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*** Tutorial *** Freelancer Dynamic Economy

Oh, the next economy-thread ?
Yes, I saw in the thread started by Grover, that there is still interest for a solution.
But it don't go ahead, because Grover won't or can't spent time for this game. 100% accepted.
So I decided to show the way we followed at for the DynEcon.
It's not a continous solution. We run a daily update.
The description at the bottom will show mainly the principes of the economy.
It is not so easy to write it down and, perhaps, to understand.
Anyway, maybe, this thread gives you some ideas, how things can be solved ( or not ).
And give you something to make your own solution ?
I don't know, if it ends with the publication of the code, because its complex and written
in different languages and from one person ( << that will make it not easier to read ).
To be honest, I'm afraid to give support for a convert for another server.

Some plus/contras to this project:
- We need an updater, and the player has to download the actual data every day one time
- During the first startup, the player has to download a lot of files, because
meanwhile, we use the updater not only for the updating of the economic data.
A lot of files means a lot of time for the download, although all files are compressed.
- Some players dont recognize, why a product is one day for sale and the next
day it isnt. Thats confusing them.
- change between mods is not so easy
+/- daily restart of the server
+ daily updated market-prices
+ production, which needs the delivery of goods
+ editing/adding everything in FL on the fly, e.g. player-miningfactories
+ a lot, only the own imagination is the limit

In April last year I started a manual to give other admin's an idea and help, what's going on.
That doc I have used to explain the function of the economy on evolvedones.
The second part is an explanation of some functions to admin the economy with status last year.
I didnt deleted it to show also there, what is possible.
Here is the description
First I tried to write it here direct, but it was too long.
I hope, you'll enjoy it,