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TNG 2.6.5 Bug Reports

This is where, if you find a bug, to report it. A few simple requests when you do, which will help us immensely to track them down an fix them:
1. Please be specific about when the error occurred i.e. which mission, during singleplay or multiplay, what ship you were using, what server you were on etc.
2. Please give the specs of your system, OS, Vid Card, Mobo, Sound Card, CPU, and whatever else you feel appropriate. Also, if you are overclocking or not.
3. Please let us know what driver versions you're using, especially for the Vid Card. If you're not sure of the version, just let us know if you're using the most recent one or an older one, or if you're using a modded driver such as Omega's.
4. Remember, we encourage good bug reports, and will never slam or flame you for a well documented report. We may report back to you that it's a known issue, but please understand that means we appreciate your feedback, but are aware already.
5. Enjoy the mod! That's really what counts. If the bug stops gameplay, let us know. I've posted a few workarounds on known issues in the storyline missions to get you through. If you find a bug, report it, but keep playing, don't just stop if the game can continue. The purpose of this, and all mods, is for your enjoyment!
6. I can't think of anything else, so there is no 6.

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