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Futures Past, Future Imperfect

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Post Mon Mar 21, 2005 7:36 pm

Futures Past, Future Imperfect

Futures Past, Future Imperfect

A Halo story of a possible future after the book, First Strike.


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Post Mon Mar 21, 2005 7:36 pm

“Dr. Halsey, may I have a moment of your time?” The voice came from the far consol. The voice, decidedly feminine, accompanied a blue-green hologram that was very much feminine as well.

“What is it Cortana” the answer responded from the darkness. Sleep was in the air, but an answer was coming. This was of course no the original Cortana, but Cortana II. The next generation of AI. She was the good Doctors new assistant, in the revival of the SPARTAN program. She had some rather new and revolutionary ideas that many did not favor, but had admitted were needed to save Earth and Mankind.

“The new growth cultures have improved two hundred percent. Shall we proceed with the other samples?” Cortana asked. Data steams moved over the form. The holographic body was formed by the data.

“Yes Cortana, we have little time available. We have to get all three hundred started and growing before the end of the week.” The Doctor replied. She reached for and downed her cup of coffee. I t didn’t really matter that it was eight hours old. She needed her thoughts straight. She had only gotten three hours sleep in the last thirty six, but would sacrifice the others till after the new growth were in the incubators. After that, she could rest while the grew.

The cells were only a few, but, the growth excellerant the Doctor had applied to each of the two hundred and ninety nine, would each produce a new Spartan. One for each of the original, except number 117. He, would not be reproduced. She held a special place in her heart for John.

A tall female walked into the room. She was rugged, tall and looked like she could handle herself in any fight with any opponent. “Put them on the desk Kelly and take a break for a while, we won’t know anything for another few hours.” The woman nodded and set the data disks on Dr. Halsey’s desk and move toward her cot in the corner. Her movements, while still graceful, carried with them, the edge of pain, and damage that had been inflicted in her last time in combat. She stayed with the Doctor, even when she was healed and could have went back to battle. But, she was mystified at the Doctor’s behavior as it was. Why she had been taken away and the others had to fight, she did not understand yet.

Cortana continued to plot the growth spurts and planed the distribution of energy to kept each at the same stage of growth. None any faster than the next. A task, which kept her at peak performance. This cloning, would be a radical departure from standard cloning organs for emergency surgery.

Dr. Halsey was tired of seeing humans die, having to give there lives for what? An idea, A principle? Even if they won this war with the covenant, most of humanity would be wiped out doing it. There had to be another alternative. The cloning of three hundred SPARTANS was the best thing she could come up with. This would be more than the original seventy two she had created before. This group would also have navel personnel that replace those that have been killed, but were exceptional tacticians.

She needed to contact John, and get him to meet with her. He would be put in charge of training the new Spartans and getting them ready for war. Strange how that sounded. So opposite of what she wanted. So many lives have ben lost in this war with the covenant. Too many world destroyed. But, unless the covenant is stopped, more would be glassed as well.

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