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Tell us about your adventures, amazing stories, wow us with your wit...use your imagination, tell us some of the greatest moments in your life.

Post Tue Nov 09, 2004 6:53 am

hehe. I like the introduction of the 'union jack' covered Mazda, owned by Brett.

There's a Bret Bretonian on these boards, was he your inspiration too?

FF asked me to read this (like I'm an expert!). The story is fun, just..male?

Okay, yes I like spaceships, but star wars is strong in my family lol

Post Sun Nov 21, 2004 3:05 pm

sorry for the wait, here is a few of the latest lines:

One car that caught his eye was a modified Mazda RX7, it had been painted all over with a Union Jack, it was owned by a man named Brett,
he had put blue pulsing neon over the engine and in the boot, along with some huge bass speakers, as well as scissor doors and a body kit
style Nitro had never seen before.

The onsite cafe was alive with the hum of conversation, some about the weather, some about cars and tuning, and a few between friends catching up on the latest gossip. Nitro sat down at a window seat, the rain had stopped, leaving some large puddles, it wasnt long before he noticed a gaggle of small children in luminous yellow rain macs and matching wellington boots jumping in the puddles, having the time of their lives.

A short while later a door opened in one of the nearby houses. Out ran a dog who tried rounding up the children, but ended up running about in the puddle alongside the children, an adult appeared at the door. The dog seemed to suddenly remembered its purpose and rounded up the children, who thought it was some sort of new game.

"Cute kids" a familiar voice behind Nitro said. It was Teri, she introduced her companion, a man named Michael " He has an offer you might be interested in." Teri said.

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