Post Thu Oct 25, 2007 12:31 pm

The Freelancer Server Side project

The FL.S.S.P is a new initiative to create a new server side program for Freelancer which will include all the capabilities of an anti-cheat program such as FLAC and also have the features of such programs as flhook. We are aiming to make a program such as this compatible with all servers modded or vanilla.

Another feature we are aiming to add is the ability to update mod files on the fly through a client/server side program, no more Freelancer Mod Manager, no more manual downloads, no more corrupt downloads of faulty mod applications.


Currently the FL.S.S.P is in the discussion stages and we are looking for people who have
- Good Teamwork Skills
- A Good imagination with innovative ideas
- Some form of programming knowledge (Advanced intermediate at minimum)

Or if you just want to put ideas forward we will take them gladly.

I decided to attempt to organise and develop such a project because i feel that Freelancer isnt dead yet and it has many new possiabilites and features which have all been proven possible in one way or another, all the programs out there that offer new inagem features such as FLHook or FLAC all come as seperate packages offering there own features, but why not have an all in one, all funs blasing program which takes your freelancer server to the next level and move Player Server interactivity to the next level.

Anyone who wishes to help and give there time to assist in planning and developing this project please register on our forum and introduce yourself, this is something that could improve Freelancer for the better.