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which sp mod

greetings ,i need mod which has battle ships i mean i can fly them . also any mod in which i can move from one system to another without using jump holes or jump gates .like in a single player mission when order battle ship directly jumps from one system to another .i also want to play big and good single player mods which add alot of new ships an new systems and anything else .i don't care if they disable single player missions or not as long as they add varity of new ships systems ,weapons etc.please give me the names and latest version number of those mods which meet above is important you give me the latest version number of those mods or i might end up downloading old versions.ow last one ,is there any mod which changes Valkyrie HF to Very heavy fighter because i think it is a very cool fighter and can match Titan ,Sabre,Eagle if upgraded or moded ,thanks in advace.

the phantom

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