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Higher class than VHF?

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Post Sat Nov 10, 2007 12:28 pm

Higher class than VHF?

My friends and I are making a mod, and want to put a ship class above a VHF, called Ultra HF. Can this be done?


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Post Sun Nov 11, 2007 2:16 pm

If you mean you want it to show in the game as "UltraHeavy Fighter" at the ship dealer, then you are going to need to edit Freelancer\EXE\resources.dll and it will mean that you have to take one of the existing ship classes and modify it, you can't add an entirely new one.

If this is what you want, then the entries for the ship classes are in resources.dll table 58 location 923 to 926. The class is selected by the "ship_class = x" line in shiparch.ini, where x = 0 = 923 = "Light Fighter", 1 = 924 = "Heavy Fighter", 2 = 925 = "Freighter" and 3 = 926 = "Very Heavy Fighter".

The plain game does not have capital player ships so it doesn't have a description class in resources.dll - you could modify all 4 classes to have your own for all ships, such as for example:-
0 = "Light-Medium Fighter", 1 = "Heavy-UltraHeavy Fighter", 2 = "Freighter/Transport", and 3="Cruiser/Battleship".

You need ResHacker.exe to edit dll files. Remember to make a copy of the original resources.dll and save it, and when you make changes in reshacker, click "Compile Script". This won't put the changes into the file yet. You have to click on "File... Save As..." then go find the file you are changing, delete it and then save. This is to be safe, because like some of the other FL utility programs, Reshacker.exe messes up files when it tries to save them if they are read-only. Not a lot of people seem to know this.

If you only meant how to make an ultra-heavy fighter, then this means finding a suitable model, converting it to .cmp format, adding hardpoints and a shiparch.ini entry, and giving it some heavy mass like 200-300, giving it a loadout in goods.ini, and putting it for sale in market_ships.ini.

There are several tuorials on how to do this, click on "Search Forums" above and look for "new ship" in "General Editing Forum" and "Editing Tutorial Forum".

Edited - I meant the "ship_class = x" line in shiparch.ini, not the "Type = " line. Sorry.

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Edited by - StarTrader on 11/13/2007 12:07:46 PM

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