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**UTILITY** Freelancer Mod Manager v1.31

Here you can find news, get help and comment about the ?Freelancer Mod Manager (FLMM)? for activating/deactivating Mods for Freelancer

Post Thu Apr 08, 2004 6:02 am

**UTILITY** Freelancer Mod Manager v1.31

Tired of all the effort it takes to apply mods? Freelancer Mod Manager is going to change all that, by letting you instantly and easily activate and deactivate mods whenever you want. It backs up files before modifying them, and does three levels of error detection before activating a mod. It also lets you download and install mods with one click from a web page, by use of a custom file format ( It even works with mods not made to work with it; just unzip the mod into the appropriate directory! (read the Help/How Do I... documentation for more info)

I'm proud to say that FL Mod Manager was the first mod installer out there, and is still the easiest to use (just 3 mouse clicks to download, install, AND activate a mod; so easy, you could do it with your nose ). Also, it is the ONLY one that can use scripts to modify files, which makes the download size of your mod a lot smaller (<10kb for a mod that modifies 8+ ini files!).

FLMM even works with the demo of Freelancer! (as long as the mod also does too) The included NoStory and Ghost Docking Ring mods do (and possibly the beam weapon mod!), and some of the mods listed below also work.

New version 1.31 (4-8-2004):

Small list of downloadable mods for FLMM (most other mods work, too, if you extract them into "Program Files\Freelancer Mod Manager\mods\TheModName" ) :
Dr. Del's Klingon Destroyer ship (800kb)
Reynen's huge ship and equipment mod
Ceylon's Path-finding mod (makes FL compute best jump hole/gate path to your destination) (29kb)
Xerx's OpenSP v1.1 mod (makes singleplayer like multiplayer) (571kb)
Wanderer's Liberty Dreadnaught mod (with mooring, and beam and missile turrets) (19kb)
Garion's Homeworld ships mod (should work with demo; untested) (534kb)
Garion's FS2 ships mod (should work with demo; untested) (534kb)
Quicksilver's Angel fighter mod (works with demo!) (161kb)
SoulForge's Large Train mod (carries LOTS of cargo!) (50kb)
Goto the Downloads section on this web site for many, many more mods!

List of changes:
-Fixed two bugs that slipped through: numTimes > 1 now works, and custom DLLs are now properly listed in freelancer.ini

-This is just v1.21 beta 11 with a few more bug fixes; it is now stable enough to warrant moving out of beta-testing. Read the readme for the full changelist since v1.21 beta's 1-11
-Made "append", "fileappend", and "sectionappend" methods the same (doesn't require any changes in mods)
-"append" (and thus "sectionappend" ) now works if the found section doesn't end with an empty line
-Added more debugging information to XML parsing and "append" method error messages
-Added a right-click menu to the mod list, which lets you open up that mod's folder and view some statistics
-When deactivating a mod that requires other mods to also be deactivated, FLMM prompts the user to continue

-Bug fixes
-Implement multi-threading: so no more "freezing" when activating large mods!
-Add some sort of organization to the list of mods; taking ideas
-An extra-special, "enhanced" section modifying method
-A utility/wizard to automate mod script making, by comparing the original and current .ini files?

This version includes fourteen different mods.

The script syntax is pretty much complete and includes detailed instructions (goto Help/How do I...), so start making mods! If you have any questions about making scripts for it, I'll be more than happy to help.

Old thread for FLMM v1.2 and older

Freelancer Mod Manager: newbies' dreams come true
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Edited by - IGx89 on 6/11/2004 6:39:53 PM

Post Thu Apr 08, 2004 10:11 am

Cool, so 1.3 is all bug fixes an improved stability? No Big Huge changes?

Post Thu Apr 08, 2004 12:03 pm

I noticed, in the release notes, that you say 18 mods are included with this version. Only 14 show up in the status area. Have some been combined?

Love this program by the way. It has added much enjoyment to my Freelancer time.

Post Thu Apr 08, 2004 1:52 pm

Bri_Dog: Yep, I decided to rename v1.21 to 1.3, because it had been "beta-testing" for 10 months and is plenty stable enough to warrant a full release. v1.4 will have the semi-major changes .

Engmar: Good eye! I didn't change that part since 1.2; a couple were combined, and I don't remember about the others .


Post Thu Apr 08, 2004 2:33 pm

sorry Mathew but i could not load my favorite mod "Aug's Ship Pack" by AuGuR, dated2/28/04, with FLMM v-1.3 and almost lost all my save files. the FLMM v-1.3 just cannot recognize the files in this mod. thank you for trying anyway, i'm still using the B-10.

patience is a VIRTUE bestowed on humans only USE IT.

Post Thu Apr 08, 2004 3:01 pm

FLMM v1.31 was just released, to fix two bugs that unfortunately weren't caught in time .

yil: The problem with that mod is that it has two errors in its script.xml file. Go to the bottom of that file, and change <data> to </data> and change <data file="DATA\SHIPS\loadouts.ini" method="sectionappend" to <data file="DATA\SHIPS\loadouts.ini" method="sectionappend"> (add the missing closing greater-than sign). Then it should work fine .

Post Thu Apr 08, 2004 6:38 pm

I have a mod-specific question, also. Under 1.2 I could use the mass-driver mod with OpenSP. Under 1.3, I cannot. It does not seem to matter which mod is loaded first. Is this problem similar to the xml flaws discussed above?

Post Thu Apr 08, 2004 6:38 pm

Just installed the 1.31 FLMM and I gor Chips Evo installed just fine. But when I install Chips Open SP, I get the following error:

Unable to load mod!
Parsing error on line 4125: No </data> found (in 'C:\Program Files\Freelancer Mod Manager\mods\Chips Open SP version\script.xml')

I never had any trouble with the previous version of FLMM. Can anyone help?

I should note that I haven't used ANY mods yet as I'm still having a ball with the unmodified game.


Oh the pain....the pain.

Post Thu Apr 08, 2004 9:37 pm

the utility could use a little bit of modification.
the back ground could use a bit of improvement and a few new mods could be added

ny way great work and keep the new versions coming

Post Fri Apr 09, 2004 2:00 am

Version 1.31 does not add a reference to my mod's custom dll to the EXE-folder.

There is an entry* for freelancer.ini which removes the movies from start-up. Could it be that this entry prevents FLMM to write the custom-dll reference into it?

*This is the entry

<data file="exe\freelancer.ini" method="sectionreplace">
movie_file = movies\MGS_Logo_Final.wmv
movie_file = movies\DA_Logo_Final.wmv
movie_file = movies\FL_Intro.wmv


Btw, I am experiencing this problem since yesterday, before I upgraded to 1.31, some minutes ago. The bug was there after a server crash, and remained after reinstalling FLMM and Freelancer. I've had the same problem before some months ago, used script.xml to get the entry into freelancer.ini, and after a while FLMM worked like it should (meaning the reference to the custom dd was written twice into freelancer.ini). Anyway, the entry to get rid of the movies has been there for a long tima, also when it all worked properly, so I'd guess that it can't be the cause. But I will leave such complex matters to wiser men.

Edited by - Moonhead on 4/9/2004 3:09:55 AM

Post Fri Apr 09, 2004 11:40 am

engmar: The mass driver mod has an error in its mod script: on line 452, remove the extra </source> line.

GaryT: If you look towards the end of that mod's mod script, you'll notice that its missing a number of </data> lines. Add those, and then it should work great.

ittan_v: I'm hoping to improve the mod list management in v1.4, and there's a good chance I'll include a few more mods too. If anyone has made a mod that just uses a mod script, and that people new to modding would enjoy using, then I'll consider bundling it into the next FLMM version.

Moonhead: In a thread in a different forum, you said that v1.31 fixed that problem (which it should). Are you having a new problem now?

Post Fri Apr 09, 2004 12:15 pm

Thank you IGx89 !

I wish commercial software got this level of support =)


Post Fri Apr 09, 2004 5:38 pm

thank you IGx89 for your prompt reply concerning the Aug's ship pack. i was unable to open the script.xml file to edit it as you suggested. i really would appreciate it if you would find time to direct me on what to use to find this file and edit it. i have the "Tinyfish FL ini file editor" but it does not open script files. thank you again for your prompt replies.

patience is a VIRTUE bestowed on humans only USE IT.

Post Fri Apr 09, 2004 6:59 pm

engmar: Thanks; when I hopefully start working for a commercial software company, maybe I can help change that .

yil: it's actually a lot easier to edit than one would think: just open it up in Notepad (or a notepad replacement; I use Editpad Classic myself) .

Post Fri Apr 09, 2004 11:23 pm

IGx89 wrote:

Moonhead: In a thread in a different forum, you said that v1.31 fixed that problem (which it should). Are you having a new problem now?

I was premature with hat remark, I saw that you wrote that 1.31 would fix this so I guessed it would be over after upgrading.

I still have this problem now yes. I have added a sectionappend instruction to my mod's script.xml to write the custom dll-reference into freelancer.ini

As I said, I had the same problem months ago. It was there without any obvious cause, and aftera while it went away without an obvious cause.

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