dark Master had in place. They resigned them selves to continue the investigation. They needed information, and, soon. The Bothans had sent a second pair to the Yavin system, but rather than using civilian transport, they used an Imperial shuttle in prime condition. This might help the gathering somewhat. All security codes that could be found were given them. The council would now have to wait, to know. Hoping the darkness would not fall.

The roots kept out all light. But as with the other visitor, none was needed. Darkstone deftly made his way to the bottom. He too felt the dark aura of the force, but, it was different, as if drained. But how could it be drained away. All things were apart of the force, flowing in and through them. How could it be tapped and drawn away. Had Carla learned that the first time she was here? A puzzle to ask his father when he returned to the surface. But, now was his trial he had to face, his anger....

He continued forward. Deeper and deeper into the darkness. It surrounded him and clung to him like a leech. It seemed to seek the power with in him. He resisted, meditating as he proceeded. He was not here to fight an enemy, but himself. He had to conquer his inner anger at the killer. If he did not, he would never be able to destroy th Dark Master. He had to be ready to meet her. He remembered what his father had taught him about his grand father. Anakin, was a powerful Jedi, yet he fell to the dark side, but, in the end, the good in him overcame the evil. It took Luke, willing to save his father, to get him back from the dark side. He must turn the fire within towards the darkside, to defeat it.

The Admiral was headed back to his ship. His second in command in tow. The Captain was the son of Admiral Thrawn. But, he was less sure of his abilities than the Admiral was. Captain Eraser was eager to prove himself. He had after all, dispensed with the former Captain of his Remnant ship. And that, was no easy task. This was a plus in his favor with the Admiral. That and who his father had been. But, he was loyal to the Admiral, without question. Together, they would crush the Republic fleet. They, would plan a difficult offensive, that no one would anticipate.

Jagged was ready for their arrival. He had all in order, and was at battle stations when they arrived. He was not likely to live through another failure. When the Admiral sent the orders to the bridge, he relayed the command to depart from Yavin and set course to the nearest star system. Twelve ships in all, jumped to hyperspace and were gone. No one noticed the shuttle as it to went to hyperspace, on a different course.

It was not noticed that it had traveled around the installation, and near the Death Star. No one even noticed the scan being taken of all the fleet that had just jumped. That, was a failure, that would cost this new fleet, and some ones head. Well, almost no one noticed. Darth Neo_kuja was in the tower, preparing it for his masters arrival, when he felt a disturbance in the force. He saw the shuttle, watched as it stopped and scanned ships, watched as it jumped to hyper space. He would report this failure to his Master.

Indy had all of his men working twelve hour shifts. Work must be finished by the end of the week. The Dark Lord was due then to take command of the Death Star and to begin it’s journey into history of the new Empire. sw wanted all ready for her ascension as the new Emperor of the Republic. One that would be ruled with an iron fist and a light saber. The dark curtain would truly fall then, enveloping all. The Sith, would rise to power once more!

He was on the bridge when the door slid back. The darkness felt before seen. Darth Neo_kuja moved onto the deck, heading towards the com panel. He keyed up the channel he wanted and engaged the hologram controls. His master stood on the deck and he kneeled before the image. Then he gave the report of the ship siting to the Dark Master. She did not look pleased. But issued commands that Neo_kuja would relay. And then the hologram dissolved. Fear was on Indy’s face as the Sith left the bridge. Fear at what he had over heard. Fear, at what the Dark Lord would do to him....

Freighter fighter had what he wanted, his pay. The weapons were on their way and he was glad to be rid of Geonosis. Too much dirt and bugs for his taste. He longed for and was headed towards population. Coruscant would do for a start, but he would head to look for work on Nar Shaddaa. There would be work there for a weapons expert. He would look up Locutus. That man always had work for you to do and payed well to boot. Changing his mind, he changed course for Nar Shaddaa.. It would be only an hour, then he would find work to keep him busy until needed again.

Mustang was beginning to grow tired of a water world, but with his ship locked down, he had little to do. He made arrangements to ‘borrow’ a couple of the clones to hone his skills with. They battled on the storms on the top of the city. The fighting fierce as he was fighting himself. He nearly lost his footing twice and headed for the drink. His utility packs were drained in this encounter. He had to settle for a draw in this encounter. The cloners were doing too good of a job this time. He just hoped he never had to face the clones against him in battle. It might not go well for him.

His wrist com signaled that Lama Su wished and audience with him as soon as possible. More poking and prodding. He hated this with passion. But, he was well paid and would enjoy it, if he ever got to leave the city. Damn rain ruined any thing he wanted to do. He was resolved, after this meeting, to free his ship and leave with the money paid so far.

Lama Su motioned him to the chair descending from the ceiling. He sat while Lama Su sat as well. Too damn formal, all the time. But, to business. “I need out of here” Mustang spoke. He shifted in his seat. Wanting to be out of this place.

“That, I am afraid I can not permit at this time” Lama Su began, apologizing in the process, “But we need more samples for the next batch to be created”. To mustang, he was clearly placating him and that meant being stuck here longer. Something he would not tolerate anymore.

“Then talk to the one that pays me and get their permission to let me out of here” Mustang, agitation rising now. He wanted nothing more than to just walk out now, but he had to choose his time.

“The Jedi Master, has indicated that you will remain here as long as clones are needed” Lama Su spoke. His voice irritating Mustang as well. There was no violence, no anger in it, just a statement.

Mustang slammed fist a down on his knee and rose to leave. “Then you’re not getting any more genetic material, until I’m allowed to leave”. He stormed out and back to his quarters. He had to get out now. He had the equipment to get his ship released, all it took was time. He packed a backpack with the gear, strapped on his pair of blasters and left his quarters. But he now had a little problem in getting away as troopers were marching on the outer flight deck towards his ship. Now, his escape route was cut off, and any chances to get away with it. Still, he would enjoy the hunt that was now presented to him and drew his blasters. His discipline might prove the edge he needed to get to his ship. Once there, he would have no problem at all.

Darth Neo_Kuja was headed back to the bridge of the Death Star. He simply wanted his presence known that he was still here and that work must be stepped up more. The door slid aside on the turbo lift. Indy scarcely glanced up, then did a double take and snapped to attention. His ‘Commander on deck’, surprised everyone present. But they wasted no time in returning the salute once they saw who it was. Fear spread outward. An evil smile formed on the Sith’s face. Indy knew this would not be a good day, at all.

Indy gave his report of their progress. The main generator was fully functional. The shielding was in place and activated. The surface weapons were fully functional. The troops were running exercises in preparation to a landing. The planetary shield was fully functional and secure. All ships in the system accounted for. Neo_Kuja snapped his head up at that. His eyes flashed a deep fire. He moved to the display panel and keyed up a playback he had made earlier. It showed a shuttle moving among the ships, stopping every so often and the resuming. It showed the same ship jumping out of the system.

Indy gulped when he saw the ship and quickly ran it’s registry. None was found for it. A republic ship? That was not possible. But, he knew the Dark one would already know of this and of the failure to terminate the ship and crew. But, Darth Neo_kuja simply turned and left the bridge. That would mean a later visit by the Master. Something he would not relish. E ordered the in crease of hours on a shift and requested more men and supplies. One failure, cost more work to be produced. He would be ready to counter some of the anger that would be sent his was, though, he thought, it was more the respociblity of the Admiral than his on securing the system.

Darkstone, his mission complete, gathered his things together and prepared to leave Degoba. As he loaded the last of his things, Luke appeared to him. “Don’t let the dark side draw you in son, don’t let your anger at my death destroy you”.

Darkstone dropped the last bag in his hand and turned to face the image. “What do you expect me to do, father” his response sparked, “You were just like me when you went to Bespin to rescue Han and Aunt Lea”.

“Yes I was, and look at what it cost me” the image of Luke holding out his hand. A mech one in the place of a real flesh and blood one. “And it cost my friends more pain and trouble as well”.

Darkstone stooped and retrieved the bag and stowed it, “I know what I’m doing, I have to face her for what she did”.

“There’s something you don’t know, something that will change all of it for you, something that will eat at you when you hear it” Luke said, sitting on a log. You know what is in the data banks, that Carla’s parent were killed and I and your mother raised her” Darkstone nodded and sat beside Luke. The tale turned interesting. The truth is, she’s Han and Lea’s daughter.” Luke let that sink in for a moment.

Darkstone could hardly believe what he was hearing. “But, their daughter died when she was less than a year old, while Han was away, that’s why he vowed to never leave Lea alone again”.

“That’s what Lea decided to tell Han and we hid the child for a year, then your mother and I agreed to raise her and train her to be a jedi, and never know the truth of her birth.” Luke spoke, he could not look Darkstone in the eye. Darkstone shook his head as Luke continued. “Carla never knew that, until just before she killed Lea and myself” Luke paused, “She was so angry at not knowing her parents were both alive, that her hate blinded her and rage took over and she killed us” Luke went on to explain that, that was the reason they never saw death coming for them.

Darkstone struck the log with a fist. “Why did you never tell me, why did you let me believe a rouge Jedi killed you, and not my cousin”. Darkstone softened, “Does Han know, does he have any idea his daughter is still alive and now wants to rule the galaxy?” Luke shook his head. “Are you going to tell him the truth, father” Darkstone rose, anger again returning to his features. Luke again shook his head. “Then I will “ he turned on his heals and headed for the X-Wing. R2 had it powered up and he put a foot on the ladder as Luke reached him.

“Don’t tell him, not yet” Luke replied. Darkstone shook his head and climbed into the cockpit and shut the hatch. He fired up the thrusters and lifted off and set course into space. He now had a change of plans. He dictated a message for the Jedi Council and sent it then jumped into hyper space. His course was to Tatooine. He had also sent a message to Han just before jumping asking him to meet Darkstone there. They would have to talk before he resumed his mission. By then, the council would have reached a decision.

The Shuttle jumped out of hyper space and transmitted all the information to the Jedi Council and then jumped again to another system. They missed seeing the Star Destroyer by just seconds as it jumped in. They were following the shuttle, and jumped on the same course that the shuttle had and were gone.

The council was in full meeting when they received both transmissions. Esquilax was the first to speak. “This information from Darkstone, sheds a whole new light on the problems we have before us, but the information the Bothans brought us, turns that light to darkness”.

GowserPaul lifted a hand for the talk to cease. He expressed his concern over the information, but also pointed out, that by knowing, they could change the situation now. He said that with the news of a Death Star, it would change tactics and he would also immediately relay the information to the Republic fleet. They could plan strategies to deal with the situation while they handled the Dark Lord and it’s situation.

Admiral Bargib received the Jedi”s report of both the fleet and the news of the new Death Star. It would be a death blow to the republic, if the empire was revived. It was up to him to prevent that. He activated the holo projector to show the fleets and their positions. He called for a meeting with Captain Spix, Commander Major Striker, Lt Cmdr Ajim and Commander Kimk. They all met in the war room of Home One. After the battle at Endor, it was never quite the same.

Captain Spix looked over the holodata that was being presented. The Imperial fleet was large, but not too big that they could not handle. There were enough fighter wings assembled that they could take on a few Capitol ships and hold their own. Lt Cmdr Ajim was the wing commander of Home Two and second the opinion that they were prepared. They would need only set a course and intercept the fleet, then they could deal with the death star. He was a good dog fighting tactician and won man battles against the remnant. Two of the wingmen now under his command, were Redstar one and Topher. They had just arrived from the battle they fought against a star destroyer.

The squadrons were composed of A-wings and B-Wings. They would provide cover fire and engage the Tie fighters. It would be up to Ajim to knock out as many shield generators as possible. That could turn the tide of battle fast. The six Nebulon-B Escort frigates would stand up to many of the imperial ships in a fight. But, they would rely mainly on the fighters to do most of the work, then fire the main guns to disable the ships with Ion fire. There were six republic carriers in this task force. They would hanger all the fighters needed.

It was not long before all ships were in formation and the order was given to jump into hyper space. Destination, Endor.

The Commander, Major Striker, was meeting with his ground troops. They would not have much of a role in this battle, but they would be prepared if the battle left the stars for the surface of a planet. They were among the best and most elite of soldiers the republic had. They had fought many battle s on worlds, eliminating the remnant from them and freeing the populations. This, was no different. And, no one could forget the battle that was fought on Endor. The inhabitants fo Endor had of great help and proved even small creatures could beat a bigger opponent in battle.

The fleet was eighteen ships in strength and was ready for battle. Admiral Bargib had all plans set for dropping out of Hyper space. They would arrive just moments after the imperial fleet had dropped out as well. They would not be expected and that element of surprise would make, they hoped, this a short battle. The signal was given and all ships dropped out of Hyperspace.
The order was given and all fighter wings engaged the imperial fleet. The Empire had only a few ships, not as many as was led to believe. A disappointment, but an easier victory. Two star Destroyers and two Frigates and twenty fighters. Redstar One ordered his men to engage the Star Destroyer while he went for the shield generators. With in a moment, the shields were down and they disengaged and headed towards the second Destroyer. Home One and Two opened fire on the first destroyer and the ion cannons disabled the ship.

A crewman alerted Bargib to a second group of ships about to drop out of Hyperspace. There were twelve in this group and one was a Super Star Destroyer. This was the part they had been expecting, but now they were a little out of position to defend themselves. Gold leader, Topher, ordered his men and two other wings to pull out of the fight and pull back to protect Home Two. The new ships were due to drop out in about fifteen minuets, not long, but then long enough for them to take out the other capital ships first.

Commander KimK ordered his batteries to open fire on the other Star Destroyer as it’s shields went down. That left two frigates left. They would be no match. The fighter wings, having destroyed all the tie’s regrouped and went after the frigates. They were cut to pieces. Just as Home One was regrouping, The other ships dropped out of Hyper space. The Super Star was too close. It opened fire on Home One. Kimk opened fire with all he had, but was too close to hit anything enough to do damage. He called for all his fighter support to return and defend the ship while he attempted to withdraw. It was futile, but he gave it all he had. Some starboard batteries on the Super Star were destroyed, but so was Home One. Kimk was on the bridge to the last. He relayed all information to the Admiral, even as he died, in a spectacular explosion.

The other wings began to take damage. But Redstar One and Topher gathered their ships and headed for the Super Star’s bridge They had to get the shields down.

Admiral Taw had anticipated this tactic and had two squadrons of Tie Defenders hold station near the bridge. The prey was coming to the hunter. He would have smiled, had he felt excitement any more, but his master, had taken that from him. He knew only obedience and would take the victory back to his master as a trophy. This would be the first of many victories he would win.

The republic ships began to dwindle, Home Two had taken damage and half the remaining ships were destroyed. Admiral Bargib ordered a withdraw and to jump into hyper space. Only three ships were able to jump. A crushing blow to the republic. They only managed to destroy six ships. Two Star destroyers, and four frigates. Not worth the exchange. They had less than half of the fighters left. Admiral Bargib hated to leave two ships behind, but their jump capabilities were gone, and to remain, would have meant complete defeat.

The republic withdrew to a safe system to regroup. They were not out of it yet. They just needed to gather the heavy hitters to jump back into it with. An Jump, they would!

Darkstone dropped out of hyperspace just above Tatooine. The dry and arid planet was inhospitable at time, while other time, just like home. Darkstone spent a few year here while training. He hated the sand though. He had learned much here about survival. His father was thorough. Like himself had grown up here as well as did his grandfather. The Huts, well, they did not survive here past Jabba. When he died out on the due sea, the others decided to give this planet a wide berth. Climate since the rebirth of the republic, had changed for gangsters.

He nosed the craft to the space port of Mos Eisley. He was early in the Tatooine morning. Traffic was light. He might be able to get in and out without being noticed. After touching down, he had R2 handle some repairs and keep an eye on the ship. R2 whistled his affirmation to the task. He pulled his Jedi hood over his head and headed in the direction of the cantina. His meeting was to be held there.

Even for the morning, the patrons of the place were well into their drinks. Darkstone scanned the crowds. His face a neutral expression. He did not want to draw any undue attention just yet. There would still be many that would relish taking out a Jedi. Of course, very few ever succeeded. But that did not stop them from trying. Han was no where to be seen. Darkstone would wait. He ordered a drink and sat in a corner booth to wait. He had to arrange his thoughts and what he would say to Han. To much information, and Han could shut down in disbelief. But, he would be patient. He needed this information very badly. It could help him reach his target faster.

Two hours into the waiting, a bounty hunter named Mott ambled into the bar. A quick scan of the room, he stopped and stared at the Jedi. He moved to the bar for a drink and a little information. He wanted to gather all the information on the subject before engaging him. You survived longer that way. He had light armed on and a mask that covered his face only to the bridge of his nose. It did nothing for the ridged fore head and the deep gash that appeared to cross his face from ear to ear. He was armed with a cross bow slung on his back. Only a small blaster was strapped to his hip.

He took his drink and moved around the room, tying to look like another patron of the place. He stopped and observed a game on a holo table and move on. His target was reclined in the back of the booth. Eyes seemed almost asleep. This was almost too easy. The remnant offered huge rewards for the hides of Jedi. He could feel the coin already in his pocket. He slowly drew the crossbow form his shoulder and powered it up. A couple of patrons saw him coming and realized what he was doing and moved clear of the field of fire. They wanted nothing to do with squabbles.

The Jedi seemed to not notice as the figure stopped at his booth. The bow caster now aimed at the Jedi, finger on the trigger, attempting to squeeze it. Nothing happened. The bounty hunter found himself unable to move, yet he was being lifted from the floor. He was a good meter of the ground when the Jedi looked up at him. “Is there something I can do for you” was Darkstone’s reply to the man. A smile spread across his face.

The bounty hunter found himself flung across the room and into the wall, he bowcaster on the floor near the booth. He fought to his feet, drawing his blaster even as the bartender was yelling for no blaster. Before the first shot was fired, an intense blade arced out, poised to deflect it. The first shot hit the floor, the second hit the wall near the shooter, the third hit the shooter. Then, without anyone reaching to help, the blaster was torn from the mans hand and landed in the Jedi’s hand. “I spared your life once, I won’t do it again”Darkstone spoke, anger creeping into his voice. “Find yourself another target, my friend.”

The bounty hunter nodded and headed out of the cantina. He bumped into an old man on the way out. Apologizing, he kept his pace. The man just shook his head and moved to the booth that Darkstone had sat back down at. “Seems like old times again” Han spoke a smile on his face, “Your father and Ben Kenobi were here so many years ago and seemed to have the same run in., must run in the family eh, Kid?”.

He slide into the booth beside Darkstone, pulling out some pages from a notebook. Han began to explain the information he had been able to gather, though, it wasn’t what he had hopped for. He explained that he was sorry not to have more for Darkstone.

Darkstone just sat, trying to compose his questions, “Do you remember when I was little?”

That brought a smile to Han’s face. “Yeah, I do, you were rambunksious.” That brought laugh from Darkstone. “What’s this all about”, Han asked, as if the memory sobered him

Darkstone decided to dive in and began to explain all and to tell Han of his theories.

Post Wed Oct 12, 2005 4:26 pm

The hours went by. Han, angry one moment, teary eyed the next. Disbelief in his old eyes. It was hard for him to hear it all, but, to his credit, he did hear Darkstone out. He knew that Lea had hid some things from him years ago, and now, he had answers to those questions that had nagged him for so long. Finally, he just broke down. Darkstone move closer and put a hand on his shoulder. Trying to comfort a dear friend. He needed the information, but knew he would have to wait a bit to get it, though, now he had pieced some of the things together.

By the end of the day, Darkstone had the pieces put together and was ready to put a plan together for a family reunion. One that may mean the end of the Skywalker family altogether. The remaining to people from the line of Anakin Skywalker would meet again, in battle.

Darth sycho_warrior, having draw more dark energy, was headed back to the Death Star. Her Sith cruiser, newly created, was just minuets away from dropping out of hyperspace. She was on the bridge as the ship decelerated. The site was impressive. More work had been completed than she had anticipated. She had already gone over the reports that were sent hourly to her. The main weapon, was now functional.

The docking bay had been alerted to her arrival. A regiment of troops were on hand and in formation for her arrival. She had guards, but they were for show only. As with the former emperor, they were dressed in all red, blood red. They obeyed her without question. Little was know of what race they were of. Or even is the were not machines.

The ship, retros fired, settled down gently on the deck. The site of over fifteen squadrons of defender Tie’s in formation, circling the death star at the equator, was impressive to all that saw it. Those of the remnant, who had served under Palpatine, were reminded of the awesome power that commanded such respect and fear. They also wanted power and position in the new Empire that was soon to rise.

The Dark Lord, pulled the hood over her head and waited for the hatch to open. Her guard, began the descent down the ramp. They took up formation, half to the left and half to the right of the ramp. The dark Master began her descent as well. Fear, a strong a feeling as could be, spread across the deck. The clone troopers held position, but the officers were getting nervous. They looked left and right, despite being at the position of attention. They wanted to beg for mercy. A weakness that would eliminate them. The figure strode onward. When she reached the turbo shaft, it opened for her and Darth Neo_Kuja stepped off and knelt be fore her. “Rise my servant and accompany me” was the command given. Neo_kuja turned and stepped back on the lift behind his master.

As the door slid shut, the Officer in charge dismissed the men and soldiers. He headed towards his quarters. He had not received any orders to the bridge, so he had no desire to step into anything right now. He passed many troops and officers. The faces of the officers, showed concern, but also elation of the pending victory for the new Empire. His confidence, began to grow, maybe, he though, it could work.

The lift slowed to a stop. The sith, alone in the lift, power flowing, washing over them. The door slid back. The chamber, circular in lay out, afforded a three hundred and sixty degree view of the stars. Such darkness only enhanced the feel there. To over see an Empire, that was sycho_warrior’s destiny, and she relished it. Her plans were unfolding, even now. She had learned of the republic fleets defeat, but would not underestimate them.

She moved with purpose to the meditation area. There she meditated on the darkside. She used what was taught to her by her old master, Luke Skywalker. But she also used something else. Rage! It fueled her search for the darkside power even more. Her anger at being deceived, that finished off the turn to the darkside. For not being told that her parents had been alive, that one of them, her very own mother, was apart of the deception. She never got the chance to love or be loved, but was rejected out of fear. Pretending that she was orphaned, the anger rose within her even now. She relished it even more. Her eyes flashed fire.

Then, while she sought the visions that directed her, they were not from her, but from another. One who was once apart of the force, but was now gone. The power remained and she tapped into it. It drove her, burned within her veins. Now, the vision returned, and image appeared before here. It was an image of a man, but one that she felt was an enemy. He was young, but powerful. She had seen him before, but could not recall his name.

This drove her more, to know who this was, who she must defeat to be in total power and control, of the new Empire. She would be, no, will be, ruler of the new Empire and it’s new dark master. She, would return the sith to power again. The jedi, would me destroyed, once and for all. There would be no survivors this time. She laughed within herself at the prospect. She reached for th console and signaled for Commander Indy to join her here. A plan of destruction, was being formulated.

Darkstone took his X-wing fighter and headed to the dark cave on Tatooine. After shutting down he had R2D2 send a signal, coded towards the Yavin system. Darkstone knew that if it was sent to the Dark Master, then either she or her apprentice would come to check it out. He hoped for the Dark Lord herself, but would settle for the apprentice as that wold allow him a chance to eliminate one of the sith. He needed something to bait them out. He included one word, Master. That would get their curiosity enough.

The sith were in the chamber over looking the expanse of space when a message was relaid to them. The dark one punched up a button on the console and saw the one word. She then looked at the trace and saw Tatooine. Who would know anyone was here, let alone her. Had security failed in someway? Someone would pay for this error. She would see to it. But, as to the message, she had her doubts as to the meaning. “Lord Neo_kuja, I am sending you to Tatooine to retrieve the body of the one who sent this message.” she said, the tone down playing the importance, “Just bring me the information, intact, after that, bring me the head of the person who sent this message.”

“It shall be done, my master” he replied, bowing and then turned and left. His sith fighter would be all he would need to take.

Standing, gazing out at the stars, sycho_warrior wondered at the meaning or purpose of such a message. She could not sense anything in the force. Nothing at all. It troubled her a bit, that anyone could know her whereabouts or that the fleet was here. This could mean trouble to the plan she had in place. She gave a command to remove the fleet to a neighboring star system. She would remain here with the Death Star and five extra squadrons of fighters. They would be ample protection for her and the station.

The Sith fighter, swift in its journey, reached Tatooine in no time. The Dark Servant circled the planet, trying to get a fix in the force on the quarry. He could only feel a slight disturbance near the dark cave. So, laying a course, he made for the cave.

As he moved in near the mouth of the cave, he saw only two banthas, not even any sand people. It disturbed him, but he would obey his orders without question. His master had trained him well.

Darkstone, standing just meters inside the cave, kept his meditation up. He could see the Hooded figure approaching. He did not even have his light saber drawn. It took all the discipline Darkstone had not to draw his own. He had to maintain the illusion of an empty cave until the sith was past him. He would block an escape. Step, by step, he waited. Now, he was beside the sith, even harder to maintain it, but he did.

When the dark one was five paces beyond him, he drew and ignited his blade. Green and shimmering. Raw power humming as he swung it in a side arc to face the enemy. Neo_Kuja felt at that moment impending doom. He drew his sword and turned to stare at a Jedi. And not just any one at that, but at Darkstone. His one time class mate at the academy. And now, his mortal enemy.

Darkstone made the first move, swinging to the right. As the blades clashed the hum grew louder. The student attempted to use the force to push Darkstone back, but it was anticipated and failed. Again the swing down came and was met. The flash of the contact point, bright and awesome. This time, Darkstone used the push move and succeeded. The student was pushed into a cave wall, but used it to flip back into position and bring his blade down. So close to Darkstone’s head, yet, he seemed to lack the skill to truly wheeled the sword as it should be.

Thus, combat began. Paring, thrust, deflect. Each focused on the objective. To defeat the other. Gradually, the student began to get the upper hand. Less of his blows countered. Darkstone his face a subtle mask of confidence. He was forced to give ground, until he was near to being backed into a wall.

Now, the fire rose in Darkstone’s eyes. His sword blade vanished and he stood, facing death, a surprise on Neo_kuja’s face. With renewed energy and confidence, Neo_kuja brought the sword around in a high arc, a death arc meant to cleave his opponent in half. One that stopped inches from Darkstone’s face. Neo_kuja could not make it move, he could not even with draw the sword. It was locked in an iron grip. Fear began to grow inside him. He had never faced such power, not even from his master.

The movement came slowly, as if in animation. The blade ,red and menacing, turned loose from it’s owners hand and began to turn in a small circle arc, inching towards its target, the students neck. He saw with horror what was coming, yet now even he could not move. He watched as the blade neared his neck. It seemed to take minuets, but was over in less than a second. Darth Neo_kuja’s head lay on the cave floor, the sword, switched off now, lay beside it. He had been defeated and yet, even as the last thought left his head, he wondered how he had lost, then darkness.

Satisfaction in defeating an enemy filled Darkstone, but, at the same time, emptiness. His anger sated, was of no comfort to him. He knew the may he had just fought and killed. He had studied with him at the academy and not, he lay dead. No satisfaction in that could be found. Perhaps this is what his father was trying to teach him, many years ago. A lesson he had such a hard time with. He and another, a girl that was being trained by his father personally and his Aunt Lea. They were secretive in the training, never with others around. He never understood it and never asked either. He would have to face the girl, to face a member of his family, to stop the Sith.

The Death Star prepared to get underway. Reactor power was at full. Thrusters, standing by. The target, Naboo. Home to the Dark Lord’s family. They had originated there so many years ago with Queen Amidala, the darklord’s grandmother. This, was where her anger was focused the most. A peaceful and idyllic world. One, that would soon be destroyed in a display of superior technology and firepower equaled to none. All additional fighter craft would remain and defend the shipyards.

Indy was in the command center. He had all operations ready for flight control. He keyed the final commands in to begin the trip to Naboo. He was ready to witness the operational fire power of the station. Construction of internal sections continued around the clock. The station resembled the second Death Star in appearance, but was greater in power and size. It was the ultimate destructive force in the galaxy.

Lord sycho_warrior was in her chamber. Watching as the stars coalesced in a mass as they jumped to hyperspace. It was a fearsome site for such a structure to be able to travel in hyperspace, but the new shielding made this a reality. She returned to her meditation. She attempted to feel her pupal, but could not sense his energy. She awaken just before a message was relayed to the chamber. It was a transmission from the same source as before. But there was a piece of video attached that was addressed to her, by the name of Carla. That name she had not used or heard used for many years.

She keyed up the video sequence, it was images of a sandy cave floor. The recording source, panned around to settle on a body, perhaps the one her disciple was sent to terminate. The camera moved closer and closer to show the body was headless, then a panning to the head. Her anger raged. She fought to strike out at anyone near her. She must focus on her objective now. The image steady now, on the head of Neo_kuja. Failure, failure of the student, of her hand picked disciple. Failure of a sith, at the hands of a Jedi. The image also showed a lit light saber before ending.

She would seek out and face this threat to her empire and her rule. Then, she would choose a new student to train in the ways of the darkside. She signaled Commander Indy to join her in her chambers.

Darkstone had R2 fire up the converters, he had a meeting to attend at the Jedi Counsel. There would still be time to make the time and place of the battle. Tatooine, such a dusty and dismal world, for such an incredible number of encounters between the Jedi and the Sith over the years. Dust swirled and a bantha called out to a mate as Darkstone lifted off the surface. He headed back to Mos Eisley space port. He would tell an old friend what had happened and get him safely away from here and back to Locutus on the Star Princess.

Han was not all that willing to let Darkstone go after his daughter, but, he was in no position to do anything. He could not fight a sith, nor could he reach his daughter that he never knew. She had not been part of his life, and now, he was about to loose her to her cousin, his nephew. In a battle that would decide the fait of the Galaxy. He could only do as Darkstone asked and headed to meet Locutus and disappear until word was brought as to the fate of either of the two children.

Darkstone landed on the lone pad. His walk to the Jedi chambers was silent. No one had come to meet him, in spite of sending a message that he was on his way. He had sent the signal of the demise of the dark student to the council as well and now he surmised they were not happy with him. He keyed the entry lock and headed to the turbo lift to the main meeting hall.

No one was there when he arrived. Now, he was a little perplexed. He decided to go to his quarters and rest a while. Protocol droids that saw him in the hall, gave him preference, which was unusual. One droid, though, stopped him. “Master Darkstone, it’s so good to see you fully functional”.

“It’s good to see you again too, 3PO” Darkstone remarked. Now he was curious. He had left 3PO in the care of Han, but, now he was here, why?

“Begging you pardon Sir, but masters Gowserpaul and Gowserchris would like to see you in thier office as soon as possible” 3PO said. He still hated being a messenger boy, but resigned himself to his lot in life. He turned to follow Darkstone as he headed for the office. He still though of humans as strange creatures, but counted himself lucky to belong to a species that did not find him tasty.

The door slid aside as Darkstone approached the chamber. There were several seated in the room as he walked in. Han, Locutus, Esquilax, Wizard, Chips as well. There was a holo graphic player set up as well on a side table. The image was frozen in its motion. A light saber blade, turning to cut off an individuals head. This would be a pointed meeting.

Naboo, such a beautiful planet. It had remained as it was during the rule of Queen Amidala. Pristine and green. Water flowed, clear and cool over the falls outside of the palace. The current queen, two years in the office, was Wen Shin. She had meany of the features Amidala had and then some. She ruled with a wise head and the planet grew and was extremely prosperous. The Gungans had their own shipping business as well. The son of Jar Jar Binks was the head of the corporation. He did not have his fathers clumsiness, but was wise and sure footed in his dealings.

The Queen and her ministers were in a closed door meeting over the dreaded news they had received from the Jedi. A Death Star, could easily destroy their world in a second. There was no way to defend themselves from that. It had come down to their resolve to defend themselves by what ever means they could. All of their Naboo fighters would join with the republics fighters that they were sending and with the fleet that was due to arrive latter in the day. They would not simply roll over and die.

Her ground forces commander, Major Striker, was already formulating an attack plan, if they send troops down first. He would be ready for any type of attack. He coordinated with the Gungan troops that all areas would be covered and any fall back points, if needed, were set up. Nothing would be left to chance.

The republic fleet, dropping out of Hyper Space, assumed an orbit with the planet ant the position of the Death Star, that would be arriving with in a day. There were eight bulwark battle Cruisers in this fleet as well as several dreadnaughts. Fighter complements were tripled what was at the last battle. The would be poised to give a greater fight this time. They also had an edge as well. An imperial shuttle and a transport were intercepted and brought to this location. In board the transport were two weapons. After interrogating the officer in the shuttle, they now knew these were ultimate weapons that were originally intended to be used on planetary worlds.

The officer, freighter fighter, gave them much information as to the capabilities of the weapons. They could in fact, cloak, making the deadly on delivery as the target would never see them coming. It was arranged that a “slip” in communications would be sent out once the death Star had arrived. It was hoped the knowledge of having these weapons, would literally send the death Star packing and leave the Imperial fleet alone, to be destroyed. But, time would tell if it would be believed.

Admiral Bargib and Commander Spix were conferring over the current situation. The both decided it would be a good idea to have the fighter support in space when the fleet dropped out of hyper space. That way, they could engage the enemy fighters quickly, taking an element of surprise. Arania would head up the assault wings and relay all orders to the wings as needed. Bargib was still doubtful of success of this battle. A lot hinged on the bluff they had to pull off. The Death Star would still have to be dealt with, but, this battle was a diversion as well. A smaller, more powerful fleet was headed to Yavin and the shipyards. They had to destroy it at all costs.

Darkstone had spent the last two hours going over detail after detail of his encounter with the Sith Lord. He explained the reason for the video as it was to draw out the Sith Master in hopes of ending the conflict. Then, he produced a piece of evidence that he had left out of his report. A communication message to the student, but from someone else other than Darth sycho_warrior. It was a male voice, one that no one remembered ever hearing before. All that was on it were the words, Continue with the plan, I will send your Master to you soon. Someone who would be over a Master, would be even a greater threat.

Darkstone saw the incredulous looks on the others. There were many here that doubted the existence of the sith, but thought it was just a rouge Jedi. Now, though, they were confronted with the reality of the situation. They had to face the reality, that this would be a more difficult fight than anticipated. This, was a fight for their very survival.

The Dark Master, waited in her chambers, waited till she could have her revenge, waited, until she could face her enemy. This one, she knew, but how? Her memory of being a Jedi was there, just buried. She had only gained the memory of her parents through the help of another, one strong in the darkside of the force. She knew what he expected, she would not let him down. But first things first, revenge on the planet that started it all. She stood, facing the star mass. She closed her eyes, meditating on the power she drew from the dark side, focusing it, focusing on it. She felt herself lighter than air. “My Lord, we will be dropping out of Hyper space in five minuets” Came Commander Indy’s voice.

She readied herself and headed for the bridge. She would give the order to fire herself. Then, what was left would be mopped up by the fleet. They would be reduced to rubble before her. Then, she would leave orbit in the Death Star to the world that housed the Jedi council. That course had already been laid in. They would all be defeated, in a single day...........!

The End!

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