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Terra Empire Mod Phase 1 Mini-Mod

David, cute little mod to the mod Defintly gives people something to look at. BTW the beam weapon colors and everything are going to be refined and changed in phase 2 and 3. So just to let you know it's being addressed.

As to phase 2, i've been a bit distracted on it lately, plus I swear tradelanes will be the end of me, the last tradelane I added to new vega completly messed it up so I have to remove it and fix it up.

I'm should have an update on the phase 2 progress *screenshots hopefully too* within a week or two. I'm still aiming for the beta to begin in april thou it looks like mid to late is the earliest it may happen. Just have to see what happens. Anyway david neat little thing, glad your enjoying the terra empire mod so far. Happy freelancing!!

Freelancer fans can find the mod here on LR at this link Also this mini-mod for terra empire is not offically suported nor will is it suggested to use on the main mod server as it's effects on the server are unknow.

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