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Ideas for Freelancer 2

This is a free discussion forum on Freelancer. This is the place to discuss Freelancer issues NOT covered by the other boards!

Post Mon Jul 16, 2007 10:40 pm

more missions in the storyline, or maybe have multiple storylines depending on what faction your from.

have battleships move, and react to serious problems in the system.

add the ability to take generic missions with characters from the storyline. kinda sucks not to be able to even visit those who you fought with.

a universe that acts on its own (planets revolt, terrorists blow up stations / buildings, civilians fight police, stations and planets defect). it wouldnt be hard to have NPCs talk about what's going on either (assuming they talk like they do in the current freelancer).

more criminal groups (they dont all have to be included in the storyline)

customizable ships (paint jobs, logos)

make ship repairs leave noticable "scars"

keep tradelane system, but add the ability to jump (like in starlancer, with the exception of limited fuel that costs alot of credits)

Post Mon Jul 16, 2007 10:44 pm

while I am thinking of it, in the intro of freelancer they say "will never forget" referring to the events that forced them out of the sol sector. for the beginning of the storyline the people of sirius sector could send an expedition to find out what happened in sol (after starlancer).

Post Fri Jul 27, 2007 11:53 am

What about if the Alliance figured out where the former Coalition people went (the Sirius Sector) and sent an army to invade and destroy their old nemesies. At the same time the Dom'Kavash come back and try to regain their old teritory in the Sirius Sector. Then all 3, the Sirius Sector, Dom'Kavash and Alliance collide in massive battles. Trent would still be the main character except he would fight for the Order. As the commander of all Order ships in Liberty (Almost like Orillion's offer at the end of the game).

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Post Wed Aug 15, 2007 11:03 am

Surely The Graphics From Crysis or Fry Cry.

The Ships From Escape Velocity Nova,Freelancer and of Course Some New Random Ships.

That you can Board Bigger Ships and Claim Them your own.

Build Stations and Colonies,and of Course Populate Them.

Destroy or Claim your Planets and Stations.

And a Ton of New Commodies.

That you can Chose or Create a Faction for Whitch you Will Work and Dominate.

And of Course Tons of New Treasures,Factions,Guns and Systems.

Freelancer Forever,Mate!

Post Tue Aug 21, 2007 10:24 pm

what about putting thing like gravity for all objects into the new game, as well as realistic physics( such as not slowing down when you reduce your throttle; you should keep on coasting at about the same speed until something makes you lose speed such as hitting an object).another idea would be to have larger ships where a team could be on a single ship with multiple positions; like on the bombers on combat flight sim 3.also having realistic dimensions, and speeds, in addition to gravity, would create something more visually stimulating(like the first time i played the game)

Post Wed Sep 19, 2007 9:48 pm

Start Freelancer 2 right where single player mode left off (for ex. Trent is in any system like Magellan, and the game begins there.)
You keep the same ship you were flying in the first.
Game includes new alien race from another sector (not in Sirius!)
Super jumpgates to connect Sirius to new sector.
Bring back characters from first game, (for ex. Juni, Tobias, King, and President Jacobi to name a few.)
All mods work form first Freelancer work on Freelancer 2.
Faster thrusters.
Make Freelancer 2 an expansion pack.

That's all the ideas I have for Freelancer 2, I hope to GOD the make Freelancer 2.

Post Thu Sep 20, 2007 7:09 am

i think they should putting in earth @ beyond ships, systems, sectors, and other stuff from it

Post Fri Sep 21, 2007 9:26 pm

Oh yeah, I forgot one more thing!!

Bring back Dextor Hovis Racing, to allow Trent to race a NPC or make a side bet on a race!!!

Post Sun Oct 07, 2007 2:37 am

Had an idea for Freelancer 2. What if they somehow incorperate the Coalition (Faction in our solar sytem that dominates mars,earth etc) into the Sirius Sector which consists of the former Alliance members who colognized the Sirius it could be like the organization they originally escaped from comes back to haunt them..kind of like the past catching up to them..and you get to travel between the different sectors for example ones like our own (earth,mars,jupiter etc) and that of Sirius..Also another twist could be the Coalition travels to the Sirius Sector to ask for assistance from (or attack) their former enemies (The Alliance) and they do this because they are being invaded by the nomads or any other form of enemy..and you are called on to take part in the assistance..or any other possibilities..This is just my idea on how they could make a new story line for the possible Freelancer 2..Because Freelancer is such a legendary game it would be a shame not to expand its universe and fan base...
Thank You
V1per out..



Post Wed Oct 10, 2007 7:47 pm

Lot's of good idea's in Mr. Ed's post especially concerning more NPC missions in the bars and more ships you can get at higher levels.

I think the following would work best as an expansion pack (single player game):

At level 33 have news reports start showing up about Rheinland / Bretonia getting fed up with Red H., Corsairs, Bund etc... down in southern sectors of Sirus.

At level 35 Trent gets approached by: Bretonia, Rheinland or "Hispania" (I'm using this term in a generic way as pirates doesn't work for me and when faced with war they all put aside differences and join together) depends on who he's best rep with, to join their forces for upcoming war.

At this point player can either join one of those 3 or stay freelancing in Liberty or Kusair areas using Mr. Ed's expanded NPC missions, along with smuggling freight into war zone missions.

My idea for the war would involve the story arc to go fluid at this point. Your first mission if Rheinland or Bretonia would be to get into nearest enemy sector. Hispania would be to defend. Depending on if you "won" your battle the AI would then give you the next offense or defense mission i.e. keep invading or keep defending. AI would keep this up until you lost a battle and the offense / defense positions would change.

Mission styles would be of the 1. "enemy forces hold jump gate / hold take it back" / "invade into neighboring sector" 2. "Take nearest station. 3. Take sector main planet or the flip flop if on defense.

Example: Betonia invades Omega-5 and has to get to the other side of the Cambridge / 5 jump hole. Hispania loses battle. Next mission Bretonia attacks Ronneburg base and wins. Next mission Bretonia attacks Cadiz base and loses. Offense / defense now shifts and Bretonia must defend Ronneburg base. If they lose, defend jump hole. If they lose defend Cambridge Cardiff station, lose defend planet Cambridge etc.... This would give war the see saw effect like the original intro talked about. Also depending on if you or the AI was better you could totally win on your "front".

News reports on which ever front you weren't playing on could follow a canned story line. Only the area you were playing in would have to be in a "news blackout".

With this kind of set up there couldn't be anykind of auto saves to go back and keep trying to win the mission. Since the "story arc" wouldn't depend on you always beating the mission that should be doable.

What Trent would start with and how he would advance in rank (level).
Trent begins in command of his ship and either a squadron of light fighters x20, heavy fighters x10 or very heavy fighters x5. The mission he would be given inside the story mission would correspond to what he commands, LF screen, HF attack enemy fighters, VHF attack capital ships or bases.

If he wins rank goes up and at his next promotion spot he gets a Frigate/Destroyer with a squadron like above. Next a Light Cruiser with a squadron, next LC and a Destroyer, next a Heavy Cruiser and finally a HC with 1 LC or 2 Destroyers and squadrons.

If he loses he gets demoted down to the next set of forces not going any lower than his original squadron.

So it doesn't turn out to be a hard core wargame, all you would have to pick would be 1 of 3 options. A - all up the middle, B - half up the middle, half to a side, Right or Left. C - Hold and defend.

Then just like the story arc missions while everyone else is fighting, you get mission attack orders for YOU to do .......

Once you get to rank (level) 45 or so war ends, peace talks establish new nation lines (no matter how you did in war), new nation of Hispania is formally formed etc..... Now go Freelance.

THEN you could do another exansion pack "The Fate of Sirius", same concept but have the old enemy from Earth sector be the invaders. Hero (survivor) Trent gets called back into uniform again around level 55 or 60. This time he starts in command of a HC, 2 LC and fighters and moves up through Battle Cruisers and Battleships.

Nothing really new, just would build on the original game, giving it a different twist if one wants, if you don't want to play war, then the FL missions and advanced ships could keep you busy.

Post Thu Oct 18, 2007 5:03 pm

Freelancer 2 should make you join who you want like the navy or something but that woundt make the game called "freelancer" anymore

Post Fri Oct 19, 2007 10:03 pm

Nonetheless, the option would be nice.

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