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Treaty of Magellan signed: Peace between LSF and BNE

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Post Fri Jul 08, 2005 9:47 am

Treaty of Magellan signed: Peace between LSF and BNE

Earlier today the mutual non-aggression pact between LSF and BNE was signed in a surprising gesture of co-operation between two groups that are ideologically opposed. The deal was brokered after LSF officer Hobbes intervened in the transfer of Zap Brannigan to New London, the subsequent dispute between LSF and BNE led to threats of war, which were averted through this treaty. The SPS-BNE conflict has continued and has approached a bloody stalemate: with BNE holding the majority of Bretonia space, specifically Northern and Central Bretonia, and SPS holding fewer systems (Cambridge and Manchester, less than half of Bretonia) but having access to a large amount of foreign aid from the other houses means that no side is able to crush the other completely. The one thing that has so far ensured that the BNE is not totally and completely crushed is the lack of foreign military aid to the SPS. So far Ronin, the LSF and Rhineland have held back from deploying any major assets to Bretonia. Were they to deploy sufficient forces many believe that the war would progress very quickly to a SPS victory, this treaty however effectively removes the possibility of an LSF incursion until the 1st of August.

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Post Fri Jul 08, 2005 9:48 am

This treaty affirms the presence of the BNE in Bretonian space. They have managed to stave off possible annihilation by a major power. However, both parties know that the peace cannot last; LSF and BNE are bound to break the treaty sooner or later, most likely because of the SPS’s need for support from LSF, which could potentially conflict with the treaty. Initially, SPS were worried as to the extent of the non-aggression treaty but many of their fears have proven unfounded as later editions of the treaty were amended to ensure that support would remain.
Yet despite the historical nature of the treaty, with peace brokered between pirates and hunters, there has been little or no word from the other major clans and factions in Sirius on the many communication networks. Even the calls for a mass pirate alliance by the BNE emperor at the start met little or no response from the SLF and BNE, who could potentially gain from a new front opened up on the Western side of the major hunter clans. Ronin too have commented very little on this treaty, despite the proximity of BNE to Kusari, though BNE have done their very best to avoid conflict with this party too, even trying to initiate a trading pact which was promptly turned down. All this means that the BNE and SPS are effectively left alone to continue their bloody feud without outside interference. A situation both parties will most likely be comfortable with.
This is the F.U.N. War Correspondent signing off.

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