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Titan Equipment Loadout

Here you can discuss tactics and strategies to best beat your opponents. What is the best loadout for each ship? How do you use "Reverse Thrust" and "Sliding"?

Post Thu May 15, 2003 2:38 pm

Titan Equipment Loadout

For those interested, I have finished the SP game and am roaming the Galaxy.

I am flying a Corsair Titan Very Heavy Fighter. My loadout is as follows:

Tizona Del Cid (Level 9) 1st Gun/Missle Level 9 Slot
Alternate 1st slot Gun with a Firestorm Missle Launcher (Extra Punch)
Tizona Del Cid (Level 9) 2nd Gun/Missle Level 9 Slot
Diamondback (Level 10) 3rd Gun/Missle Level 10 Slot
Diamondback (Level 10) 4th Gun/Missle Level 10 Slot
Nomad Energy Cannon 5th Gun/Missle Level 10 Slot
Nomad Energy Cannon 6th Gun/Missle Level 10 Slot
Salamanca Turret (Level 9) in Turret Level 10 Slot (Have yet to find L10 Turret)

My gun/missle goals with this loadout are:
*Similar as possible weapon firing rates and ranges (helps targeting reticule)
*Massive shield damage (1 or 2 shots erase most enemy shields)
*Hull damage without power loss issues--power is never an issue with this loadout
*Missle swap allows for multiple target elimination
Usually leave slots 2-6 active and turn off the 1st missle/gun slot when using Firestorm. I use the shortcut key (1) to fire missles from the first slot.
Firestorm missles are expensive, so I only fire them when swarmed and only in certain situations, usually in head to head passes with target craft and only when
using afterburner, as the speed of your craft adds to the missles' speed, assuring
nearly perfect accuracy. I usually fire missles at max distance then fire guns as multiple target craft bore in to attack me. Firestorm is excellent against Nomad craft from behind as it gives extended range allowing you to shoot and scoot, thus avoiding return Nomad shield-erasing fire. Head to Head gun fire with Nomads isn't advisable, in other words.

Additional Loadout info:

*Hornet Cruise Disrupter in Torpedo/Cruise Missle Slot (Active)--for runners
Swap with Sunslayer Torpedo Launcher for random installation attack missions.

*Advanced Countermeasure Dropper
*Ripper Homing Mine Dropper (rarely drop mines--only when swarmed)
*Advanced Champion Heavy Fighter Shield (Level 10 Shield)
(Only problems with this shield are when swarmed or fighting Nomads)
*Maximum Nanobots & Shield Batteries
*Advanced Thruster

I am curently running random missions from Planet Crete at Level 38.

Post Thu Jun 05, 2003 3:55 pm

Er... HELLO???? This is the Starlancer tactics forum.
Don't expect ANY POSTS from anyone as this is concerning Freelancer.

I might just want to tell you in case you haven't noticed !!

The ones who have havn't...
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