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TLR WARS : Episode 2 The Fall of the Jedi

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Post Sat Oct 16, 2004 7:32 pm

TLR WARS : Episode 2 The Fall of the Jedi

TLR WARS : Episode 8
The Fall of the Jedi
The Sith have risen again. There has begun a time of darkness
to fall on the new Republic
A time of fear of the future
Even now, the reformed imperial fleet is bearing down
on the peaceful world of Naboo....

As always, no offence intended to any one. Enjoy!

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Post Sat Oct 16, 2004 7:32 pm

The Republic fleet has massed at the peaceful world of Naboo. There are so many fighters that it is difficult to count. But, there is also a surprise in store for the imperial fleet and the approaching Death Star. The bulk of the fleet is on the back side of the planet, leaving on cruiser to meet the Death Star. But, they are only there to deliver the message. The dooms day weapon. It is to be launched the moment the Death Star drops out of hyper space.

Onboard the Super Star Destroyer, Jagged was musing his position. Admiral Tawakalna had moved his command over to the Death Star at the last moment and he was once again in command of his ship. No Republic scum would destroy him. He now, thanks to the departure of is commander, resumed his arrogant attitude. He was a little more than lucky he had not been replaced. He was not the greatest tactician, but was unafraid of a battle, just his commanding officer.

This fleet had the Super star and five Star destroyer with the addition of two frigates in it. But, there was more than enough fire power with the presence of the Death Star. It had five Star Destroyers as well docked within it. They would take time to engage in battle though. The fighter wings it carried were an assume sight to behold. Swarming like bees around an angry hive. Disturb them, and suffer their wrath.

Red Star One, Topher, and Lt. Cmdr Ajim were conferring aboard Home Two. They were laying out a strategy for engaging all the ships. Red Star was to take five squadrons to take on the super star, he would be backed up by gold wing as cover support. Topher would take three squadrons and engage the nearest capital ships. Blue squadron would provide cover for them. Ajim was taking another five squadrons and heading to the furtherest capital ship. He would attempt to disable the ships to slow any from fleeing. They must destroy all the ships to get the advantage in this fight. It did not seem possible, but with the support fire from the bulwarks, they could take them all down.

Admiral Bargib was laying down a similar strategy as well. He was assigning three battle ships for the super star. They had their on fighter wings for support. Jedi Master Esquilax was onboard Home Two. He was in contact with the other Jedi to keep them advised. He did not feel any trepidation, but rather peace. Like the darkness was moving off, to a different location. He transmitted his concerns to the council just in case.

DarkStone was already on his way to the planet of Naboo. He had his impressions as well. The brothers had tried to convince him not to go, but, he was determined to meet the Dark Master, one way or the other. He knew their fates were destined to cross. He just did not know how yet. But, he was armed with information now. That, would be his greatest weapon to use. He would not let Han down, he would not fail her.

He looked at a picture of his parents, and at one of his wife. He had left her on Naboo. Another reason for not failing. But, his thoughts went back to his father, Luke Skywalker. Back to the early days. To a time when he was just five years old. He thought his father was being too hard on him and rebelled. He said he would do it his way. At five years old, he could already use the force better than an adult could. He levitated rock, R2 and anything else around him, but, his stubborn streak was one thing, he could not move.

His father, though, was patient with him. Luke explained that it took years to learn that. It had cost so much to learn, friends pain and all. Luke kept at it, explaining it over and over. He wanted DarkStone to be a great Jedi, but, also to be a wise one. Lea was around form time to time and helped in teaching the young pupil. She tried to instill peace and negotiation. Negotiation that did not include being at the point of a Light Saber. She wanted him to learn to reason his way through a situation. He had remembered so much of what she taught.

But thinking again of her and his father again brought the rage to the fore front. Their loss her so many. He fought to control the rage and turned it again. He would first try to reach Carla, to explain things, to reach into her heart. If he failed, he would have no choice but to kill her. He returned to the present and made a corse adjustment and asked R2 to keep it on auto pilot so he could get some sleep. He would arrive in a little over two hours.

The Dark Master had her own plan in motion. She conferred with the Admiral. She would have him stay with the death Star until the main body of the new fleet met at the council word, at its final destruction, then he would resume he position as commander of the fleet. She, would be taking a shuttle to Naboo the moment they dropped from hyper space. She would face her destiny as well. She must defeat this enemy to secure her position in the new Empire. She could not fail him. She had been trained in many ways of the darkside, many ways beyond what Darth Vader had even been trained in. She was the best student her teacher had known.

Commander Indy was on the bridge. They were due to drop out of hyper space in about ten minutes. He orders were clear. Proceed to destroy the planet, but, if the order comes from the Dark Master, he is to jump again into hyper space to the second set of coordinates, regardless if she were back aboard. He did not under stand, but did not question her either. He had learned not to do that anymore. Rubbing his face, he surveyed the bridge. All stations were maned. All weapons as well. The Death Star dropping out of hyper space would look as if a moon was about to collide with the planet.

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Post Sat Oct 16, 2004 7:52 pm

hmm good good, you have talent FD, can i request to be in it?

Post Sat Oct 16, 2004 7:54 pm

Yea, we'll see. I have to add some new ones soon to replace others that were killed.

A players list will be posted to sho who is in the stories as well, like in the other one.

Post Sun Oct 17, 2004 12:10 am

Liking this a lot. Is the promised BIG surprise still on its way?

Post Sun Oct 17, 2004 12:16 am

indy you better start practising pressing that button again the time is near

Edited by - studying_warrior on 10/17/2004 2:07:09 AM

Post Sun Oct 17, 2004 8:26 am

make sure you label the buttons up clearly, if you're not careful he'll dump the core by mistake!

Post Sun Oct 17, 2004 8:47 am

how easy can it be to miss the BIG red button?

Post Sun Oct 17, 2004 10:47 am

Easier than you think, when you're distracted by having spilt coffee over yourself

Post Sun Oct 17, 2004 10:57 am

True, but if yyou have been focused on it for so long and waiting for it so long, you want be put down by some coffee wil you?
Nah I have faith in Indy, he will not let me down

Post Sun Oct 17, 2004 11:01 am

Hmmmmmm.......sw, the plans for you in the near future, hmmmmmm.....lets say things take a turn. Stay tuned

ps. sw, Did you get the first part ok?

Edited by - Finalday on 10/17/2004 12:01:10 PM

Post Sun Oct 17, 2004 11:23 am

blah good things never last do they at least have indy push his button
yea I got it thx will be reading it during the week to get away from the studies

Post Sun Oct 17, 2004 4:54 pm

Commander Indy was on the bridge. They were due to drop out of hyper space in about ten minutes. He orders were clear. Proceed to destroy the planet, but, if the order comes from the Dark Master, he is to jump again into hyper space to the second set of coordinates, regardless if she were back aboard. He did not under stand, but did not question her either. He had learned not to do that anymore. Rubbing his face, he surveyed the bridge. All stations were maned. All weapons as well. The Death Star dropping out of hyper space would look as if a moon was about to collide with the planet.

“Any moment people, look alive out there” Came Bargib’s instructions.

“Red group, form up by fives on my wing” redstar One called out. He switched his defector on, double front.

“Green group, form up by threes” called Topher. He was doubly ready for this battle. He had some pay back coming for those lost in the last battle.

“B-Wing squadron, lock S-foils in attack positions and stand by” Lt. Cmdr Ajim called out. He switched the power to weapons and deflectors. “Stand by for short hyper jump on my command.” His group would jump to just the other side of the battle area to catch the ships that were to be his targets, before they even knew they were in the area.

Redstar One surveyed the fighters and reported in that all were ready. He scanned the area that was to be the drop out point. He prayed no one was wrong on it, or they would be up to their ears in Star Destroyers.

The First Destroyer dropped out. RedStar was on it even before it decelerated. He and five other ships were headed straight for the shield generators. Once down, the bulwarks would make scrap metal. out of them. Red two and three were flanking him. He nodded the go ahead to fire. Whit hot arcs soared across space. The resulting explosion was spectacular, but redstar did not see it, he banked hard port and headed back to the wait zone for the next ship that was due.

The remainder of the Destroyers and the Super Star dropped out of hyper space to see one of their own burning. The counted only a frigate and fighters present. They scanned for any capital ships, but found none. Hey did catch a transmission coming from the Frigate. At that moment, the Death Star dropped out of hyper space. It literally too the breath from all the fighter pilots. It was massive, greater than anything they had ever seen or would ever see again. At least that was not their target.

Captain Jagged looked at the decoded message that they had intercepted. It stated the republic was firing the dooms day weapon they had ceased at the death Star and for all fighters to fall back. Jagged moved to the screens. There was an intermittent blip, but nothing they could lock on to. He relayed the information to the Admiral on the Death Star. He received the code that it would continue to the next target, leaving them all alone with the one ship and fighters. Jagged gave the command to launch all fighters.

Space was now so thick with fighters and capital ships, that you could almost walk on them. No one paid any attention to the lone shuttle that was circumventing the fire fight. It’s course was to the planet of Naboo.

“All craft, engage the enemy” came Bargibs command. The bulwarks cut the first Destroyer to pieces. Ajim’s wing jumped into hyper space and were gone. They would prevent escape.

Redstar one had his wing headed after the next Star Destroyer. The Tie defenders were right on them as expected. At that moment, gold wing swung into formation, each pilot taking a matching number and pursued the defenders. Redstar say many fir balls of ships that light up space. He had his eyes on his next target. Flack began to fly, the ships batteries were ready on this one. He switch on the forward deflectors again. It was going to be a bumpy ride. He wiped hard over into a roll, then dipped to miss more incoming flack. He was a swift pilot and kept the wild maneuvers up. He was with in one hundred meters of his target. Red six called out that he was in trouble. One of his engines was out and the other was losing power. He requested and received permission to withdraw. “ Sorry Boss” was his words as he banked away from the battle.

Jagged watched on the tactical display where al the fighters were. He also saw the capital ships coming from behind the planet. It was a trap and now it was his to deal with. He surveyed his ships. Two destroyers had been destroyed and the perimeter ships were under attack. He would be trapped if he remained in position. He gave the command to take the Super star out of the fight. He had the helm to lay in a course for the Death Star. He had to report this. It would cost him, but at least he had his life. That fight was a death trap.

Admiral Bargib watched as the Super Star destroyer jumped to hyper space. One getting away, especially that one was not counted on. He gave commands to open fire at will on all remaining ships. They could not let any others escape. Topher had his wing pulling out all stops. They decimated two destroyers and headed for the strike cruiser. It was better armed and shielded.

“Green five, six, and seven, circle starboard and draw their fire” topher said, lining up his weapons on the bridge. He and four ships locked on with every thing the had. The resulting explosion warmed them and they were rewarded with shouts over the com channel. They were winning this battle. All remaining ships headed toward two star destroyers that were attempting to flee. At that moment, two bulwark battle cruiser dropped out of hyper space directly in their paths. With no alternative, they opened fire. But it was to no avail. The fire power over whelmed them and soon, all that was seen was scrap metal. The barges would have their hands full recovering the materials.

At that moment, a lone X-Wing dropped out of hyper space and headed directly to the planet. It was headed to a meeting that would bake this battle seem small in comparison. The pilot, Darkstone, knew the enemy and knew she was here. He knew where she was going and what awaited him. This was a battle that he must win, for the sake of both of them, he had to win.

Post Sun Oct 17, 2004 5:40 pm

I tend to try to get some kind of picture for my stories int eh notebook that I keep a hard copy in. This one fits the first story before Carla Became the Dark Master Link and this one for Gowserpaul as a Jedi Master

And this one of Darkstone faceing Neo_Kuja in the cave battle Link Ways I picture some of the scences. this one as the Dark Master Link this one for Locutus the smugelerLink ANd yes folks, A shot of Esq in jedi robes, but finally we see him Link No offence intended Esq.

sw, the dark master link

If they won't open, right click and open in a new window.

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Post Sun Oct 17, 2004 6:08 pm

Very nice FD!
Can I be in the story? I know I already asked, but I thought you might have forgotten.

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