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Basic Smoothing - Does FL do it?

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Post Wed May 10, 2006 4:55 am

Basic Smoothing - Does FL do it?

I'd like to know if Freelancer does basic smoothing automatically. I gotta know because a friend of mine is modeling a ship, and it doesn't look very good without smoothing.

Post Sat May 13, 2006 8:45 pm


In a nutshell yes.. most of the time, tho depending on the type of smoothing applied.. eg meshsmooth.. you can add a significant number of polys.., however having said that.. it is possible to 'convince' freelancer to show clean lines by ensuring that no smoothing is applied.. but that's not what you want..

Freelancer does carry forward basic smoothing.. but in-game lighting will normally pick out flat panel detail..

Does this help?


Post Sun May 14, 2006 7:53 pm

Actually the question was posted for me, but I'm thinking Meij didn't understand what exactly I was curious about.

I have my model basically complete other than basic tweaking of the model. I have assigned 3 smoothing groups to the ship. It renders pretty nicely with said groups. The only problem is, when exporting to 3ds format ect, I've found that the smoothing groups disappear. Wavefront Obj is the only format I've seen that keeps them on export (This is in 3dsMax 8.0) My question actually is, if I export the ship to Obj file, then import into Milkshape and use the export plugin to put it into FL, will the smoothing groups still be there, or should I manually add more polys in anticipation of them no longer being defined.

Post Sun May 14, 2006 11:35 pm

@barak1001 - don't bother with smoothing when exporting the model to Milkshape. The Milkshape will smooth the groups by him self. If you don't want a particullary group to be smoothed then divide that group.
Check this:

Both parts (the left and the right) of the upper main hull (white/grey color) use the same texture, so logically it must be one group - but they are two different groups.
Even if the model from the beginning have some parts unsmoothed, after you'll check the model in Selection Editor or you'll regroup a different groups, Milkshape will apply automatically the smoothing to existings groups, so the solutions if you don't want smoothing is dividing the groups.


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