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**Tutorial** how to make armor upgrades

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Post Thu Oct 06, 2005 3:53 pm

**Tutorial** how to make armor upgrades

Ok first you'll need Freelancer SDK witch you can get

Next goto C:/program files/mircosoft games/freelancer/data/equipment and open up "select_equip.ini"

Then goto the bottom and add something like this:

[Armor ;<-close this with another one Like this {Armor} only with a square one
nickname = your_armor_name_here ;<- this can be anything you want
ids_name = 263737 ;<- this don't touch this unless you know what your doing
ids_info = 264737 ;<- same as above
hit_pts_scale = 2.000000 ; <-this is what the your armor is multiplied by 1 means no armor change, 0.9 and lower decreases your armor, and 1.1 and higher increases your armor.
material_library = equipment\models\hardware.mat ;<- don't change this unless you know what your doing
DA_archetype = equipment\models\hardware\br_protective_armor.3db ; <- same as above
volume = 0.000000 ; <- change this to make it take up cargo
mass = 10 ; <- doesn't effect ship as far as I know
lootable = false ; <-you can have to options here true witch means you can loot it and false mean it can't be looted

Then in the equipment folder open up misc_equip.ini and put this at the bottom:
[Good ;<- close with another like {Good} but with a square one
nickname = your_armor_name_here ;<- must be same as the one in select_equip
equipment = your_armor_name_here ;<- same as above
category = equipment ;<- no idea don't change
price = 100000 ;<- do i really have to explian this one
item_icon = equipment\models\commodities\nn_icons\EQUIPICON_armor.3db;<-don't change unless you know what your doing
combinable = false ;<- i think this one means if you can mount more than one at a time but don't change
ids_name = 263737; <- don't change unless you know what your doing
ids_info = 264737;<- same as above
shop_archetype = equipment\models\hardware\br_protective_armor.3db ;<- don't change unless you know what your doing
material_library = equipment\models\hardware.mat; Same as above

Then in the equipment folder open up market_misc.ini and find the base you want to add it to and paste this this below it
MarketGood = your_armor_name_here, 1, -1, 10, 10, 0, 1

Here's a link to a file with alot of good info:
Freelancer Miscellaneous DataBase

Note you need a program that can view .xls files
You can get one here
Excel Viewer 2003

Post Wed Sep 19, 2007 2:36 am

I think it's a nice idea to actually be able to buy and use armor upgrades, so i gave it a try but... I did all the steps above and the upgrade does not appear in the shop...

Can someone help me on this please?

Thanx in advance,

Post Thu Sep 20, 2007 2:08 am

Sadly the info is a little incorrect, sorry on behalf of uz 'ere!

Here is the right method:-

1. In DATA\EQUIPMENT\select_equip.ini add your armor:-
<pre><font size=1 face=Courier>
nickname = armor_upgrade_1
ids_name = 460092
ids_info = 491552
hit_pts_scale = 2
material_library = equipment\models\hardware.mat
DA_archetype = equipment\models\hardware\br_protective_armor.3db
volume = 4.000000
mass = 30
lootable = false
Then in DATA\EQUIPMENT\misc_good.ini add your armor:-
<pre><font size=1 face=Courier>
nickname = armor_upgrade_1
equipment = armor_upgrade_1
category = equipment
ids_name = 460092
ids_info = 491552
price = 550000
item_icon = EQUIPMENT\MODELS\COMMODITIES\NN_ICONS\equipicon_armor.3db
combinable = false
shop_archetype = EQUIPMENT\MODELS\HARDWARE\br_protective_armor.3db
Remember to change your ids_name and ids_info to suit your mod, or you'll get errors if my numbers don't exist in your mod.

Then in DATA\EQUIPMENT\market_misc.ini add it to your bases where you want to have it on sale, like this example:-
<pre><font size=1 face=Courier>
base = Br01_01_Base
MarketGood = armor_upgrade_1, 0, 0.2, 10, 10, 0, 1
MarketGood = br_gun01_mark01, 0, 0.2, 10, 10, 0, 1
Note - the 0.2 in the armor_upgrade and br_gun01_mark01 means the player has to be at least 20% friendly with the base faction to be able to buy the item. You can make it higher, or lower, and -1 if you want them to sell to even hostile players. (If they manage to land at that base without being killed off! lol)

And remember that all section headers must have a right square bracket after the section name, but this forum doesn't show them. Here's my pet example, using curly brackets to demonstrate:-


Just replace the curly brackets with square ones.

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