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THN editing

I did a couple hours' searching for the available material on THN editing, and I would like 1) to present what I found, a collection of useful links on THN editing; and 2) to find out about anything I'm missing.

Archangel's THN tutorial, like most, deal with the main menu background animation.

buckaroobanzai wrote a really nice tutorial (though "incomplete" as he describes it), on modifying the THN files for bars. It's available here.

bobthedog wrote a tutorial on experimenting around with the THN which handles the main menu's background.

Bejaymac rescued the dead "off-site" link to Lordfjords THN editing tutorial, which he kindly posted here.

Argh contributed a lot to the THN topic, but he ran out of steam before he got to composing his proposed tutorial on THN files. His work can be found in Argh's Development Forum. But although he did a lot of work, his particular tutorial-like suggestions are pretty scattered.

For instance if you read the Sexist THNs! Begone! discussion, you'll learn the trick:

to position/aim Cameras and Lights... take HardCMP... open up your Room... and position/angle a HP on the vector you want your Camera/Light... then open with UTFEdit and copy the values! No sitting with a calculator required- let the software do the math

It would have been great if he had the patience and energy to collect all this knowledge into one THN tutorial.

Aldebaran28 made some useful instruction in this thread, but it was more-or-less addressed to Argh, so it's assuming a context of knowledge, rather than doing things step-by-step. It looks like Aldebaran28 didn't distill his knowledge into a tutorial.

I'm quite sure that I'm missing some stuff here, perhaps the primary tutorial document. Could anyone experienced with this stuff kindly fill in the gaps here?

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