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Limit breaking 101

Here you find the different tutorials on editing and MODing Freelancer

Post Wed Dec 13, 2006 5:44 pm

nvm got it done yey!

Cheese On Toast:
Like the name
Beware the player

Post Sun Dec 24, 2006 5:12 pm

i got the hex editor and i went to type in some of the addresses, and i couldnt find them, for ex. 0x84AE0, i typed 84AE0 into the Goto window and it comes up with 84ADA and selects the 7th block over which has a value of 20 hex

also, there is alot of gobbledy gook, in the text side of the window.

What am I doing wrong?


Post Sun Dec 24, 2006 5:36 pm

what version of the dll or exe it is your modifying, some Offsets vary from version to version

Post Sun Jan 07, 2007 3:23 pm

I was really looking forward to lifting the speed limit on the HUD via the editing instructions. However, my experience is simply not jiving with the instructions here. At offset 0x00D5936 in the freelancer.exe, I am supposed to be finding 0x0F85 and change it to 0x90E9. Instead, I have 0xAA72 & the closest word with the requisite data is close to 3000 words away! In fact, every single offset in the list doesn't come close to the value I find in my file. I'm using a clean install with the 1.1 patch (not that that seems to matter as the offsets list in the previous posts are the same for the values I'm concerned about.) I've used HexEditors quite extensively in the early 80s & bit in the early 90s, so I won't deny that I'm a tad bit rusty, but still... Address -> Offset from Top -> Hexadecimal -> 0xD5936 (or $D5936) & viola! Wrong data. Thank you to anyone with the time to help me with this.

Post Sun Jan 07, 2007 3:51 pm

did you not read the last post? if that's not the problem there's nothing we can do for you.... and isn't it kind of silly to be changing your speed meter limit? there are lots of mods out there that do this and its pretty much pointless

Post Wed Jan 10, 2007 12:50 am

You have to use a cracked exe.

Post Mon Apr 02, 2007 3:45 pm

I dont really understand how to do this...

Post Mon Apr 02, 2007 8:15 pm

I'm trying to increase visibility on big ships and trade lanes. I've edited the LODranges to 0,1000000000 in the ini and it woked well for bases and asteroids but it does not work on bases like the osiris or yhe liberty battle ship...I guess I will have to hack the exe if I want more... I' tried this hex editor but I don't understand any of it, it sounds like hardcore programming and I am no programmer! just want to get rid of this bs disapearance effect...

I someone would just post a step-by-step way to set infinite visibility for everything, it would be very appreciated!


Post Wed Apr 04, 2007 6:36 am

Does that hex editor decode/encode floating points?

I successfully edited the int and double values but the floats I can't change *confused*

Post Wed Apr 04, 2007 7:27 pm

(grumbles it's not rocket science) just learn the differences between 1byte-2byte-4byte etc.

make sure you've got the right number (and HEX value format) by decoding the address first: if it doesn't match the list you've got the wrong address and/or wrong format

on LOD levels: you can hack the EXE but you've also got to specify the LODranges in the archetype's INI

Post Thu Apr 05, 2007 3:00 pm

can you please provide what to do, this I cant understand.

Post Sun Apr 08, 2007 4:13 am

commodore001, still need help in exe editing?

Post Sun Apr 08, 2007 12:36 pm


Post Mon Apr 09, 2007 4:57 pm

Me too... lol

Post Fri May 04, 2007 4:07 pm

I tell you what I am lost after opening the exe up with the editor. I do not see how you get those number and areas. Sure wish there was a crash course on hoe to hex edit. At last, there is none so I must bow out and wish I had some programming knowledge.

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