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The Asgardian SpAz

Tell us about your adventures, amazing stories, wow us with your wit...use your imagination, tell us some of the greatest moments in your life.

Post Tue Jan 04, 2005 5:09 pm

The Asgardian SpAz

SpAz on Asgard's full story as follows (Sigh this is huge):

SpAz was born on Planet Uziel of the Don'Kavosh. He was given the name Raziel. As he grew, his father sent him to learn from the humans and gain their wisdom. But little did young Raziel realize, this was a phase in the Don'Kavoshes ancient proficy.

As SpAz grew, so did his powers. Soon, the United States Government took him away from his Earth parents. They messed with his powers, and destroyed 200 Miles around the area he was being held in. He launched in a stolen ship where his father waited in space. He sent him 200 million years into the past.

Raziel didnt understand what happened, until he discovered a part of the proficy. He had to stop his father from creating the Rakzam (The First Creation of the Don'Kavosh. The have similar powers to the Don'Kavosh yet are uncontroled), The Humans, (2nd creations, similar to the Rakzam but with no powers) and last, the Nomads.

Raziel's father in this time was radical and had just gained the throne. (Side Note: All Don'Kavosh live forever, as long as they are not killed with a Don'Kavosh knife) He gained the three keys from the gods to create creations. His father started in and began creating. The first were of course the Rakzam. Raziel begged him not to create the Rakzam, but he ignored and created them. They wiped out millions of citys on the planet.

His father was furious. He created the Humans to destroy the Rakzam but a glitch made them have no powers. The Humans fled to a planet named Earth where they crashed and forgot about the Don'Kavosh, so the Don'Kavosh could not control them.

His father very angry now created the Nomads. Raziel begged him not to, but he did anyway. The Nomads destroyed half the planet and flew 3 light years away.

Raziels father now infuriated gave up. About this time, the baby Raziel was born. His father immediatly knew who he was. He asked why he didnt try to stop him from creating all the creations. When he said he did, his father became angry and left him to stand in the corridor by him self. 10 minutes later, his mother was killed by a Nomad.

His father ordered Raziel killed on the holy alter of the artfact. Raziel escaped the planet and renamed him self "SpAz" and created "The Zetas" in secert, a group deticated to keeping the people of Siris safe, and over throwing the current Don'Kavosh government.

SpAz made a giant mistake though. When he renamed him self, Raziel remained and split into a seperate soul with in him. Soon later on Raziel split from his body and morphed into a new one. The new Raziel killed SpAz.

An Don'Kavosh ancient brought SpAz back to life. SpAz tried to kill Raziel but a man named "Kell" Took over his old body. Raziel took on the human form and ran away. Kell and SpAz then battled it out later on because of differences.

Raziel then told the Ancients of SpAz and that he was once an Ancient and he had been exiled long ago. The Ancients accepted SpAz and gave him 2 ancient swords and gave him back the powers of the Ancients. His 2 red eyes now became one red and one silver eye and he was tons more powerful than he used to be.

Raziel came back really mad and started civil war with in the Don'Kavosh empire which SpAz had to stop because he was king, and his fathers death had inticed this. SpAz has to die to save his kingdom, and not ponders what his true lifes meaning is, will he find it? Join Asgard Mod!

(Told you it was long >.< Whew)

Post Wed Jan 05, 2005 2:18 am

Raziel as in the guy who just registered on the Tides of War forum for the RA?

Post Wed Jan 05, 2005 9:09 am

Dont think so, if it was me I would have regestered as SpAz

Post Wed Jan 05, 2005 1:15 pm

outcast, what faction are you on TOW?

Post Tue Jan 11, 2005 9:27 am

Empire. I'm known as Talon there. I'm just about to submit the next news post.

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