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Sliding? Other advanced manuevers?

Here you can discuss tactics and strategies to best beat your opponents. What is the best loadout for each ship? How do you use "Reverse Thrust" and "Sliding"?

Post Tue Nov 05, 2002 1:42 am

Sliding? Other advanced manuevers?

So it says it under the link to the Tactics forum, but I can only see posts up to a year old. What is sliding? Is it just strafing? Are there any other special or 'expert' techniques when it comes to flying/shooting/whatever?

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Post Sat Mar 22, 2003 5:30 pm

i dont think you can "slide" in SL... but u can strafe... in FL u can kill ur engines, but i dont think in SL u can... is there a way?

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Post Fri Mar 05, 2004 12:47 pm

For the MW fans, the COD (Circle of death) is the easiest way to attack your enemy while making them aim considerably well to hit you. It's so overused though it's a n00b tactic more than anything else now.

But strafing essentially is just strafe and watch them try to aim at you...or they just turn on Blind Fire.

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