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**Tutorial** - Making NPC''s use nano bots/shield bats

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Post Tue Dec 23, 2003 9:51 pm

**Tutorial** - Making NPC''s use nano bots/shield bats

Edited - read below

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Post Tue Feb 03, 2004 7:56 pm

A little late, but in case anyone searches for this in the future.

To globally modify all NPC ships to use Bots,Bats, or Both...
I personally prefer setting all Pilots to use Both, then going through the npcship.ini and loadouts.ini and specify the quantity of bots/bats accordingly.

OPEN : data\missions\pilots_population.ini
nickname = light_fighter_default

In that Block, find this line near the bottom
repair_id = repair_fighter_never

Valid Entries Are:
repair_id = repair_fighter_both ; Will use both Bots and Bats
repair_id = repair_fighter_hull ; Will only use Bots
repair_id = repair_fighter_never ; Wont use either

To completely update every NPC pilot to use bots, and bats, verify the repair_id = repair_fighter_both , under each of the below pilot nicknames. The rest of the pilots, pick up inherit properties from these.

nickname = light_fighter_default
nickname = gunboat_default
nickname = pilot_military_easy
nickname = pilot_police_easy
nickname = pilot_bh_easy
nickname = pilot_xenos_easy
nickname = pilot_outcast_easy
nickname = pilot_corsair_easy
nickname = pilot_company_easy
nickname = pilot_pirate_easy
nickname = freighter_easy
nickname = transport_easiest
nickname = pilot_lrogue_easy

NEXT -> OPEN -> \data\ships\loadouts.ini

Note: msn_nicknames , are Single Player Mission based Ship Loadouts.
Only do the below steps if you want to modify SP NPCs as well.

nickname = msn_playerloadout

Add at the bottom of that section
cargo = ge_s_battery_01, 10 ; Quantity Ten Batterys or adjust accordingly
cargo = ge_s_repair_01, 10 ; Quantity Ten Nanobots or adjust accordingly

To completely update every NPC pilot to use bots, and bats, not only does the pilots have to be capable of using them, but whatever ship that pilot is flying, needs to have some cargo of bots/bats to use....

This is by no means a complete step by step tutorial, but if you understand what i'm saying, you should be capable of modifying every pilot/ship for every NPC to use exactly what you want for repairing themselves.

The humble Crew

Edited by - humble on 2/3/2004 8:02:36 PM

Post Wed Feb 04, 2004 3:55 pm

Nice - alternatively, they should look in the newbie questions look no further two thread, where this and other basic stuff has been covered in great detail ad nauseum.

That is just for anyone else reading this who then thinks about posting new topics on something they don't know how to do! We have TWO special threads for these questions - in the general editing forum

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