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TLR WARS : Episode 1 A new dark lord Pt2

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Post Sun Sep 26, 2004 2:27 pm

TLR WARS : Episode 1 A new dark lord Pt2

This will be the other half of the story. Enjoy and as always, no offence intended.

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Post Sun Sep 26, 2004 2:28 pm


Esquilax took the floor. He had come to a conclusion, based on the information obtained and the flight records, that Darkstone had been to Degoba and has since returned there. And, there was and another problem as well, anger was sensed as well. A bad mix for a Jedi. This could lead someone to the darkside, even someone as strong as Darkstone. This required more though. Esquilax left the council chambers and went to his quarters to think about it.

Jagged had all the extra Troopers transferred to various ships that were in need. Soon the attack force would be ready. He coded message and sent it to the Death Star, to be given to the Admiral. It was replied that he would be given the message at the earliest convenience, what ever that meant. What could the Admiral be up to that a message he wanted, could not be relayed now.

The meeting of the Admiral and the Commander, Indy, was almost over. Nothing would be the same again. He had come to for a strategy to remove the sith from the plans, only to be plunged straight into their plans. The surgeons worked on him. Implants were needed to keep him alive. His face, if you could call it that was gone. In place of it was mask close to that of the old dark lord, Vader. It would be required to live. His new master, the Dark Master herself, over saw the handy work. Ths would end the internal rebellion before it even got started. The commander was in full agreement, that no further rebellion would be tolerated, by any one.

The Admiral, once all the devises were in place, rose from the table and the quickly bowed the knew to his master, sycho_warrior, pledging new loyalty to the master, without further question. He lost his battle to over throw the Sith. He would no longer want to be the emperor. The Sith turned and left. They had other things to attend to now. Their servants would remain loyal, no longer questioning orders. One the fleet was assembled, the admiral was to take it to the first system in the plan, and bring it under the control of the new emperor.

******************************************* And Now, The Continuation ***************

Jedi masters Gowserpaul and Gowserchris were consulting the Jedi data banks. There were no immediate references to the sith, as in a rapid rise to power. There would then have to be more to this than meets the eye. If they could only find and speak to Darkstone. They might get a few answers to the situation. Until then, they would have to contiplate another solution to the crisis. That also included dealing with the senate.

There was also a dark presence there as well. They would root that out first. But they wanted to talk to Esquilax first. Then speak with the Chancellor. This one, had something to hide. He was only elected two months ago. They had changed the powers declaration so that the chancellor could not hold maximum power any more. They learned from Palpatine and that blunder that put a Sith into power and gave him control of everything.

The had bee there very undoing and nearly destroyed all the Jedi. Master Skywalker had been able to rebuild the Jedi, but to a limit. They were still few in numbers and limited on how they could use their resources. They must act wisely to survive this time of troubles. A knock on the door brought the brothers back to the present. :Come” spoke Gowserchris. The door slid quietly back and in walked Wizard and Chips. They were both busy lately with calming systems. Minor disputes turning into major ones. It took a delicate touch to calm things down so the heart of the problem could be addressed.

“It’s getting more serious all the time” was Chips comment.

“System after system, stirring up more troubles, But, who is behind it all” Wizard followed up. Both took seats across from the brothers. He just shook his head.

“There is a good probability that Carla is behind it” Gowserpaul spoke, as if disappointed in the fact. “What we saw earlier and some new information that has come to light suggests that she, is the new Dark Master of the Sith”.

“But, how can a Jedi turn to the darkside, if he or she does not have the help of a master” Chips spoke. He too was having a hard time excepting the truth. He had know Carla for some time, but beyond being head strong, she had not showed signs of anger or hatred. It just did not seem possible. Who could have made known the places that possesses the powers of the darkside. The only one that had know of it was Luke Skywalker. He had experienced it on Degoba with Master Yoda when he was young, but he has been dead ten years now.

Chips was the only one of the current Jedi that had know it existed. The other never gave any indications. Luke must have showed her during the training. There is no other explanation. “I’m going to Degoba to do a little research” Chips said, rising. The others nodded and he left. They all expressed hope that he could uncover something and then report back to the others.

The current batch of students would be watched closely. Letting none of them be alone on assignment, but travel with a Master. These were troubling times indeed. At that moment, Esquilax entered to report his findings to the council. His news was not much better. He had to report of an imperial fleet massing in the yavin system. “The remnant you mean?” was asked by Wizard.

“No, this is an imperial fleet, like the ones assembled under the old emperor” Esquilax explained. “The remnant would only have at most, three ships to gather, there are more than a dozen, including a Super Star Destroyer”. A hush fell over the others. It was believed that all the Super Star’s had been destroyed twenty years ago. The were a dangerous weapon, indeed. On that they could not ignore, nor could they fight themselves. They needed the republic fleet for this one.

They decided to call the Admiral and speak with him directly. They needed Bargib to be in constant contact with them for a while. He had fought many battles in the time following the destruction of the second Death Star. He was trained by Admiral Akbar himself. He currently commanded Home ne. It was made into his flagship after the death of Akbar in a battle over Hoth. Such a cold place to die, but the battle was a victory for the Republic.

The council adjourned for the day, meeting ahead would occupy them for the next to days. They had much work to prepare for. They had to sedate the darkness, before the Galaxy was plunged back in again, this time, not to recover.

The Admiral was on the bridge as Jagged reported for the morning watch. The expression, now no longer see able, was a greater distraction for the Captain, than before. The Admiral was fearsome before the encounter, and no one spoke of it in public, was so frightening, they wanted to transfer to another ship so they would not have to suffer an outrage directed at them. Rumors were already swirling around, his face, destroyed, given powers and such, though, none knew if it was true. Admiral Tawakalna, was one now to be feared.

Jagged busied himself with getting the morning reports, he did not even notice the Admiral leaving the bridge. After preparing himself, he turned to give the information, but discovered the Admiral was gone. An inquiry provided the information he sought. The Admiral had left the ship and was headed towards the ship yard. Pity those people. All Jagged could do, was shake his head. He prepared the ship to get under way and ran a series of readiness drills. He would be ready, no matter what

The Death Star had received to more transports of personnel to help with construction. This would gain them a three week jump already, and if kept to a quick pace, would bring back up to schedule inside a week. It was needed, for Indy, to stay alive. He wanted to prove himself, but he couldn’t if he were dead. He would not risk the wrath of the Dark Master. The encounter, fresh in his mind, was something he longed to forget. The lightning flashes, the flesh being destroyed, the pain in the look on the Admirals face, then the fight, draining away as if water going down a sink drain.

Troop complement was at max, fighter wings, full as well. They needed to only take on three more Star destroyers and they could be under way. To have the bays for Star Destroyers, was new to the designs. But, that was three months away at current pace. They would build more as they went. The systems for scheduled stops, had heavy resources and they would carry the engineers with them. Plenty of room for that. They were set to display and drive fear into systems as they went. The intent, was for fear to bring them into line for the new ruler, what ever she might have in mind.

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Post Sun Sep 26, 2004 3:51 pm

FD, you are a nut a funny enjoyable nut, but a nut all the same

Post Sun Sep 26, 2004 5:31 pm


I get three Star Destroyers to my command along with a whole slew of fighter wings.... AND my Death Star!

At this point, you are a mere shadow of your former self, Taw, and seemingly not interested in commanding your Super SD now.

Post Mon Sep 27, 2004 5:57 am

I'm beginning to be somewhat concerned about FD's fleet deployments.

Post Mon Sep 27, 2004 10:35 am

but theres not a lot u can do against my jedi might

Post Mon Sep 27, 2004 1:10 pm


Are you kidding? With *shudder* sw and nasty ol' Neo around, who the heck needs to fear a bunch of Jedi who've more or less lost it already

Post Mon Sep 27, 2004 4:40 pm

Current cast includes - Updated 9/27/04

Esquilax, Jedi Master.

Locutus, smuggler and friend of Solo
Ship - The Star princess

Tawakalna - Admiral of the new imperial fleet

Jagged - Captain of the flag ship, a Super Star Destroyer

Indy - Commander of the New Death Star

Stinger - Jedi Master

Chips - Jedi Master

Wizard - Jedi Master

Arcon - Supreme Chancellor

Mustang - Bounty Hunter and cloner source.

sycho_warrior - Dark Master and imperial comander

freighter fighter - commander of new weapons research

Neo_Kuja - New dark student

Gowserpaul - Jedi master and co-head of council and brother of Gowserchris

Gowserchris - Jedi master and co-head of council and brother of Gowserpaul

Darkstone - Luke Skywalkers son

Redstar - Redstar One, a republic squadrin commander

Topher - Republic Squadrin commander

Spix - Home two Mon Calamri Crusier commander

Arania - Republic Squadrin commander

Dark_Reaper - Star Destroyer Captain (killed in action)

Bargib - Admiral of Republic fleet

KimK - Commander of Home two, flag ship

Major Striker - Commander of ground troops

Lt Cmdr Ajim - Wing Commander, Home Two

more will be added as the story goes on.

Post Mon Sep 27, 2004 5:04 pm

Troop complement was at max, fighter wings, full as well. They needed to only take on three more Star destroyers and they could be under way. To have the bays for Star Destroyers, was new to the designs. But, that was three months away at current pace. They would build more as they went. The systems for scheduled stops, had heavy resources and they would carry the engineers with them. Plenty of room for that. They were set to display and drive fear into systems as they went. The intent, was for fear to bring them into line for the new ruler, what ever she might have in mind.

Admiral Tawakalna’s shuttle brought him to a Star Destroyer that had just jumped out of hyper space. He was to set the captain as his second in command of the fleet. He would relay orders to the other ships as they came to the Admiral. For even though he obeyed the dark Lord now, he was still a brilliant tactician in fleet battles. Too bad most was learned in command of Republic ships, but, that was what gave him the edge. That, could make a turn in an encounter that would favor the empire. Na that was why he still commanded the fleet. He would not need the Death Star, he would prove his worth in battle and help restore the empire to its glory.

He had more than one dozen ships under his command. Two more carriers were in the final stages of being built and would be ready for fighter and bomber wings shortly there after. He had also given orders to the wings patrolling this system, destroy any republic ships entering, civilian or not. Detection of the Death Star would finish them even before they started. His Master had made that quite clear and gave him the leeway on the destruction of the ships caught. He remembered the adage, ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’.

The ships in orbit of Yavin and its moons were impressive to say the least. A quickly assembled fleet, was the best early weapon to have on hand, then, conquest. Tawakalna had also remembered the information, concerning a new weapon prototype. Capable of destroying a planets population, leaving it intact for colonization later if so chosen. This was of little concern for the moment. At least till his Master gave the word.

Jagged hopped the Admiral would take another flag ship, but that was not likely until another Super Star Destroyer was built, and one was not scheduled for almost one year. Resources were being stretched as it was. And the Death Star, got the main portion assigned to it. It was impressive indeed. Nothing would stand up o this one. Least of all a snub fighter. The new shields would stop that. Jagged had almost wished for that assignment, but after hearing what had gone on there, he withdrew his bid for the position.

The republic’s primary fleet was beginning to assemble. They had close to twenty five ships and forty five fighter wings. All A-wings at that. Troop regiments were at eighty squads. Not an impressive amount though, but others would be added in time. The Admiral over it was Bargib. He saw to the formation himself. He still hoped the bothan spies could penetrate Yavin and get them more information. They had little to go on at the moment. He had the impending dread, that all was not as safe as the council and senate hoped.

A Jedi fighter group headed towards Degoba. Three Jedi masters, unusual for normal time, but necessary now. They had to have answers and needed to find and talk to Darkstone. They locked in on his X-Wing signal and tracked it to the landing site. They knew he may sense them and be alerted to their presence, but, it could not be helped. Urgency was the order of the day. Stinger, Esquilax, and Wizard climbed out of their cockpits as Darkstone approached. His light saber was clipped to his belt and he seemed curios why they were there and said as much. After a little small talk, he gestured for them to follow him.

It was too tight trying to fit in the hovel, so they sat around an outdoor fire pit an got comfortable. Stinger was the first to speak, “I would gather, you know why we are here, so, lets get straight to it, shall we?”

Darkstone nodded. They had come to see him, so he let them carry the conversation. “We have identified the new Dark Lord as Carla, a former Jedi Knight” Wizard spoke, What we do not know was why she turned and how she was turned as a dark Lord was not available to train her”.

“My father, he...was who trained her”, came the unexpected response. But, holding up a hand to stifle the surprise looks, he continued, “ No, he did not train her to the dark side, but he did bring her here while he was training and sent her to the dark cave even as master Yoda had sent him there”.

“We all know there are pockets where the dark side of the force is strong, but we had no idea of this one”. Stinger addressed the group, “How, had it influenced Carla, How had she been turned”.

“I believe that she was a bit wayward prior to my father finding her, she just hid it well and he never knew what was with in her, even when she killed him” Darkstone spoke.

But, how would you know this, unless you were there” Stinger asked, incredulous.
Darkstone pointed behind the other Jedi and said, because he told me what was going on”. Behind the Jedi stood and energy appearance of Master Skywalker and another, Master Kenobi, Luke’s mentor. Both had sad expressions on their faces. They explained what had occurred to the young Jedi and why she was in the condition she was. And, that she was even stronger than Darth Vader ever was.

She, they explained, was also conceived by the force, as was Anakin Skywalker. The difference, was her home. More anger that should have been, before she was discovered to have the abilities that Luke and Lea were looking for.” I tried to warn him,” Kenobi spoke,” but he would not listen”.

“But now is no the time for blame, but to find a way to stop her.” Luke spoke, “Darkstone, you have to put you anger behind you as well, or you will be headed that way as well”.

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Post Tue Sep 28, 2004 6:00 am

Nertz! Taw's got more toys than I do.

Things are moving right along Fd.

Post Tue Sep 28, 2004 3:31 pm

*pats head* you stay there on your shiny ball, nice and safe; I'll do the real fighting you might get excited and press one of the big shiny buttons that does something..

I'm partial to the tactic of the Previous Enclosure, FD, if you'd like to mention that?

Post Tue Sep 28, 2004 6:22 pm

“But now is no the time for blame, but to find a way to stop her.” Luke spoke, “Darkstone, you have to put you anger behind you as well, or you will be headed that way as well”.

Darkstone nodded his agreement. They would need to search out in the Force, to delve into the darkness for more about her and her training. They would need this to counter her, and maybe, save her. Though that was almost an improbability. They did come to the conclusion to test Darkstone. To see where his training was at. His edge, and weather he was up to a confrontation with Carla, or weather he was a liability. They all began to rise from where they sat.

Darkstone had his back to Stinger. Stingers blade ignited as he swung an arc towards Darkstone. With out a noticeable reaction, he had blade in hand and parried the blow. And then turned to block one from Esquilax. His was downward and came towards his leg. It was parried into the ground, Darkstone then jumped, flipping backward over the others heads to rest on a scraggly tree root.

Wizard, his yellow blade lit, executed a forward leap with a one handed cut towards the hand of Darkstone. A calm on his face, Darkstone answered the swing and pushed back causing Wizard to jump back down to the ground. The others, now moved in on Darkstone. First on blade then another. He had to deflect as much as he could and find the opening he needed. Then, stinger, arm back in the beginnings of a strike, was force pushed back to the ground.

Blow after blow hammered Darkstone, his strength beginning to weaken. But not his resolve. He parried more and more. Forcing the three to back up. Then, a parry by Stinger knocked Darkstone’s blade to the side allowing Esquilax to strike and sever the handle of the saber in two.. Now he was defenseless. But, the others would not stop unless he yielded. A fire began to brew in him. One that could be seen in his eyes, even as he closed them. The, Wizard, blade raised over his head to strike began the arc downward. To follow through, would kill Darkstone. The blade, hot and deadly, was with in six inches of Darkstone when it stopped. Wizard did not hold back, but neither was he able to move.

The blade was locked in the position and no amount of strength could move it. Then, Stinger brought his down, the angle would sever Darkstone’s neck from his head. His blade too stopped short of his target. He was as perplexed in not being able to move it, even using the force to do so. All their blades moved skyward and disengaged and fell to the ground. It was then that Darkstone opened his eyes and peace was in them once again. He had mastered a new ability and they were amazed to say the least.

Luke looked at Obi-wan and nodded and both left . Darkstone sat in front of the fire. His Lightsaber in two pieces. He would have to construct a new one now, but that was ok, as he was up to the task. The others folded their legs and sat around the fire. A new opinion of the young Jedi, they had. They all nodded an unspoken agreement. Esquilax spoke for them all. “Darkstone, we came here to find out what you knew and to learn if there was an answer to the current situation” he began, “But we did not believe we would do what we have agree to do, and that is to confer upon you the rank of Jedi Master”

Stinger picked up and spoke, “When combat was intense, we did not sense any anger or hatred in you, even when we had the upper hand. We did sense a fire in you grow when you stopped our blades, but no darkness.” He paused, “What we do sense is a great power in you and you have learned to control it and not let it control you, Well done”.

They headed back to their ships. They needed to inform the rest of the counsel and to plan more recon missions to Yavin. There was much more to learn, before the pieces of this puzzle could be put together. Darkstone was in the hovel, packing his gear. He would be leaving soon as well. But first, he ad some unfinished business to attend to. “You did well my son, you learned to control your anger well” Luke stood before Darkstone. He did not immediately reply. “ You are planning to go to the pit, aren’t you” Luke added, “ It isn’t necessary, you have passed all the tests”.

“Not all of them, father” Darkstone responded, taking off his lightsaber and laying it on his things. “I still have one thing to learn and that is the only place, I can face it.” He left the hovel as Luke faded away. The roots had another visitor. This one searching this time. Less of a hunger within. Yet, still longing, for something.

The Senate was suspended for the day. Gowserchris was conferring with the Chancellor, Arcon. He had many pointed questions on his mind and was asking them. He believed they may have found the dark blot in the Republic. But, he would give the benefit of the doubt. He let up after getting few answers. The Chancellor headed to his office. He needed to put a call in and now!

Sitting behind his desk, a hologram formed of a hooded female. A dark presence could even be felt here. He reported all the questions that were asked of him, assuring her that he gave no answers. He explained the stall he was trying to get in the Senate, so the bill to grant powers could be restored, but the Jedi where seemingly on to it. The figure made a gesture, and Arcon reached for his throat. Gasping, fighting for breath, till darkness began to fall over him. When his secretary checked in on him before retiring for the night, she received the shock of finding him dead. No evidence of a break in. She did summon the Jedi to investigate though.

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Post Wed Sep 29, 2004 11:36 am

OK Taw.

Seing as how things can get pretty risky out there with sw..... you play with the toys, I'll just wait to be called upon to do .... whatever.....

Post Wed Sep 29, 2004 11:55 am

This is getting better and better

Post Wed Sep 29, 2004 2:32 pm

what IS the insurance on a Death Star these days? I hope you took out fully-comp and not just third-party.. btw I think your no-claims bonus is pretty b*ggered, you've lost two already.

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