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Been doing some writeing

Tell us about your adventures, amazing stories, wow us with your wit...use your imagination, tell us some of the greatest moments in your life.

Post Wed May 25, 2005 8:37 am

Been doing some writeing

Hi guys i have ben doing some writeing lately just wanted to see if you liked it

Please do not coppy ANY of this of edit it at all

A liveing darkness

It was dark...around 12:30pm when i awoke *boom* *boom*some one must be at the door*grumble**grumble*Why would some one come over at this time of night?Hello?Are you Durin?Yes why?I am one of the kings men i was sent to tell They are back.Who are back?The dark one.You mean the one from back in the beginning?Yes we heard that you where of the same blood line as the one.Yes i am but..i dont even know how to use a sword let alone kill the dark one.Then i will have to teach you.Where did you come from?i have been here.Who are you?my name is not important but i am a paladin.A what?a defender of the light.oooooh.Whats that?You have a lot to learn,but the night is old do you have a room for me to stay in?Yeah there is one in the back.I think i will turn in for the night.Me to as i went up to me room i wonderd who that...stranger was and for some odd filt like i have met him befor.i allso remember my dad saying some thing about wanted to become a paladin..well befor he left on his journey...and so i fell alseep on my thougths...Get up hurry..the dark ones pets are in the town looking for you.WHAT!!.Shhh.Sorry how did they know i was here?are you that ignorant?If the kings men could find you the dark one could dont you think?Could we stop calling him 'Dark one" please.Very well then we shall call the king of the underwold be his true name King Argoz Lord of the under world.Now...Stranger what be your name..if you must call me some thing call me Wulf sir.Durin.Ok wulf what do we do now? we run.where to? to the city of midgard we will be safe there for a time.So lets go.Wait dont be so haisty we must get supplys. there is a store down the road.befor we go out take this.WOW that is a nice was your fathers.What you knew my old man? ....... ANSWER ME.This is not the place for it i will to tell you all at midgard.Come on wulf lets go.After a long and hard journey we made it to midgard and not a moment to soon for after we got into the city in was shut up..for good... they said a enemy was comeing.So durin let us head over to the the inn and see if they have any rooms.Later that night...i asked him how he knew my old man and if he knew if or how he died...this was not the question i shouuld have asked...Yes i knew your father..we where great freinds and Argoz killed dad was the best paladin in the kingdom of Elysium...Elysium??i have never heard of it...You will be hearing a lot about it in the time to come..for it is the only kingdom strong enough to stand up to Argoz and elysium are at war.And so we went to our rooms and i couldnt sleep that night i was busy thinking about Argoz and my old man and good thing because Argoz attacked Midgard that very night.Wake up Durin Argoz is attaking.Argoz himself?No just his men hurry i hope you know a little about useing a sword.*BOOM* Look out Durin they are comeing through the door.WAAAAA *Splat* Wulf you just hacked that orcs head off...hurry durin we must move if we are to save this city.we ran to the court yard as fast as wee could.*boom* *boom* ummmm wulf what is that sound..i'm not sure..we went forward *CRACH* *Boom* Half the wall was nocked down..and a huge cave troll came thundering from behind it.I ran at it.but only managed to allmost get me head loped off if it hadnt been for wulf i wouldnt be telling you this story today.Durin you must wait for him to swing at you and after he swings charge..*Swush*Ok go go go...we both ran as him as fast as we could i swung at his arms well wulf dug his sword strate into the trolls heart.once he died the enemy ran.Must of been ther commander durin.WE HAVE WON!!!!.*swush* a dark shadow flew over head..a dragon durin look out!!the dark shadow shot strate at me wulf ran to try and save me but he didnt get there in time but all of the sudden a bright light SHOT strate out of my sword into the demon on the dragoon and the demon vanished.and then i turned and hacked off the creaturs have powers that no one must be a true paladen.What? im not a's the blood of your father that runs though where ment to fight Argoz.and so we left on are journey.where are we headed to now wulf?Percelyte,You mean that small town to the north?Yes we are headed north so i see no reason to pass it by.Ok lets go..On are way to Percelyte we found a warror on his way to Elysium.Hail warror where are you headed.Elysium.What for.i am the best kight in the kingdom of Sundletan and they sent me to Elysium to help with the fight.I herd some thing about this durin all the kingdoms send there best kights to fight for freedom at Elysium and to defeat Argoz.Yes that is why i am here and who pray tell are you?I am the Paladin Wulf and this is Sir Durin a descendant of Maxwell..THEE maxwell?Yes.May i join you in your quest to fight Argoz?How did you know we where going to fight Argoz?I can clearly tell by that sword that you are a paladin durin and such a paladin must fight Argoz.Then Yes you may join us sir..???Dart.. Names Dart.Then come dart let us go.As we enterd the small village we herd a scream.EEEEEKK!!What was that wulf?Im not came from over there.and so we walked down a small alley we saw a women crying.What is it ma'am my girl..they kidnapped my girl.Who did?Some guy in Black.Do you know witch way he went.he went to that cave in the east.Dont worry we'll go save your daughter whats her name?Samantha.and so we ran to the eastern cave.we walked in..*drip* *drip* whats that sound.There must be a river over us.EEEEKK!!!.Hurry that must be Samantha we ran and we saw a man in a dark robe go into a door way and then the door shut*boom* *Clinck*and the bolt drawn.Now what are we going to do?Im working on it durin.Hey wulf you see that Leaver over there?yes but we cant get to it theres a crack in the floor 15 feet wide.Dart what are you doing?and at the time dart hurrled a knife and the leaver*Bing* *Swush*the leaver moved*Clink*and the bolt un-locked and the door opened.Hurry lets we ran into the..dark door way we herd a voice booming out.WHO DARES ENTER MY REALM.Who are you?One who will kill you all.and at that moment a dark shadow fell from above i ducked out of the way Dart wasnt so lucky he got traped up agenst the wall..WULF!!DURN!! Help

Edit:I added a little

Edited by - Jabez on 5/25/2005 12:01:06 PM

Post Wed May 25, 2005 8:38 am

The start of the story is a little.......Low so dont wory thw whole story wont be that way

Post Wed May 25, 2005 9:45 am


Post Wed May 25, 2005 9:59 am

Sw i sorta wanted it in off topic so more ppl would see it

Post Sat Jul 02, 2005 10:39 pm

Absolutely impossible to read. Not that it's bad, just the fact that there are no spaces after sentences, no quotation marks, etc. make it impossible to decipher.

Edit: Oops. Gravedig. Heehee.

Edited by - Wilde on 7/2/2005 11:39:12 PM

Post Thu Jul 07, 2005 5:15 pm

bweoweoweo step away from the thread sir.

Post Thu Jul 07, 2005 5:45 pm

Jabez, work on what we were talking about and repaste this again.

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