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Project Valkerie

Tell us about your adventures, amazing stories, wow us with your wit...use your imagination, tell us some of the greatest moments in your life.

Post Thu Oct 14, 2004 7:39 pm

Project Valkerie

This is a story that I wrote last year. Parts of it were taken from FL.
Can anyone guess what other games, books, or movies that I took parts from?
At any rate, sit back, relax, and enjoy Project Valkerie!

Post Thu Oct 14, 2004 7:40 pm

Project Valkerie
By: ww2jacob


In the year 1969, the race known as humanity landed on an extraterrestrial body. This moment marked the beginning of Earth's space program.
Several hundred years later, the planet Earth was all but forgotten. It was too small for the billions of humans that lived there and so the humans left the planet for other systems. However, they selected a group of one thousand people to stay on Earth and start anew. So no one else would ever return to the planet, the coordinates were deleted from all the departing ships' computers.
The ships arrived on planets in strange systems and landed there. Each starship that launched from Earth was designed with enough equipment that it could create a self-sufficient colony on a planet with oxygen-rich air. Due to the need to find a planet like this, the human colonies were scattered across many different systems. In time, the colonies grew and many added other planets to their colony. Hundreds of years later, many of the colonies had made contact with each other and were trading resources among themselves.
Neighboring colonies began creating alliances and trade agreements. In the end, there were only a few alliances due to smaller ones merging and getting added to bigger ones. Finally, several of the largest alliances met and set up a government at the planet called Zenos. They each agreed to protect one another and trade only with those who were in this alliance. Four groups joined this alliance to begin with. They were the Britonians, the Frenesh, the Milanos, and the Japenos. They were known as the Quadripact. For the next century, the Quadripact was the strongest force in the known Galaxy. Their fleets of starships and legions of soldiers kept rule in the Galaxy. But still, contact had not been made with sixteen of the original ships that had launched from Earth. All the other ships had landed on habitable planets in the known area of space. But since there was no set area to head for, they could be anywhere in the Galaxy.
Meanwhile on Zenos, the government, now known as the Interplanetary Parliament, was dealing with some major problems. Pirates were attacking their trading ships and were stealing their supplies. Now they had even gone so far as to destroy Handenberg Tracking Station! This act could not go unpunished so they had to come up with a plan to eliminate the pirates. They had established bases in asteroid fields so that capital ships could not attack them. However, a plan was in the making to destroy them. A super capital ship, the Traglafar, was being built at the huge Milano Shipyards. This ship would be over thirty miles in length, have ten huge weapon turrets, and four docking bays that could accommodate over 150 small fighters and transports. This ship would be able to march right into the asteroid fields and destroy the pirate bases.
In truth, a decade later, the pirate threat was eliminated. A sister ship to the Traglafar was built, the Leviathan, which had more powerful weapons systems than the former.
Right after the Leviathan rolled out of the shipyard, a new threat came to the Interplanetary Parliament. On the fringes of Parliament space, contact with the Doverberg Scanning Station was lost. A pair of starships sent to investigate also vanished. Another force that was sent returned saying that the station was completely destroyed and dozens of strange ships had chased them out of the system. One week later, the planet Yertha was invaded. For weeks this continued, and every ship sent to that sector was destroyed or limped back with a horrible tale to tell. Little was known about the invaders except that they had an enormous fleet and a gigantic army. Someone had to come up with a plan to stop them.
Finally, a plan was developed. The plan, code named PROJECT VALKERIE, was to create a genetically altered soldier who could lead a small force to discover more about the enemy. However, it would take several months to create and alter this man. Until he was ready, the Interplanetary Parliament was going to have to survive, and that was definitely going to be difficult.

Post Thu Oct 14, 2004 7:41 pm

Chapter One
Unlocking the Secret
7 Months Later
Capital Ship Leviathan
Milano System

The scientist typed in the final commands.

Initializing Weapon Training...

Initializing Tactical Training...

Initializing Pilot Training...

Initializing Historical and enemy training...
Drive Damage
Unable to extract information

The scientist cursed under his breath. He was going to have to release the subject without all the proper information. The ship had taken a lot of fire; he was actually surprised he had been able to extract the information he had from the ship's damaged hard drive. But, that still meant he would have to release the subject without giving him the historical data and enemy information he would need to... Another explosion shook the ship's superstructure. The scientist began entering the unlocking and identification codes into the machine. Once the subject was free, it would be his responsibility to get him off the ship.
He guessed that at least the historical data was not really critical anymore, since so much had changed in the past few minutes. An enemy battlefleet had jumped into the Milano system and attacked the Milano homeworld. Fortunately, both the Leviathan and Traglafar were in port there getting repairs. They were now making a last stand in front of the shipyard where they were built. Despite the vastly superior weapons on the two capital ships, the scores of enemy ships and fighters were simply overwhelming them. Then a "Beep," came from the console. He was ready.

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Post Fri Oct 15, 2004 6:18 pm

i like this jacob, your a good writer

Post Sun Oct 17, 2004 6:00 pm


Post Mon Oct 18, 2004 8:39 pm

Wonderfull. Ever concider doing this for a living..................AZAR

Post Tue Oct 19, 2004 7:57 pm

Thanks AZAR!
I've actually considered it, I do like it a lot!

Chapter Two
Out of the Frying Pan
Capital Ship Leviathan
Milano System

He heard a hissing noise. His eyes opened. A voice said to him, "Relax, the side effects should wear off momentarily. In the meantime, feel free to get aquatinted with your surroundings." His eyes were very slow to focus. He was in a large, strange machine in a large room with metal walls and floor, much like a hangar, but there were test tubes and strange machines all around the room. His vision was clearing and he could now see a man, presumably the one who had been speaking to him, standing at a nearby computer. The man was middle-aged and wore a white lab coat. The man said,"Welcome to the Leviathan's laboratory. Your vital signs are good, so you can get out of there." The man pulled him out of the strange machine he had been in. He wondered what the Leviathan was, but before he could ask, the man said, "Come on, I'll explain everything later! All the other scientists have gone to escape pods and so should we!" He ran over to a small locker in the corner and pulled out a photon rifle. The scientist handed it to him and said, "This is the only one left, so you will have to protect me with it. But watch out, the Captain said that enemy boarding parties have landed on the ship!" He examined the gun, looking down the scope to make sure it was working properly, and slung it onto his shoulder. He did this purely by instinct and wondered how he had learned it. He didn't remember ever seeing a weapon before, much less using one. Then, the scientist ran off into a corridor. He had no choice but to follow.
After several minutes of jogging through various hallways, the scientist stopped. "The docking bay is just down this next hallway. We can take a ship and get out of here. Then we can go to... Wait, do you hear that?" All of a sudden, four men clad in full silver body armor charged down the hallway. The scientist yelled, "Those are enemy troops, get out of here, I'll seal the door behind you!" He punched a button on a keypad on the wall and a door closed between them.
He continued down the hallway, thinking about his first confrontation with death. He hadn't even gotten a chance to unsling his weapon! He arrived at the docking bay. This was truly a huge room; it had to be more than a mile long! All throughout the room there were men repairing, refueling, and readying various fighters, bombers, interceptors, transports and torpedo bombers. They were all facing toward a huge metal door that supposedly led into space. He went up to the nearest ship, a torpedo bomber, and began talking to a man. The man said that even though the ship was ready to launch, they were missing a bombardier. He responded by saying that he was trained as a bombardier. He then went onto the ship and met Flight Officer James Reeves and Petty Officer Vincent Charpentier, the pilot and gunner.
They introduced themselves and expressed their pleasure in having someone with experience aboard their ship. Then, Reeves told him that their squadron's mission was to escort a group of personnel in a transport to a place away from the battle and then on to another parliamentary stronghold. They would have to destroy any starships in the group's way and then follow the group in their translight jump. The mission was a crazy, last minute scheme to attempt to get away from the Leviathan and her certain doom. The odds that they would even jump away from the battle were slim and then they would have to find their way through unknown space to a parliamentary stronghold. But, it was their only chance to escape this battle alive. They began making preparations to launch. Their squadron would be the first out of the bay.
Reeves showed him the torpedo console. This ship carried three Barracuda medium range high explosive torpedoes. One torpedo could destroy a starship if it hit something vital, but they were slow moving. However, he could manually control the torpedoes and enable them to dodge incoming fire, if his skills were up to the test. The ship also had two neutron cannons on the front, which the pilot controlled. There was also a laser turret on top, which was operated by the gunner. Then, Reeves started the engines.
Crater took a seat at the torpedo console. He noticed that this ship had been tagged as Red-7. The ship was beginning to rise off the floor of the docking bay. The inner airlock doors opened and they entered the airlock. The doors closed behind them. The outer doors began to open. He could see the blackness of space beyond. It was now or never.

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