Post Tue Oct 02, 2007 12:09 pm

English/US speech files for Freelancer

Hi @all!

I'm not exactly sure whether this is posted to the right forum, for it's neither exactly a mod issue nor an error. I apologize if my choice is wrong.

I'd like to have the English or US version's speech files from the SP game for my German version of the game because the synchronized German speech sucks and is partially even misleading. What I'd need in particular is Freelancer's DATA\AUDIO\DIALOGUE directoy and, if possible, the "rvp***.utf" files from the DATA\AUDIO directory.

I did use the forum search and browsed the (extensive) mods/addons download section and did not find anything appropriate. I'm sorry if, in spite of my failed search, such a pack is already available here.

Thanks in advance for any answer!