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Bloody Wingmen

Here you can discuss tactics and strategies to best beat your opponents. What is the best loadout for each ship? How do you use "Reverse Thrust" and "Sliding"?

Post Wed Jan 29, 2003 5:23 pm

Bloody Wingmen

I have trouble getting the subtargets on cap ships destroyed. Last night a bloody basilisk torped the reliant cuz while i was trying to take out the @$%^ turrets while my wingmen stood around picking there noses instead of helping dust the flak turrets. Is the wingmen AI so bad that i have to continually prod them to help ? or am I just that bad at taking down cap ships

Post Thu Jan 30, 2003 6:57 am

I am playing at the average level and the wingmen are totally useless. They sometimes kill each other and I get thousands of slugs up my afterburners courtesy my own wingmen. Thank our Lucky Stars Microsoft technology isn not used for anything really important, like running a drone aircraft. Their AI leaves a lot to be desired, starting with the "I".

Old Fogey with slow reactions but a love for being pounded in WIng Commander. I hope the B5 conversion happens. SL needs a plot and better looking characters. OK, want your two cents back?

Post Thu Jan 30, 2003 7:36 am

Blame Warthog UK, not Microsoft. Ugh.

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