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Texture animation (frames) on a CMP ?

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Post Mon Sep 24, 2007 3:29 am

Texture animation (frames) on a CMP ?

Greetings gents, I've been attempting to get an animated texture on a cmp. Have previously managed the MA with deltas and such, but the other type -texture animation- is escaping me. I replicated the texture file from missileeffect.txm, extracting the targa to use as a guide, and changing the name to match the material name used on the section which will show the animation.
However my attempts thus far have failed. So..a couple things I'd like to ask;<ul><li> is the Frame rect form of animation restricted to 2 faces such as an icon / bilboard / ale effect sprite type item?</li>
<li> Should I instead be creating a material entry, and then referring to the animated texture through the Dt_name ? </li> </ul>
As far as I can tell, the texture has two entries, the main one: say... impact, which contains sub-nodes of FPS, Frame rects, Frame count, and Texture count -and this is the texture name referred to in an ale file, not the next one.
The second entry uses the same name as above, but with "_0" appended -which contains MIP0 through 8 - this is not referred in the ale file, not with text nor CRC. Now, the missileeffect.txm has only a "Texture library" node, and no "Material library".

The part of the mesh I'm applying this to has 8 faces, in an octogon, all facing one direction. When UV editing, I constrained the faces to where the first frame should be, matching the tga I had extracted.
So, any help getting this to work would be much appreciated =)

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Post Mon Sep 24, 2007 9:36 am

material animations work from coding the material itself (in the .mat file) and then using the proper UV map in milkshape, to make it have the effect you want

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Post Mon Sep 24, 2007 12:01 pm

Just to be clear, it's possible to do the Frame animations in the mat file? I've done the other type in .mat files, using the following method:
----\+Material library
---\+Texture library
------\+<material ID>
---------\-MAFlags <usually 64,0>
---------\-MACount <always seems to be 1,0>
---------\-MADeltas <float array with 5 numbers describing the speed and direction>

But that only moves the Material over the mesh, not the other way around.

I have yet to see any .MAT file use the other method involving only the texture:
----\+Texture library
-----\+impact <texture name referred to in place of material ID>
--------\-Texture count <integer array, always 1,0 so far>
--------\-Frame count <integer array, always 16,0 so far>
--------\-FPS <float array, always 15.00, 0.00 so far>
--------\-Frame rects <float array, long list of from 0.00 to 1.00>
-----\+impact_0 <not directly referred to anywhere>
etc, to MIP8

The top one is ok for say..the nomad membrane on the mothership, but the second is more like a gif animation. You could do a short cartoon of a stick figure walking with it, or as it's used in-game, for some things like explosion animations, and electrical discharges. If I recall correctly, the gas clouds in Sigma 13 use the latter. Essentially the texture is a matrix of 16 pictures, one for each frame of animation.
Alas, this is the one I cannot get working on my little octogon.

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